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Castiel Lover
Castiel Lover
This is not just my opinion. It is basically everyone's opinion. Please respond this time? emotion_bigheart

The point here was your declaration that this is 'basically everyone's opinion'. It isn't 'everyone's' opinion. I don't mind the extra stuff - worthless or not. If it's worthless and you don't want yours, trash it. But stop complaining and saying that no one wants it - it's completely untrue.

It isn't complaining. It is giving feedback so the powers that be at HQ can do something about a problem. And I said "basically everyone's opinion" because I knew there would be people like you who don't mind the clutter and devaluing of items. I did not just say "everyone's." I did not say no one likes it. But the majority do not like it.

Bolded for emphasis. And you do seem to be complaining and saying the fish/items are worthless. As for majority - I've seen maybe 2 people saying they don't like/don't want the free items.
Again I say just trash the items if you don't want them. They clearly aren't intended to be rare or make you rich selling them on the MP.

Lets just agree to disagree. I've seen plenty of people in ATA and topics in SF and CD and elsewhere about the multiple problems surrounding the lite fish and the changes they brought to gaia. I don't want them to make me rich. I just want there to be less of a flood of them. It is too much.

We don't agree. That's okay. I just simply want to voice my opinion to Gaia's staff because I know that there are plenty of people that agree with me, even if you don't.
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Today I experienced a flaw in the <3, </3 forum ratings.

Seemingly I was down voted by a single user on multiple fronts losing well over 30 <3 votes. Now, I care nothing about the numbers but the fact the abuse is there is an issue to me.

Are there any current plans to fix this issue, or some solution to prevent the abuse in the near future.

I posted in Q&A and found that Gaia does not log these votes and wonder why if multiple people complain. Sure it's a popularity contest but it's also being abused.

This here. There's a petition with over 1000 sigs saying there needs to be a way to turn it off so people can't vote on your threads or people can only upvote or dozens of other solutions.
Roderich Edelstein
Something minor, but CrosStitch

User Image

has the text for Dernier Cri

User Image

This makes me lol. biggrin
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Leader Clair
Solemn Edelweiss
One more question [and last]:
Are people outside the US ever going to be allowed to shop from Mecha Neko?
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Gaia would most likely need permission/sponsorships to allow tha.t

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)

To me it just feels a bit unfair.
I'm a greek person leaving in the UK and im not allowed to access the shop from either countries...
Hey thanks for making the changes to the caches, can you tell us what the odds are of each colored bag? Also can you please make the Alchemist's Case easier to craft? It costs four times as many components, yet it's not worth it when you can craft four caches and sell those, then buy a Alchemist's Case. And can you do the same thing you did with caches to the cases? I'd like some element of choice with the cases.

As you can imagine, the gold and platinum ones are much harder to get, though the actual odds are still being adjusted as we monitor the need and market price. We don't know about the Alchemist Case yet, but I'll definitely look into it.
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So I have two questions of a somewhat serious nature;

Can we get more mods in the Minishops forum? I am finding myself in a bit of a situation that I somewhat resent. A while back a friend and I started a joint shop where we were doing some fanart in poses similar to the original poses of the characters involved but were clearly our own, unique pieces because they were templated lineart and the originals were sprite sheets. A few people came in and complained, caused a lot of drama, and the thread got shut down as breaking Gaia's Minishops ToS for use of copywritten images without permission within a week.

Now, a couple years later, I find this rule being violated EVERYWHERE far more blatently. I find shops that have art so close to the original versions I can't tell it apart. Especially for styles such as My Little Pony, Adventure Time, and other easy-to-draw cartoons. People who draw fanart (and I'm not talking about making avatars into it but characters from the series) or use bases in the styles are everywhere. Further more, when I report them I never see anything done about them! I have been waiting a month for a shop selling nearly pixel-perfect MLP ripoffs that I reported to be taken down. Does it now take drama and a fight in a thread to get it taken down for ToS violations? Or could I rightfully re-start my own shop and expect the moderators to NOT take it down this time?
Not to mention the atrocity that is Personalized Graphics. I counted on the front page alone half the shops that were using graphics from professionally taken photos of celebrities for things like magazines, movies, and news reports.... These were pictures just snatched off of the first few pages of Google for chrissakes! If I went through the first 10 pages of shops in Personalized graphics and reported every ToS violation I'd be reporting 50 shops. And almost NONE of them give brush and texture credits. It's now commonly considered perfectly acceptable to pull whatever image you want off of Google to use in your personalized graphics shop. I'd happily report them all were it not for my fear of falling into the category of "abusing the report system" for reporting 50 shops! And I doubt many of them would be pulled.

