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Hi Lanzer, hi Admit!!!
1; How do you guys feel about how the Easter event went?
2; Ok, ever since the Easter event ended I'll see a baby Dietrech on the site like it was during the event just bigger (about the size of my avi) and looks out of focus. When I click on it it says there was an error, the prize not meant for me, click here to return.
3; how come there was no announcement or storyline for the new anime shop?
4; How was your Youth Service Day/ Earth Day weekend?
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He admins! you guys do a great job on here and I appreciate everything you do. I was just wondering if you could fix the animation preview for animated items in the marketplace, it doesn't work and if you do I would appreciate it, thanks! 3nodding
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Are Rigel and Mintaka dolls ever going to get their extra poses? IIRC, reapersun said they exist, but just never got the time to add.
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Magnificent Moonbeam
Hello, Lanzer and everyone. I want to say thanks for announcing the winners of the first CrosStitch contest. And the questions I wanted to ask about Mecha Neko has already been asked so I shall stay and talk to others that are here since I don't have any good questions to ask so far.

You are welcome - glad you enjoyed the CrosStitch contest and winners' announcement. Hope you'll be entering the new contest!

Well...I can't because my tablet's cord is destroyed and I can't do much with a mouse. Sorry about that and I hope the new contest goes well.
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Oh also, are we going to be getting a Salon update soon? I would love to see some new hair.

Thanks again guys! Keep up the great work! 4laugh
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Greetings Gaia staff. I keep on having an issue with thread subscriptions. I have been getting notices about new posts for one of my subscribed threads, but when I click on the thread I see that there aren't any new posts. Could you please look into this? 'Cause this is really confusing the heck outta me. I mean, sometimes I'll click on the thread and there will actually be new posts. Other times there aren't any new posts.
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o Kiddo o
Why can't the tektek dream avatar creator create the outfits without overlapping each other like how they'd be on Gaia? gonk

Tektek was made by somebody who doesn't work for Gaia, so they do not have the same coding.
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I apologize if this is the wrong forum to be in right now, but a few months ago i had been hacked and i sent a message to gaia requesting help. where i was soon messaged by Xya; the Omni Moderator. But since i lost the information to access that email address i created a new one and asked if it was possible if she could send the new password to that email address.... But yet, its been nearly a month and i haven't heard back from her. what should i do... will i ever get my account back? Please Help Me heart
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            Hello gaia admins and staff, I have 2 questions for you all.

            o1. When will there be a gold shop update on the eyes and hair in Salon Durem?
            o2. Will there ever be another raffle for Red Mini Devil wings, or anything like that?
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When will the " Gaia on the Go" app be fixed/ updated/ running? I've not been able to use it for about five days now, and so have quite a bit of other users.
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when you going to fix the add a friend thing in towns?

In the new towns you will be able to accept friends from the flash space. I know I reported last week that it would stay the same, but after a talk with Edy, we've decided to have it as it originally was. We can not fix it in the current towns, sorry.
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Howdy AtAers!

Three Questions this week:

One, is there a way the Alchemist's Case could be done like the Cache was, and pick formulas?

Two, Is there a reason D*C still rotates stock? Can't all those items go back in there? Seems like it'd make a better gold sink that way. Stuff it ALL back in and make it AWESOME.

Three, and you all know the drill..

Can i haz albino dander ears plox? emotion_kirakira

or donated 03's, which ever is less work. mrgreen
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User Image

Spotlight please?
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Thanks for the zOMG! Easter Event. That was fun.
Anyways, is it possible to stack some of the items such as recipe, enki catch, giftboxes, etc in trade? Recently, I bought over 100+ recipes, and you can probably imagine the amount of time it took. gonk
Is there any new anime going to be added to the Anime Player? If possible, can you please add Avatar the Legend of Korra?
Why is there an "Continue your last game" option, when after you click it you start a new bucket in Gaia Fishing!

Could this be considered?

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