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Evening staff,hope you all are well.

As brought up by some of the likes of Constipated and a few others, the increased output for alchemy components are welcomed, but still study in progress to see how it fairs. If anything it has done abit a good but there is still not enough appearance of formulas and general vending on the marketplace or exchanging for some ingredients is lopsided granted you have the gold to do so.Is there any chance of you all increasing appearances of giftboxes and formulas, slightly decreasing the amounts needed of certain ingredients, and making it abit easier to move up in ranks in alchemy?

Of course I am in no way saying that it should be that much of a cakewalk, but unless you got into the feature when it first came out it makes it very difficult to do so down the road such as now.
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Not sure if this was asked already or not, but...

Will the new shop, Mecha Neko, be staying around in the future?
Or was it just made exclusively for the FMA item because of the restrictions?
And, if it will be used, will it have only official anime sponsored items, or any kind of anime knock off items?

We are currently workin with various companies to try to bring you more official anime branded items from your favorite anime series. Unfortunately some of the companies only have the legal right to distribute merchandise in the us. In these situations we will be using Mecha Neko to distribute them.

Ah! Okay!
So it'll be used when you can only release anime items in the US?
I see. That's some good news.
Unfortunate that you can't release them everywhere in the world, but I know that's not a fault of you or anyone part of Gaia.
It's just laws and stuff.
And, if you do happen to get official anime items, they'll just be released in the cash shop or something instead of Mecha Neko?
I really hope you'll keep that shop around! I really like it!
It would seem like such a waste to get rid of so quickly...
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            Hello gaia admins and staff, I have 2 questions for you all.

            o1. When will there be a gold shop update on the eyes and hair in Salon Durem?
            o2. Will there ever be another raffle for Red Mini Devil wings, or anything like that?

to answer part of number 2.

In May we are planning on having a really awesome contest raffle so be sure to log in alot during the month of May smile But thats all i can say for now! you will know more around the 1st or 2nd smile
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Hi Lanzer, hi Admit!!!
1; How do you guys feel about how the Easter event went?
2; Ok, ever since the Easter event ended I'll see a baby Dietrech on the site like it was during the event just bigger (about the size of my avi) and looks out of focus. When I click on it it says there was an error, the prize not meant for me, click here to return.
3; how come there was no announcement or storyline for the new anime shop?
4; How was your Youth Service Day/ Earth Day weekend?

Hi Ashlizzle,

1) We're extremely happy about it. We had a huge number of people participate, and while there are things we could tweak, it seems like most people really enjoyed it.

2) We're looking into that right now - obviously shouldn't be happening.

3) That was part of the Fullmetal Alchemist promotion that we announced.

4) It was good - I spent mine getting sunburned watching my wife do a half-marathon. How about you?
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Also are the diedrichs ever going to away? I see one in this thread now....
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what is up with the big scary grunny heads floating around here!!
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Glitch left over from the Easter event.

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)
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Will Gaia go to Kumoricon 2012?
I just wanted to swing through and say thanks for recycling the zOMG Easter event. heart

You're welcome!

I just want to say that I hate you for recycling the zOMG easter event! rofl

/Cries over golden egg hoard emotion_8c
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x Karurie x
Any hints to the Summer Event?
Can we have the Angelic/Demonic Imp's back?
What new games can we expect from Gaia?

Where did the imps go?
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Hey Guys.

I just wanted to know if you were going to come to Anime Central in Rosemont, IL. this week!

Answer, please?
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I was super excited to see the new store and the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood items. I went to check out the shop and was told I cannot access it since I do not live in the United States. I do live in the US though and I have done previous US only sponsor things before. Other people are having the problem as well and a topic about it is in Bug Report Forum but none of us have heard any word on it.

Geotargeting is sometimes imprecise. We depend on a third party for the data which is updated regularly. I'll poke our operations department to make sure we're up to date.
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He admins! you guys do a great job on here and I appreciate everything you do. I was just wondering if you could fix the animation preview for animated items in the marketplace, it doesn't work and if you do I would appreciate it, thanks! 3nodding

Hi iKyo-Kun,

Thanks for the kind words!

I'm not a dev myself, but I believe that's on the radar of our "fixers." Thanks for reminding us.
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Also, I complete GC offers, which they give me no Gc. Whats up with that? 2. Are you currently looking into any MLP sponsorship? ^w^.
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Good afternoon, I've been noticing some enlarged deidrich heads (of assorted colors) randomly popping up on my screen at, well, random times. I think this may be residue from the contest and I was wondering if anyone else has complained of this and if this issue will be resolved soon? Thank you for your time!

P. S. - I think you're all doing a fantastic job with this website.
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Are you going to have Legend of Korra items, if the show gets even more popular?
I'd rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

Either Gaia would need to make knock offs, or have the owner of Korra approach them.

~ Adrian (Little Nicky)

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