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DJ Helsing
Hi everyone hope all is well.

I'll be lurking and responding to posts relating to me.

Hey! Sup?
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Magnificent Moonbeam
Hello, Lanzer and everyone. I want to say thanks for announcing the winners of the first CrosStitch contest. And the questions I wanted to ask about Mecha Neko has already been asked so I shall stay and talk to others that are here since I don't have any good questions to ask so far.

You are welcome - glad you enjoyed the CrosStitch contest and winners' announcement. Hope you'll be entering the new contest!

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Not sure if this was asked already or not, but...

Will the new shop, Mecha Neko, be staying around in the future?
Or was it just made exclusively for the FMA item because of the restrictions?
And, if it will be used, will it have only official anime sponsored items, or any kind of anime knock off items?
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Zero Omega
Lurking lurking lurking.

*lurks behind Zero* ninja
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Krissim Klaw
Krissim Klaw

Someone beat you to this post by 1 min. ninja
Ebil vendors with their speedy fingers. I accidentally ended up typing V instead off pasting my post. Slowed me down. xd

He is a very fast vendor! emotion_awesome
Constipated Trillionaire
Want to mention a few things.

--ComtesseNicoleDeLancret, worlds suckiest vendor, and I Crafted the demonic backwings! emotion_awesome

--Thank you for fixing the caches, really has helped immensely! biggrin However, now that it's much easier to get the components you're looking for the formulas needed to craft stuff have become even harder to find. Wouldn't hurt to see a boost in supply of cases, or perhaps lowering the flower/trash/bugs down to 100 of each to craft them. Overall though, the cache fix was a big step in the right direction, thanks again!

--The final poses for the demonic backwings, nice having the three different large wing poses to choose from... but it sure would be nice if the medium and small wings were in there too ninja Could those possibly be added? Think it's fair considering what you have to go through to finish the quest xp

--Dernier*Cri items, the ones needed for the quest really need to be rotated through the shop more often, or even left in there all the time. I literally had to find a post from 2010 were someone had mention a smouldering helm to find a person that had one. I think it was fine not having certain Dernier*Cri items in the store for long periods of time before since they were not used for anything other than items to wear on your avatar. However, now that you're asking them to be used in the quest formulas I think you need to change how Dernier*Cri operates.

It's great to know that things had improved. I don't know about putting additional poses in the final backwing since they were meant to be different items, but I'll check into it. I'll check on the Dernier Cri items too, I'm sure that should be rotated properly.
is here anyway youcan fix glitches on gaia:/ as in items you onlike skin color or lusty ^_^
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Can i have some gold to buy things then therefore boost the marketplace value(:
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Is Flynn going to be stopping by gaia this year? I miss her. crying
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I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

1. Will you ever get around to fixing the layering glitches?
2. Will the artists ever create more unisex items? Preferably unisex EI’s?
3. Is the achievement box up glitch going to be fixed?
4. Are the Rally achievements going to be fixed?
5. With the ignore list. Are you going to update it, so you can’t see ignored person’s threads and get notices when you are quoted/tipped by them?
6. Is the ‘Person belongs to more than one clan’ glitch being looked at?

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)
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Sup everyone?
Has anyone else noticed a problem with receiving Gaia Cash? I've been doing a ton of offers but getting no payout!
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1.Will there be another Pie Hard?

2.Will you put the video thing back up?
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when you going to fix the add a friend thing in towns?
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Fancy Timm
Can i have some gold to buy things then therefore boost the marketplace value(:
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

lol No, but you can earn the gold yourself like everyone else.

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)
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I just wanted to thank all the Admins, Devs, Artists, Staff, etc for all the hard work that you do. Also, thanks especially to milkbun for fixing the In Da Hood Sweaters that have been glitched for years. heart

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