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Hello everyone!

I hope that those who are working in their formulas find the new Philosopher's Cache to be more useful. Moving forward we'll continue to work on the rarity and availability of components and formulas. What about the new items for Crossstitch? Did you collect any new items?

Let's get started with this week's ATA!
Want to mention a few things.

--ComtesseNicoleDeLancret, worlds suckiest vendor, and I Crafted the demonic backwings! emotion_awesome

--Thank you for fixing the caches, really has helped immensely! biggrin However, now that it's much easier to get the components you're looking for the formulas needed to craft stuff have become even harder to find. Wouldn't hurt to see a boost in supply of cases, or perhaps lowering the flower/trash/bugs down to 100 of each to craft them. Overall though, the cache fix was a big step in the right direction, thanks again!

--The final poses for the demonic backwings, nice having the three different large wing poses to choose from... but it sure would be nice if the medium and small wings were in there too ninja Could those possibly be added? Think it's fair considering what you have to go through to finish the quest xp

--Dernier*Cri items, the ones needed for the quest really need to be rotated through the shop more often, or even left in there all the time. I literally had to find a post from 2010 were someone had mention a smouldering helm to find a person that had one. I think it was fine not having certain Dernier*Cri items in the store for long periods of time before since they were not used for anything other than items to wear on your avatar. However, now that you're asking them to be used in the quest formulas I think you need to change how Dernier*Cri operates.
Backwings the Final Frontier, dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuun

Yesterday was a momentous day in Gaia history. Thanks to the combined efforts of Constipated Trillionaire, Worlds Suckiest Vendor, and ComtesseNicoleDeLancret we finally saw our first backwings quest chain finished.

Seeing the final wings I couldn’t help but notice though one thing kept being brought up and that was the wish that the final wings contained the poses of the small and medium wings. Considering how insane it is to get one of these quests and then finish it all the way through, it doesn’t seem like it would be asking too much to unlock all the poses in the end. I don’t want to sound harsh, but it seems ridiculous that to unlock all the wings in one style you would need three formulas and have to go down the paths multiple times. I know you aren’t in the habit of adding poses after the fact, but is there any chance you could make or at least consider this tweak?

I was also wondering if there is any chance single poses of the left and right wings could be added so users could miss match or use only one if that is what their character called for? It doesn’t seem like that would be hard to do and I know it would be a much loved option.

Thanks in advance for any consideration to either option. <3
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Evening, staff.

I think the thread subscriptions page could use an update. Could you give users the ability to organize their subscribed threads with some kind of folder system?
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Distinct Explorer

1: Are you going to bring some features or shops into Halloweentown, on the World Map, this year, in time for the Halloween event? It's the only town on the world map that doesn't have something in it!

2: Can we see more of Saiph and Hatsya?

3: Can we get a sequel to the Dark Reflection CI, soon?

4: Can we get more gold shop updates per month; at least updated half as frequently as the Cash shop; with more items?
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Hello staff! I have just a few questions.

1) Thank you guys so much for fixing the philosopher’s cache! It really makes me happy. It seems that alchemy will be a little more user friendly and I love the system you guys implemented. My question is, are there any plans to do the same for the alchemist’s case? Or at least do something about getting formulas more easily? It’s difficult to get any formulas that are level 2 and 3.

2) Is the gaia iphone app broken? It hasn’t been working for about a week or more. I can’t log into it and I’ve seen many threads from users complaining about it.

3) Also is Murasaki from the new mecha neko shop... a guy? Can we have some more information about this new NPC? (they kinda creep me out)
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Happy Monday AtA

1) The recycled zOMG! Easter Event was enjoyable, thanks for recycling it heart Is there plans to recycle Halloween as well, or maybe even Christmas events the Christmas event? My Grammar is terrible emo

2) Nice job in that alchemy update, is there plans for even further revisions?

3) Story Updates gonna continue today or sometime later this week?

4) Read my PM swarf 4laugh I believe you can find it on April 13, if you have trouble digging through your inbox.

5) If Lanzer is MIA, who will take his place?

6) It has come to attention that botting in zOMG! has risen recently. Abandoned features tend to get heavily botted since devs don't fix them as often. So these botting programs are finding loopholes in the system.

7) Will there be an update to the REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY Old Inventory Arranger?
People like me will go crazy with OCD by not being able to organize more efficiently crying
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            Hiya! I love the new CrosStitch items!
            To the questions!

            1. I asked way back in January about the report system's captcha feature being updated to the current kind.
            Can we please do this? emotion_kirakira The black and white ones are so complicated to solve.

            2. More of a question for carbon:
            Why don't profile comments show at all when set to "minimal"?
            I know the dev notice said super long comments would be reduced in size,
            but even a simple "hi" isn't even shown when looking at comments on the profile.
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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Awesome Post
Pft our posts turned out way too similar. rofl
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Hi everyone hope all is well.

I'll be lurking and responding to posts relating to me.
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I have a couple of Alchemy-related questions.

1) You've put all of the components that were only found in the Golden Giftbox into the new Cache bags. Will they still be findable in the Golden Giftbox as well? And will the Golden Giftbox's unique Formulae wind up in the Alchemist's Case too?

2) The Gaia community is currently aware of five Backwings Quest formula paths: Angelic, Demonic, Fallen, Risen, and Celestial. Are there any others waiting to be discovered? (keeping the question basic to increase my odds of getting an answer...)
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Hello everyone,

Last week I mentioned being able to buy pancakes (alchemy component from housing store) in bulk. Lanzer said that might be implemented when stores get an update. Since that might be awhile I have an alternative suggestion.

Can we please get a bundle of pancakes in the housing store? When you open the bundle you get 100 pancakes. It can work just like how existing bundles work for RIG items.

It would save so much time for us to enjoy the other features of Gaia.
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I like the pants and jacket/vest thing from CrosStitch. My questions and hope you all are doing well:

1) Can orb aggregates be made and sold in bulk?
2) Will zOMG! still be on maintenance mode next year?
3) Can Marshall be in a gaia event?
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Hello Lanzer, Phoe, Sisky, Sandy, and of course...how can I forget Zero. How has the past week and weekend treated you guys? I hope things are well of course! I do have some thoughts though...

I was wondering my wonderful admins if we could look into a reorganization of the Barton Town forum structure to help with some of the clutter in one specific forum...the Barton OOC forum...where I feel there a lot of threads that get lost so easily there, and why so many don't even bother posting certain types of threads that should go there, and instead putting them in the Barton Town main forum. I feel also that the Barton OOC forum is kind of, for lack of a better term, the garbage bin of the Barton Town forum. If no active RP is going on in a thread, then it's moved there, so it's a conglomerate of OOC discussion, recruitment, profile, and RP searching threads. I would think two simple subforums would work wonders in helping to organize this corner of the Barton Town forums, and even cut down on some of the clutter found on the Barton Town main forum. Take for example, the Gaia Towns subforum in the Gaia Community Discussion forum family.

User Image

I would think the addition of two subforums to Barton OOC...one to hold your recruitment and RP searching threads...and another to keep profile threads to the side, would help to clear up some of the clutter that Barton OOC suffers from now, and perhaps would give a clearer idea of where a user should post that RP search thread that they end up posting in the Barton Town main forum. It's just a thought I was having, mostly was wondering if I could get some feedback on whether or not this was considered, or should be considered. I'd love some feed back.

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