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...Are you guys waiting for the right question?
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Hey everyone hope you had a fun and enjoyable Easter!

I'll be around so feel free to drop a line my way!

Hey guys, getting sick of us yet? I'm all hyped up on Easter chocolates today. dramallama

I gathered up a few questions, concerns and just thoughts in general from the both the guild and forums for you guys, so here we go.

-A few of our members brought up some concerns about the event balancing after they tested out the rate that both sides got eggs. They claim that Diedrich's eggs seemed to appear much more often and consistently than EB's eggs. Is it possible that the event was tipped in Diedrich's favor for some reason?
We also noticed that the egg count in general for when we got to 200 eggs was incredibly unstable, with numbers jumping around wildly. Sometimes both sides were being told they were losing at the same time. How come?

-I recently won 4th place in the avi arenas and ended up getting a fair bit of lashback about it. It seems a lot of people are very frustrated with some people using guilds to boost their rates. Would it be possible to make that sort of thing against the rules to make things fair for those that do not have guilds to back them up? Also, would it be possible to raise the entry pricing to encourage more high quality entries?

-I noticed many Gaians discussing an idea for a Summer event so I told them I'd bring it to an AtA on their behalf. Diedrich's eggs look like they're undergoing mitosis and that they may develop into more grabbits, which would then attack the Gaian populace, breeding a new type of grombie. The Easter Bunny's eggs look like either bombs or small components for larger machines, which could be used as weapons of some sort to counter the grunny invasion. I'm sure this could be spun into something interesting.

-We'd really like to know, who's the artist responsible for this sexy piece of a** art? link

-Couple other things some members wanted to say, which I'll just quote directly:

"You know what would be sweet justice? If the Easter Bunny has to save the demigods from the vampires. He would be the most awesome anti-hero. Time for some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. "

"I would love it if his seemingly impromptu return is the beginning of a conflicted EB who still desires the recognition and fame of his fellow holiday figures but realizes, albeit dimly, just how petty he's being."

User Image

On the balancing end, both sides share the same rate for getting eggs, no funny business. smile Meanwhile, eggs do get harder to catch as you accumulate more, so maybe that's why many experienced an inconsistency.

The discussion towards fairness in the arena had been a hot topic for a long time. Even though there are some algorithm to deal with cheating, authors getting more votes because of popularity had always been a downside to a system that is judged by the users as opposed to a panel of judges. We're leaning towards opening up an arena that are special for previous winners to raise the quality of entries, though that's still under planning.

And thanks for sharing the event ideas :3
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Gaia is awesome! biggrin Just had to say that. heart
I was wondering when the zOMG easter event will start!Please answer!
      Dear Developers,
      I understand that Gaia is a unique forum, but I was wondering if we would ever had a subscription
      folder function similar to vBulliten's. Since the community is so large, and there are hundreds of
      threads that users might regular, it is hard to keep track of what users might call "important threads"
      and "less important threads".

      tl;dr Will we ever have the ability to organize our subscriptions by arranging them into folders?
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DJ Helsing
Hey everyone hope you had a fun and enjoyable Easter!

I'll be around so feel free to drop a line my way!

DJ Helsing please come to Denver. Please please come to Denver! crying
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Hello Lanzer. I don't normally post to these, but I've had a few things kicking around in my head lately...

- Will we get extra time for the zOMG event?

- Is monster galaxy doing well enough to justify the removal of trained programmers from zOMG?

- Do you have any comment regarding the Deja Mood bundle? I am especially curious how this item is faring seeing as how there was an increase from .25GC from Mystery Mood, to 1.99GC for one Deja Mood. Quite a large leap, which some have found disquieting. Additionally, why were the Manners and Styles offered as part of the mini-CI at 1.99GC, rather then from the Cash Shop directly at 2.99GC like the Angelic Manner and Demonic Style?

I understand that you may not be in a position to answer any of these inquiries, but they are things I've been wondering about and I wanted to at least voice my concerns.
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hey my friend is going to give me his inaris beads 10 gen. but its evolving. can u make it stop evolving plzz. i been waiting for the inaris for like a month now. his name is FOREVER ALONE.
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Do you think Gaia will be coming around Cincinnati (Newport on the Levee Gameworks) again?! I had so much fun at the last meet-up and I was only able to stay for an hour! It was great and I wear my cool Gaia hat everywhere. biggrin
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Hey Gaia Staff! I'm looking forward to seeing some of you at Anime Central 2011!!! 24 DAYS!!!

I was wondering about the item risky angels.
When was it given out?
What did/do you need to do to receive one?
and can I please have one? I'm trying to finish my Brief cosplay from the show.
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DJ Helsing
Hey everyone hope you had a fun and enjoyable Easter!

I'll be around so feel free to drop a line my way!

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Alright let's see... oh! I do have one question. Are you guys going to make some cool thing that helps you earn gold? I mean Zomg! isn't fun because everyone gets payed like a n00b. The other random mini-games don't offer much gold. Selling things on the marketplace doesn't always earn you that much money. Sometimes, its hard to get an item that is actually worth some gold. And, not everyone has an ability to make incredible art.
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Hey Lanzer, be sure to thank the devs for the Easter event for me! :3
While we're on the discussion I was wondering a few things:

-You said the artists were working on the manga, does this mean the winner has already been determined? Several us were wondering if the winner of the event itself was pre-determined before it even started, much like the Cats v.s. Dogs event.

-Who was the artist that worked on the E CORP Labcoats?

-The numbers in the event seem to move very erratically, even before the first announcement. Are these the actual scores? Both sides have been saying they're losing.
Remember when the Cat's took over for April Fools? The cat artist were gonna make a shrimp themed armor, and I love (absolutely, completely love) food themed clothes. Any chance you'd consider making that armor?

Also, seems we have very few evolving items going on right now. Whats the future look like for EI's?

Also, if we have ideas for items (like Easter baskets) where should we post them?

Anytime we have food related ideas it's much more cute oriented, but I think there's a place for shrimp armor. smile Your suggestion will reach the art team for sure.

More is on the way, at least one for this week I think. EI is always tough for the amount of work needed to make them is pretty overwhelming. Can't make as many people happy as other items we create.

Site feedback is always great for many of us frequent the forum.

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