The second thing I'd like to address is if you guys have any plans to change the <3</3 system. It's becoming a common problem for trolls to gather mule accounts and friends to mass-downvote topics. I saw a charity today that had dropped from a rating of 118 to 86 in a matter of a few hours thanks to this sort of thing. I've experienced similar acts in my own threads and I'm not alone. I know of absolutely no one who likes this rating system better and dozens of people who absolutely hate it. The whole thing has just become a way for people to troll anonymously and bring people down. In fact if you have a troll on your tail for whatever reason you can frequently find a topic that has nothing but reserved posts and a rating of -5 without any content. There was even a period in time when people were selling downvotes in the services forum and you could buy up to 20 downvotes from a single shop!
I'd like to personally suggest the ability to simply turn off the voting system on your own individual topics to stop trolling. But there's tons of other ideas out there and I know lots of people for whom it has become a big problem... And I'd love to see some sort of change come to it.

Hi Nyowpotopop,

Don't worry about falling into the Abuse of the Report button category for reporting violating content like that. That's basically just used when someone is repeatedly and maliciously reporting non-violating content to try to get the person in trouble without reason.

For the second part, we are looking into a couple of options. Not sure what we'll land on, but it's more likely we'll use some sort of ranking system so that it still factors Up and Down votes in so that good content is easy to find, but isn't as "trollable" as the current setup.
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a few questiongs:

one whats happened to Lex and Edy
and 2 will there be any backstory (aka when he was a kid or his parents) for Nicu
and 3 how old is nicu ? emotion_kirakira
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Hello Gaia Staff I have a few questions pertaining to one of the games/hangouts on the site. Do you-

1. Plan on updating the Rally racing game aspect in the future with more tracks.

2.Expect to be adding new vehicles for rally, like Motorcycles, Mounts, Etc...

3. If you plan on adding said vehicles, make a competition for people to submit types of vehicles to put it in. (Personally would like the bike from Akira)

I hope I get some feedback! Thanks guys!

Our focus is on the new Towns update right now, but if we are to work on the Rally game, then we might very well implement another game. Other types of cars would be fun too, just need to make sure they not only work in Towns but also inside the Rally game.

New update like you're adding more to it like a city or streets, or like updating the flash space etc.... so it runs smoother
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1) Can orb aggregates be made and sold in bulk?
2) Will zOMG! still be on maintenance mode next year?
3) Can Marshall be in a gaia event?
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Paranoid Doll

would gaia ever consider doing a gaia gold store that caters to those
on here who would like 'cute' styles that are not necessarily frilly and
lacy, but more childish? like, over the top baggy sweaters, chunky
knit caps, scraped knee bandaids, and other things like that? i'd love
if you did. x 3 x yay~ <3


More baggy clothes would be adorable.

Have you seen this?

User Image

I love this thing.
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Well why wouldn't it be against forum rules? It's a massive amount of harassment. We are all being called racist because you and Funimation decided they wanted more money.

I really don't know the specifics of what's going on in there. It's up to the moderation staff to keep order. Don't feed the trolls.

I'm not feeding the trolls neutral is this the best I can expect from a developer? Seriously?

Perhaps I could interest you in some Python scripts or some database scaling tips.
Perhaps you could, oh I dunno, do your job, or refer me to someone that will actually help me instead of being a troll?

As developers our responsibility is to write code for the site. We can't really address this particular issue as it is not our primary charge. If there is a safety violation please report the issue appropriately through our report system so our moderation and administration staff can take appropriate action.
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Solemn Edelweiss
Leader Clair
Solemn Edelweiss
One more question [and last]:
Are people outside the US ever going to be allowed to shop from Mecha Neko?
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Gaia would most likely need permission/sponsorships to allow tha.t

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)

To me it just feels a bit unfair.
I'm a greek person leaving in the UK and im not allowed to access the shop from either countries...
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

All I can say is, it's because of Copyright laws. If they weren't there, so many websites would make items based off anime (animes?) and claim it as their own.

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)
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No one will every convince me you told a lie.

              Just got home and wanted to pop in and say "HAY" to everyone!

              *insert animated hypnotizing swirl*

Moriarty was REAL!
Castiel Lover
Is there any news about the lite fish? Is anything going to be changed and fixed?

The problems with Lite Fish:
- Too many of them being granted through DD and DC.
- Fish not dying fast enough for how many are being spammed into our inventories.
- Drops are worthless because they only drop unwanted tank decoration items (that are also being spammed into our inventories from DD and DC).
- They aren't being used to their full potential, which would be for Alchemy purposes.

This is not just my opinion. It is basically everyone's opinion. Please respond this time? emotion_bigheart

I'll change the payout again, hopefully it'll balance things out. As for the fishes themselves, we'll have gold sell back price so that everyone can let go of their extra fishes. We'll keep looking into changing the payout, as we continue to improve on alchemy.
The Punk Rock Princess
Roderich Edelstein
Something minor, but CrosStitch

User Image

has the text for Dernier Cri

User Image

This makes me lol. biggrin
I imagine it does make the artists feel flattered. xD

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