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Any hints to the Summer Event?
Can we have the Angelic/Demonic Imp's back?
What new games can we expect from Gaia?

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A question about " Comments ". Was intentional to not be able to view comments , when set to " Minimal" ??
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Can i have some gold to buy things then therefore boost the marketplace value(:
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

lol No, but you can earn the gold yourself like everyone else.

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)

Dang! worth a try(:
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About the CroƟstitch items. I found them either looking bad, or to complex. I kinda miss the old style of avatars.

Oh! I had an idea. Next Year for Gaian Anniversary, why not temporarily set the site up back to the lay out for Go Gaia?
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Sup everyone?
Has anyone else noticed a problem with receiving Gaia Cash? I've been doing a ton of offers but getting no payout!

I have too.
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I want to know why I can't sell the items that I bought with gaia cash that I received by buying cash cards today, 4/23/12 30$ shouldn't have to wait since it didnt process through paypal
4/20/12 i bought with paypal and spent it. 25$ 7 day wait.
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

If you didn't spend all of the cash from paypal, you have to wait another 7 days since it can't distinguish between the two.

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)
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1.Will there be another Pie Hard?
2.Will you put VJ video back up?
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

2. VJ will never come back, because 1. It was rarely used by people, and 2. people were posting pirated videos on it.

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)

oh well what about the Pie Hard?
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Hi everyone hope all is well.

I'll be lurking and responding to posts relating to me.

When is the next time Gaia will be in NYC?
Are there going to be new rings for zOMG?
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emotion_awesome Is there anyone you know of that has a hoard of your Birthday donuts? I/m trying to get 2k of them I have about 500 on my mules? lol
Hello everyone!

I hope that those who are working in their formulas find the new Philosopher's Cache to be more useful. Moving forward we'll continue to work on the rarity and availability of components and formulas. What about the new items for Crossstitch? Did you collect any new items?

Let's get started with this week's ATA!

Huge kudos to Constipated Trillionaire, Krissim Klaw worlds suckiest vendor xp , and ComtesseNicoleDeLancre for crafting the Backwings! That's amazing, and made for some fun news to spread around the office this morning.

And thanks for your other feedback - that's all stuff we can definitely take into consideration.

Thank you, glad we could make Monday morning a little more enjoyable!
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I +1 both Krissim and Constipateds posts... we need the D*C items that are now virtually extinct back in D*C, and we should be awarded all the poses in the final finished wings, since the medium wings go with some avatars better than the large ones will... and it wouldn't be much effort to add/fix, considering that snafew with the minthamella where it had azuramella poses instead of minthamella poses(heck you STILL can't find minthamella the item by searching minthamella on vend you have to search azuramella.)
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Why can't the tektek dream avatar creator create the outfits without overlapping each other like how they'd be on Gaia? gonk
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Is a Legend of Korra sponsor available in the near future?
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Mecha Neko NPC Murasaki: Is a Trap? Biglanky already answered this on page 2. emotion_facepalm

Any hints to Summer Event?

Airships. Can we bring them back?

Any more RIG Characters becoming active profiles?

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