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what do we do with the achivement points?
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I'm STILL plugging for a Revolution Dawn & Dusk Bundle! mrgreen
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Do the forum moderators get paid in gold and/or actual currency?
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Is there any chance of a new avatar type? Like a skinny boy and a pudgy girl? A lot of cosplays would look better if they had different avatar types.. But would that be too much work? D:
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The inventory arranger. When will it be updated? Obviously, you guys already know of it needing to be changed. And what are you planning to change with it? Also, are there any plans to make guilds more popular?
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If interest in zOMG starts to increase, will updates restart?
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Just read pan's post in the first page. Thank you so much for making the game available without facebook, and releasing it before FB too! heart
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why does it give "Permission Error" notifications on daily chance sometimes? ;o
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Evening, staff.

- Dev notices for when DMS is open to the public: When can we expect this to be implemented?

- I think the thread subscriptions page could use an update. Could you give users the ability to organize their subscribed threads using some kind of folder system? I was thinking folders that we could label. For example, if somebody is subscribed to a lot of GCD threads, that user could store them in a folder labeled "GCD." A bunch of SF threads could be stored in a folder labeled "SF." You get the idea.

Hi Lady Aji,

I don't know on either count. I'll ask the team about the dev notices, but I can't promise you anything about them.

The folders idea is pretty cool, but we may not be able to get to it for awhile. There's a lot of stuff that we're trying to tackle in the meantime, but it can definitely go on the list.
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I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

I don't really have any Gaia related questions currently, so I'll just ask random questions.

What is your favorite food?

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)
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Greetings! Are you excited for Diablo III?!?!
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Is there any hope for an Android App anytime soon? All of us Droid fans are in the dark...
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Do the forum moderators get paid in gold and/or actual currency?
Moderators are volunteers. 3nodding

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