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LOOOL I rarely participate in these, but what kind of games do you have in mind for replacements of OMGpop?
I'm seein the Avengers next week with my bff- yay!
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1: Can we please get more frequent, and bigger updates to the gold shops every month? It's not fair that the cash shop gets more frequent updates, and now the cash items in total (according to Tektek) outnumber the gold shop items, which are mostly recolors, in the first place.

2: Can Rig Lists, Fanthreads, ect. get their own subforum, if they can't be moved to Gaia Guides and resources; since that's technically where they belong?

3: Can we get a hint on what the next CrosStitch theme will be?

4: Dark Reflection Sequel. When?

5: We've seen enough of Rigel and Mintaka to last a lifetime. How about more Saiph and Hatsya?

We're trying to have more gold shop updates though they remain to be sporadic, we try to have as big of an update as we can given the time we got.

I'll check in with the mod team on that.

That has yet to be decided. What would you want it to be?

No plans yet, but I'll keep asking.
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PMs get sent out when we select someone for the featured avatar, so that would be your time to ask. We can review your request from there.

User ImageUser Image

                      Okay, thank you Zero! heart
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Hello hello.

I just had a quick question, I'm not sure if it has been answered before...

Do you plan on removing the Like/Dislike button for threads? I know it may sound silly, but it can be a bit disheartening when people down vote your thread.

Thank you!
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Also, can we bring back old RIG Characters in new ones?

I think a RIG of the Seven Deadly Sins/Holy Virtues should be a theme or 2

Can we go back to the Dark Revolution world?

RIG characters and Open Profiles. Can we has?

Revolutionary Girl Utena. Can bring to Gaia? I really would like a multi-pose item where it brings The Rose Bride's dress in different colours especially red, white, blue and pink
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I'd also like to know what other awesome anime series may show up here on Gaia.
How often does Gaia hire new employees?
Are you always accepting apps?
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Hi Lanky! heart heart heart

Thats not a question: Hi lanky? heart heart heart
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Will we be seeing any changes to pin ball any time soon? I like the game but I would like some more items to be given out for it. Any chance of this happing?
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Hello Admins!

How are you all?
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Do the forum moderators get paid in gold and/or actual currency?

I know this was answered by Morbid Gnome on page 673 of the Moderator Application FAQ

Partly false. We don't get paid real money, but we do receive Gaia gold in the form of mod pay. Not enough to make us rich(you'd earn far more as a normal user playing BG or the like), but it's a small "thank you" for what we do.
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I'm sure that any concerns I have have already been asked/mentioned.

Someone mentioned, about 3 weeks ago, if the Buttercup Cafe will get an update, in my case, cake. No real answer was given, but, will we get cake, PLEEEEEEASE?

Here is a thread on that: Y NO CAKE? crying (Item Request/Recolor; w/EXAMPLES) [/shamelessly self advertisement]

Hopefully any artists that are lurking will see this...or bring it up to them please. ninja

Have a nice night guys~!
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I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

I don't really have any Gaia related questions currently, so I'll just ask random questions.

What is your favorite food?

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)

Thai Panang Chicken. Yum!

Big Lanky asked everybody today at lunch, if we could choose our last meal what would it be. So I had the answer ready!
What's your sexual preference?
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will there ever be a horror based bundle

also will there be an more dark or Gothic evolving items or maybe a zombie one?

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