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Why weren't there any items for The Raven or The Avengers? They are way better than Lockout.
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Gaia has to be approached by the company/person who created the movies, otherwise they can only make knockoffs.

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)
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Castiel Lover
Hello, all.
Thanks for constantly working hard to make Gaia better. It may be hard to see on the user end, but we (or at least I) know you are hard at work.

PS: Any chance of more of those real life "advertise gaia in public places" competitions from a few years back?

You are most welcome - thanks for the nice feedback. We are always working to make Gaia a more fun, exciting, and better place for everyone! ^^

As for the "advertise Gaia in public places" question - yes, we are going to be bringing this back! If you feel so inclined already, please feel free to go ahead and do something and send us a picture to let us know! We'd love to see it 3nodding

- Sisky
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I got a question on an old item. The in da hood sweater (Any color ) All of them have lost the pose hood up and face exposed. And quite frankly was how i used it and chance to get the pose back?
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i have two questions!

1) is there any chance that you could give us the option of opting out of the tipping thing?

2) is there any chance that we could opt out of getting the lite fish? i do not care for them, nor will i use them. i'd like them to stop cluttering up my already prodigious inventory.
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I've never taken part in this, and really have no pressing questions, but would like to back up a few things I have seen on here:

1) It would be awesome to have more gold shop items. I do the $10 a month thing, but it would be nice to not spend money on everything. So...more gold items, please...If possible of course.

2) Us droid members are kind of in the dark. It's really annoying to see all of these updates for the imarket, and to know there is nothing for us, plus it's really hard to use any of gaia on a tiny cell phone screen as it is on a computer. So, do you see a plan for this in the near distant future?


3) Do you like waffles?
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Why did you guys get rid of OMGPOP? I was addicted to balloono. :'(
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

If you read the Dev Notices, you would see they changed companies and Gaia is required to remove the games.

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)
why did u get rid of OMGPOP
i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved it!!!!
A new company owns it now.
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Hey all you admins, Artists and Dev's alike *hands out cookies*thanks so much for everything you do! I was just wondering if you guys would ever consider having a bank we could deposit our gold in? and maybe we could have a pin number for added security so it's harder for potential hackers to take our gold, just a simple idea that I hope you guys could consider, thanks! 3nodding heart
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Keep up the good work, all my questions have been asked by others! Love the new re-color that came out today though.
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Hello,I would like to bring up something has has been concerning me quite a bit.
I have the items "Astra XVI Charcoal Curiosity" and "Elegant Veil" however I am not able to wear them both at the same time, And Iv tried other combinations like "twin wolves" with my Veil but they still cancel each other out. This is rather disappointing due to the character I am trying to portray and I wondering if this is suppose to happen, maybe there is some way this can be fixed,

Great thanks,

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Hey Gaia Admin do you think I'll ever get Cherubic Queen of Solair? sweatdrop
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Hi again admins, mods, and other gaia staff.

1) Can the stuck glitch be fixed in zOMG!? It occurs daily.
2) Can the free times of dms be posted in the zOMG! login again?
3) Will the zOMG! NPC Marshall ever appear at a gaiaonline event?

Hi Scobre!

Do you mind PMing those suggestions to Swarf? He's not actively working on it, but he's helping set the priority of the bugs we're fixing, so these are good for him to know (if he doesn't already). Thanks!
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How come igot 2mil and i didn't show up to my account?
Hello Admin, Hope you have a nice evening. I was wondering, is there any possible way to lower the costs and prices to do alchemy? I don't have 800k, nevermind 3 mil gold just to buy components. I know you have recently made a change to philosophers cache, but we actually need the poor gaians to actually be able to make something out of the resources they have. I would recommend the lite fish, since they just take up space and their items aren't so hot. Thankyou.
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I was just wondering if anytime soon you guy can make a recoloring of donna del carnevale?

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