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Adding people in flash worlds?

What about adding people?
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Im just here
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I have a question about AVATAR CARDS!!
I bought one before they were able to be used at western unions. Will my 7-Eleven card work at the western unions too?
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The Undead Suitor
Why aren't there any Easter Bunny items in the Treehouse?

Are you that biased?


Look, I'm really sorry Invader Zim was canceled, but Diedrich isn't replacing it.

You might find him funny now, but since he only has one joke it's not going to last long.

Please, please stop taking the lazy shortcuts with humor on this site. You have 50+ NPC's. Using 1 for every event is just sad.

i agree with Suitor

As do I

"There is nothing to fear when you have nothing to lose."
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Hey...I'm quite a new face here...

So I'm curious...any new features planned out for the Gaia Online iPhone app? Optimizations...bug fixes?

Hi Mashed Potato Jones,

Thanks for joining us! At the moment, we don't have any big plans for the iPhone app (or for an Android version). Both are things that we'd like to get to, but we don't have the resources for them at the moment.

But do you mind sharing what you'd most like to see fixed in the iPhone app? I'm curious what people think.

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Hi staff! I was just wondering you guys were working on fixing the animated item preview in the marketplace? every time I try to try it on and then animate it, it doesn't animate. Thanks in advanced for any help! 3nodding
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Hello there!
Will any of those games we saw some stuff being leaked about be out for us to play before December and will they all be Facebook games?
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Hey, guys, just lurking -- may snipe the odd question or two.
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Evening biggrin
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Hi Gaia Admin, I think we should have a new EI that has items, clothes, and such from Mr. Firght himself, Edgar Allan Poe, you could call it Dark and Dreary. Also I think that there should be a bundle with 1 of every item from the Revolution Dusk and Dawn Mini Rigs.
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Any word on an Android app being developed? Bummer. emo
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This isn't really a question, more like a kind statement. I think there should be a Debate forum. A place where people can debate things of all topics. ^^
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How Can I Become A Moderator? biggrin
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Hi guys!

Can we buy pancakes from the housing store in bulk? Its a component in many alchemy formulas and is often required in large quantities. Its really time consuming to buy them one by one xd

^This! Please! emotion_kirakira Right, stat, now.

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