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When if ever, will the guilds be remodeled to look like the current forums?
Woot! Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask if you are planning to release an "I am" item that lets your avatar become a penguin? There have been numerous cats and dogs, but when it comes to penguins, nada. Please enlighten me regarding this. biggrin
Is there a future possibility for an Android app of GaiaOnline?
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I just wanna thank the Gaia Staff for doing such a wonderful job! heart
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will you answer my question? emotion_kirakira
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This isn't really a question, more like a kind statement. I think there should be a Debate forum. A place where people can debate things of all topics. ^^
This is basically Extended Discussion.
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My feedback-type-thing? Give zOMG! attention. I don't care about Facebook. I don't care about Alchemy. Give us zOMG! back, okay? I can't believe the lies and trickery you've used where it's concerned. The least you owe us is our Devs back.
//rant done.
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Two things:

Are you guys aware that with the new soulbound rule on making alchemy items, orb aggregates can't be crafted because orbs themselves are soulbound? I hope to see this fixed.

Also, I am thankful for the zomg easter event, and I hope the high amount of participation has shown some of the people at HQ that people do care about zomg and would very much like our devs back, please.
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The Undead Suitor
Why aren't there any Easter Bunny items in the Treehouse?

Are you that biased?


Look, I'm really sorry Invader Zim was canceled, but Diedrich isn't replacing it.

You might find him funny now, but since he only has one joke it's not going to last long.

Please, please stop taking the lazy shortcuts with humor on this site. You have 50+ NPC's. Using 1 for every event is just sad.

Look, I'm still bitter that Arrested Development was cancelled.

But jokes aside, Diedrich won't be the focus of every event - this continued a storyline we wanted to pursue. But other NPCs will definitely be making appearances.
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a quick question: in the modus operandi item, at first i had detective wolfs stuff, such as the camera, hat, and jacket. but when the udate came for it, with rapunzel's hair and hands, detective wolf's stuff was replaced by it. is that supposed to happen?

Yes it's an evolving item.
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Hello, i have a problem, with the bar below the avatars, where you can choose to see their profiles, start a trade, send a PM, etc.
Whenever i am in the forums(every forum) and i try to start a trade with someone, and click on the little arrow, the optins wont come down. I need to go to their profiles, and click the arrow in there, so that the options appear. Help please.
I dont know if this is the way to ask the admin, its my first time asking. Sorry if i caused any problems.
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What is your favorite sandwich?
When are you going to change the home page popular topics they've been the same for awhile now?
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Why aren't there any Easter Bunny items in the Treehouse?

Are you that biased?


Woot! Thanks for the Booty Grab!

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