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Hello Gaia Staff I have a few questions pertaining to one of the games/hangouts on the site. Do you-

1. Plan on updating the Rally racing game aspect in the future with more tracks.

2.Expect to be adding new vehicles for rally, like Motorcycles, Mounts, Etc...

3. If you plan on adding said vehicles, make a competition for people to submit types of vehicles to put it in. (Personally would like the bike from Akira)

I hope I get some feedback! Thanks guys!

Our focus is on the new Towns update right now, but if we are to work on the Rally game, then we might very well implement another game. Other types of cars would be fun too, just need to make sure they not only work in Towns but also inside the Rally game.

New update like you're adding more to it like a city or streets, or like updating the flash space etc.... so it runs smoother

We are updating it to run smoother, and making each areas unique. Each town, Durem, Gambino, etc. will (eventually) be represented in the new towns.
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1) Can orb aggregates be made and sold in bulk?
2) Will zOMG! still be on maintenance mode next year?
3) Can Marshall be in a gaia event?

Marshall as in safety Martial? Or is there a Marshall NPC out there? o__o can't keep track of NPCs from the CIs

If you mean the safety Martial I completely support this! XD
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ok i'll repost for anyone who's doing coding for profile comments or so samples included:

my question is when i go to comment someone on their profile when i switch the emotes option i always get these for a display " exclaim " instead of the actual image is there a way you can fix this?

sample i'm talking about
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will there ever be a store that sells more video game type of items ???? Or maybe a store in another country besides the us that sells anime items ????
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hello admins and devs and modss, how are all of you tonight ^ ^

wondering if any of you went to the cherry blossom festival in japan town smile

Unfortunately I didn't, but that would've been cool to see!
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Solemn Edelweiss
One more question [and last]:
Are people outside the US ever going to be allowed to shop from Mecha Neko?
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Gaia would most likely need permission/sponsorships to allow tha.t

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)

To me it just feels a bit unfair.
I'm a greek person leaving in the UK and im not allowed to access the shop from either countries...

I feel your pain. I'm not allowed to access a lot of things from bbc.co.uk !
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I have a marketplace related question~

Could you guys fix the delayed "average buy price" to be more... accurate?
I just purchased an outfit that was low in pricing when the "average buy price" was a total 4 million off. Stupid mistake for me I know but if the marketplace could be updated and monitored faster... that would be loved. And would help out other gaian's as well.
Lots of love to you all~
P.S. Love the ATA forum idea, defiantly helps gaian's connect with staff better, makes gaia more friendly. <3
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a few questiongs:

one whats happened to Lex and Edy
and 2 will there be any backstory (aka when he was a kid or his parents) for Nicu
and 3 how old is nicu ? emotion_kirakira
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Castiel Lover
Castiel Lover
This is not just my opinion. It is basically everyone's opinion. Please respond this time? emotion_bigheart

The point here was your declaration that this is 'basically everyone's opinion'. It isn't 'everyone's' opinion. I don't mind the extra stuff - worthless or not. If it's worthless and you don't want yours, trash it. But stop complaining and saying that no one wants it - it's completely untrue.

It isn't complaining. It is giving feedback so the powers that be at HQ can do something about a problem. And I said "basically everyone's opinion" because I knew there would be people like you who don't mind the clutter and devaluing of items. I did not just say "everyone's." I did not say no one likes it. But the majority do not like it.

Bolded for emphasis. And you do seem to be complaining and saying the fish/items are worthless. As for majority - I've seen maybe 2 people saying they don't like/don't want the free items.
Again I say just trash the items if you don't want them. They clearly aren't intended to be rare or make you rich selling them on the MP.

Lets just agree to disagree. I've seen plenty of people in ATA and topics in SF and CD and elsewhere about the multiple problems surrounding the lite fish and the changes they brought to gaia. I don't want them to make me rich. I just want there to be less of a flood of them. It is too much.

We don't agree. That's okay. I just simply want to voice my opinion to Gaia's staff because I know that there are plenty of people that agree with me, even if you don't.

Very well. And I want the staff to hear my opinion that not everyone thinks there's a flood of them.
And what changes are you talking about?! They're free, they aren't causing inflation... Like I've said (oh so many times now): if you or the other complainy folk don't want them - trash them. Problem solved.
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would gaia ever consider doing a gaia gold store that caters to those
on here who would like 'cute' styles that are not necessarily frilly and
lacy, but more childish? like, over the top baggy sweaters, chunky
knit caps, scraped knee bandaids, and other things like that? i'd love
if you did. x 3 x yay~ <3


More baggy clothes would be adorable.

Have you seen this?

User Image

I love this thing.


i have ~ <3 and it would be! you should bring it up with the
artists of gaia. q u q i hope to be one one day... but alas!
college~ > 3< all of my anger. q n q

anyways, thank you for answering! my art will be with you
shortly <3 = u =

Thank you for joining us for this week's ATA! Have a great week and we'll see you again next Monday!
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Yeata Zi
Man, y'all.

I just made the most delicious fried rice.

Have you tried any new recipes recently?

My girlfriend made a Tilapia thing with parmesan, citrus, and some other things last night. It was boss. Served nice and hot over rice with some fresh green beans.
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Thanks everyone for joining us today! As always, we're sorry that we couldn't get to every question posted - there are a lot more of you than of us smile

Hopefully we'll see you again here next week!
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Not a rant or complaint or anything. I just wanna thank you all, admins, developers, coders, designers and your chefs xD for making Gaia my home. I know you all do so much and so little time but I think with all the stuff going on, I truly believe you all need a pat on the back. This is the only forum I have ever been this long on and I plan to stay and support it for as long as Gaia remains. Thanks and hope you all are enjoying your new week! ^__^

A big fat <3 to you!!! Thanks mrgreen
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Why the selling of Gaia Cash Cards is not in Puerto Rico? Here in Puerto Rico there's a lot of Gaia players that will love to buy them.

Our provider (InComm) currently doesn't support Puerto Rico. It's difficult to find a provider that supports all areas and supports everything we need and is competitive. Sorry! neutral

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