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what do we do with the achivement points?
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

As of right now, nothing.

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)
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what do we do with the achivement points?

You can brag about them. xD
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Why weren't there any items for The Raven or The Avengers? They are way better than Lockout.
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Dear Admins,
Do you like...Waffles? heart
Why did you guys get rid of OMGPOP? I was addicted to balloono. :'(
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So I have a question regarding an item combo that still(2 years after i sent in a notice about the item combo glitching nothing has happened) and that's fallen wish dragon spikes hair and reve rouille blind rage pose. It's still glitched. When will this be resorted?
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and uh, can't think of any other questions right now but you know, it is the anniversary of zomg dev meets today so maybe it would be cool if you all (hq and staff) have a party on zomg sometime today? wink

Hiya Scully - good to see you around! Happy, erm, Meetiversary?! Hope it's a fun time for you biggrin

- Sisky

hi sisky!!!!!!! biggrin emotion_hug

well, jk and mavdoc had their meets on friday but i feel like there should be a party happening today. (then again i been sucked into the whirlwind of k-dramas. *snickers* ) and well, i haven't checked if anyone is throwing a party today. but it would be cool if there was one.
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What can we expect to see with the upcoming improvements to the Gaia app in terms of the PMs system on it?
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Hello everyone!

It's been a week since the the last Alchemy changes. Hope components had been easier to obtain overall. Please let us know if the change had been positive and other areas of improvements.

The Avengers movie is coming out this weekend! Anyone excited over the movie?

Welcome to the ATA thread!

Really need to work on the formula side of things now, formula prices(especially crafted component formulas) are rapidly climbing in price.

Just not enough out there to compensate for the higher demand due to the cache fix.

Got it. We'll look into it definitely. Thanks for the feedback
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Dear Admin:
I would like to know if there are going to be any future endeavors to grace gaians with the ability to have body hair other than black---can we ever get a recolor of the Gro Gain?

And most importantly, when will there be more love for reptiles? Specifically snakes? I am totally missing the fact that we still don't have a snake I AM pose. emo

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hey everyone! :'D
I was wondering if we could possible get some more food i am items in the future. Maybe an i am Pancake item, or pizza? and like, the pancake could leave a small trail of butter when in towns/zomg/etc. 4laugh


1. ^THIS^. I really REALLY want a pancakes item. When you guys said "New breakfast items for
Buttercup Cafe" I figured good ol' pancakes were a shoe in, but no. I've wanted to have equippable
pancakes since the Halloween '09 event w/ my beloved [NPC] Pancakes. Will we ever get one?

2. Speaking of equippable, when will you fix the viewing of users equipped lists? I can only properly
look at them on profiles. If I click the little arrow in forums or guilds they completely glitch out. sad

3. Could you please fix the [ img ] codes in guilds? If I use [ imgleft ] it doesn't work anymore. The text just
goes underneath the image (unless it's really small). I got stuck completely re-coding one of my roleplays.

Thanks in advance! I've been waiting all week for the ATA so I could get these bits addressed. heart

Edit - I posted this last week. Could I get a reply this week?
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When you submit a report/ dispute. What is an appropriate amount of time to wait for a response?

Or how much time should lapse before I should resend the report again?
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Dr Null
How often does Gaia hire new employees?
Are you always accepting apps?

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Hello Gaian Staff!
Just wondering, who do you think Gino would ask out on a zoo-date?
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Hello, everyone. I hope you're well. I am very happy with the new Sainte Ciel. emotion_kirakira And I love the story behind it. Thank you, PRlSM, for the hard work. I'll just stay and chat if needed be and I am looking forward to seeing if we get a white/cream recolor of Rosamund's Revenge.

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