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hey everyone! :'D
I was wondering if we could possible get some more food i am items in the future. Maybe an i am Pancake item, or pizza? and like, the pancake could leave a small trail of butter when in towns/zomg/etc. 4laugh

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Is it really hard to make items for Gaia users? Just wondering cause you guys seem to do it like its easy X3
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1.Can you fix the gaia app?
I can't seem to log in on my account for it.

2. I bought items from a hacked account. I only knew about it after the trade was done. I have both items in my invo, but I really don't want to keep them. What will happen next? Will I get banned for this? D:

And thank you for the cross stitches contests results and the new one ^u^
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Hold on.... I still don't understand why frontier skied was abandoned...
Would have been so much fun...
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Want to mention a few things.

--ComtesseNicoleDeLancret, worlds suckiest vendor, and I Crafted the demonic backwings! emotion_awesome

--Thank you for fixing the caches, really has helped immensely! biggrin However, now that it's much easier to get the components you're looking for the formulas needed to craft stuff have become even harder to find. Wouldn't hurt to see a boost in supply of cases, or perhaps lowering the flower/trash/bugs down to 100 of each to craft them. Overall though, the cache fix was a big step in the right direction, thanks again!

--The final poses for the demonic backwings, nice having the three different large wing poses to choose from... but it sure would be nice if the medium and small wings were in there too ninja Could those possibly be added? Think it's fair considering what you have to go through to finish the quest xp

--Dernier*Cri items, the ones needed for the quest really need to be rotated through the shop more often, or even left in there all the time. I literally had to find a post from 2010 were someone had mention a smouldering helm to find a person that had one. I think it was fine not having certain Dernier*Cri items in the store for long periods of time before since they were not used for anything other than items to wear on your avatar. However, now that you're asking them to be used in the quest formulas I think you need to change how Dernier*Cri operates.

It's great to know that things had improved. I don't know about putting additional poses in the final backwing since they were meant to be different items, but I'll check into it. I'll check on the Dernier Cri items too, I'm sure that should be rotated properly.

Awesome, thanks! biggrin
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Hi again, guys!
So you've already confirmed you're going to somehow separate Monster Galaxy from facebook.. my question is, will the changes effect our current status in the game? I would hate to start again.

Also, why are there no wigs/body mods allowed for CrosStitch? Everyone loves those. 3nodding

Krissim Klaw
DJ Helsing
Hi everyone hope all is well.

I'll be lurking and responding to posts relating to me.
Do you at least take your DJ's off to wash behind your ears? emotion_puke

and how long has he had that doughnut out? emotion_0A0
Maybe he holds that up there to stop the smell of his unwashed ears? ;o;
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1: Are you going to bring some features or shops into Halloweentown, on the World Map, this year, in time for the Halloween event? It's the only town on the world map that doesn't have something in it!

2: Can we see more of Saiph and Hatsya?

3: Can we get a sequel to the Dark Reflection CI, soon?

4: Can we get more gold shop updates per month; at least updated half as frequently as the Cash shop; with more items?

1. As a standalone project, it's not planned. We may possibly use it for the Halloween event but we won't know that until we're closer to Halloween.

2. *shrug*

3. Don't know answer XD

4. Don't know answer XD
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I want to know why I can't sell the items that I bought with gaia cash that I received by buying cash cards today, 4/23/12 30$ shouldn't have to wait since it didnt process through paypal

4/20/12 i bought with paypal and spent it. 25$ 7 day wait.
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I just wanted to swing through and say thanks for recycling the zOMG Easter event. heart
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You know? I think I acutally have a question lol. Nothing on how formulas are dispensed but more so an update on NEW formulas in alchemy? Pretty lengthy Suggestions you have in the forum... ninja
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Robotic pokemonfan
1.Will there be another Pie Hard?
2.Will you put VJ video back up?
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

2. VJ will never come back, because 1. It was rarely used by people, and 2. people were posting pirated videos on it.

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)
Evening, staff.

I think the thread subscriptions page could use an update. Could you give users the ability to organize their subscribed threads using some kind of folder system?

Are you referring to features like putting threads in folders or sorting them? Feel free to leave us your suggestions and we'll look into it.
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when will the weird diedrich heads stop popping up? D:
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Happy Monday AtA

1) The recycled zOMG! Easter Event was enjoyable, thanks for recycling it heart Is there plans to recycle Halloween as well, or maybe even Christmas events the Christmas event? My Grammar is terrible emo

2) Nice job in that alchemy update, is there plans for even further revisions?

3) Story Updates gonna continue today or sometime later this week?

4) Read my PM swarf 4laugh I believe you can find it on April 13, if you have trouble digging through your inbox.

5) If Lanzer is MIA, who will take his place?

Hi jonjon21428,

1) Possibly - I can't guarantee anything though.

2) Thanks - glad you like that. We definitely are looking at other options too, but want to give this one some time so that we can see the effects.

3) Soon smile And regularly (at least we hope)

4) I'll leave that to him.

5) For ATA, it's probably me. In general, he'd be really really tough to replace.

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