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Hello everyone,

Hope you liked the theme behind last week's event. We worked a lot harder than the last few years in putting all the components together. Don't know if we will have another big "practical joke" next year, but I hope that most of you had a good time.

Now it's time to focus on the Easter event. I remember many of you asking for a Easter event with the Easter Bunny, and what I can say is that we've heard your request and made some adjustments. Otherwise, let's keep the rest of the event a surprise for now.
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Evening Lanzer.

- I've been having a problem with the trade page. When I want to trade something that's on the second page of my inventory and click on the 2 or Next, it doesn't load. It keeps saying something about not specifying a numeric ID. Could something be done about this?

- Also, here's a suggestion that somebody posted about how you should handle current and future projects on Gaia.

what they should do is separate into teams (by who does what)

have the artists work on one part of gaia (solely that part). after they finish, have the coders come in and code that part as a feature in gaia. while the coders are working on that, have the artists work on another part of Gaia. and repeat the process.

im not sure how they are doing it, but the process would probably go a lot smoother if they didn''t spread themselves so thin
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

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Good evening Lanzer & other devs.

My questions for this week are:

• Was the CAT FACES item meant to be rare?
• Will the Golden Egg reappear this year in zOMG?
• Will there be more mini events like the V-Day one, since it removed a bit of gold from the economy?
• How do you say Durem? – Dur-eem or Dur-um?

Thank-youu for the time :]
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Hi Lanzer, and the rest of you that might be lurking here. heart

I am posting here today on behalf of E-Corp, a group dedicated to the Easter Bunny, so that we can avoid burying you under questions like last time. I apologize if we were a bit excessive last week, but please understand that we simply refuse to be ignored. Everyone is still here in this thread with me today and will probably throw in their 2 cents later, but they have been told to either behave themselves or be introduced to my foot.

-Now then, last week Lanzer closed the thread stating that he would get some spoilers and info to share with us about Easter. We are all very interested in what it is that you have brought for us this week and would love to hear what you have to say.

-In a recent journal, Narumi Misuhara stated that originally they had no plans for the Easter Bunny but will be attempting to add him in now that interest in him is so apparent. We are all very excited to hear this. We were wondering if there was anything we could do to help out? We have many dedicated members, several of which are great artists, who would be more than happy to volunteer their abilities.

-Who are the ones working on the Easter event?

-Will the Easter Bunny ever be worked back into the plot?

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Hello everyone, it has come to our attention that many of you are upset with a decision in the April Fools event to release a limited quantity of the Cat Faces item into Dumpster Dive. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, a decision was made to release 500 Cat Faces into the Dumpster Dive game as part of the April Fools event. The problem is that we failed to notify users that this item would be available in limited quantities and that the item would only be available for the first day of the event. This presented a situation in which a select few who happened to play a particular game were given an unfair advantage in collecting a rare site item. We would like everyone to understand that our intention was to add an element to the event that was a fun hidden extra. However despite our best intentions in hindsight it was in poor judgment The events team would like to apologize to you the users for this poor decision and in the future we will ensure that any such rare item releases for events are advertised a reasonable time in advance and that everyone has an equal chance to get such items. Thank you all for your participation in the event and thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Narumi Misuhara
Event Team Lead
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This scary looking post is for the rest of the questions and points the E-Corp members brought up. I believe they're all quite valid, but it would be unreasonable to expect answers to every single one of them as I am certain you don't even have answers for most of these yourselves. I am presenting them to you in bulk, not with the expectation for answers, but as thoughts and ideas that you guys may want to consider for the future of our vain lagomorphic demigod.

-How did the Easter Bunny get his armor? I mean, I know how he was injured by Jack, but where did he get his biomechanical suit from?

-Does the Easter Bunny have his own corporation of Bunny and Chicken people who help maintain his suit?

-What does the Easter Bunny's giant carrot REALLY do?

-Does the Easter Bunny need his suit on 24/7 to live? Can he go short periods of time without it on?

-In an old zOMG Easter update, they refer to the Easter Bunny's henchmen as 'hench-hares'. Will we be seeing more of these in the future?

-The Easter event is all fine and dandy, but we would like to know more about the Easter Bunny. He has had so very few manga appearances. Will he be making any more appearances any time soon?

-Will we see the Easter Bunny in towns this year/will we be able to egg hunt in towns?

-Is the Easter Bunny really deformed from the conflict with Jack as a child or is he fine and just using it as an excuse for attention?

-Robotic Easter Bunny armor/jumpsuit/attachments... will we ever get them?

-Is the Easter Bunny REALLY big and covered with robotic armor or is he inside a giant bunny mech?

-Diedrich V.S. the Easter Bunny, will we ever see this happen?

-What ever happened to the 'roaming' Easter Eggs on the site? They used to move around like flying giftboxes but for the past few Easter events they've been immobile... any particular reason why?

-What ever happened to the Easter Bunny's childhood buddies? Does he still have contact with them?

-We noticed that a leprechaun was a part of EB's childhood gang. Is this leprechaun one and the same as Odanodan? ( 'cause that would be so fab cool )

-Why does the Easter Bunny not accept friend requests?

-Why did the Easter Bunny, after sending his egg bombs to Gaians, disappear and where did he hide himself? Is it because of the vampires or is it because he was for the meantime developing hightech Easter weaponry to devastate the Gaian Nation as a whole?

-Jack vs EB. It just begs to be addressed.

-EB shows many signs of narcissistic personality disorder, it would be interesting to explore what caused him to be like that.

-Did EB like the gift I sent him?

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Any plans on including Aekea in the plot anytime?
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Why do certain NPCs accept friend requests yet others do not?
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Lurking! May snipe an odd question or two.
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Lanzer -

A BIG THANKS to the team for cleaning up all those immortal fish in aquariums!

I've submitted an issue regarding severe, mind-boggling lag in Firefox 4 in the Bugs forum, but haven't received any response. Do I get a ticket number or anything?
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Oh man I'm on for this! Crap, I didn't prepare any questions. Ummmm

1. Whose idea was Ladyhands and do they know how awesome they are?

2. Do you have nightmares about beesuits?

3. Mermaids or centaurs? You're too cool to judge based on this decision.

4. If you could be any mystical race or creature, what would you be? This ties a little bit into question three, but oh well.


1. You're awesome.
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I still need help with mu cathulu and zoey drops
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During some events the site banner changes, I have a large monitor and all I get at the side is a large space of usually emptiness. Is anyone looking at making banner's for different resolutions?

On that note, when I reply in forums I get a big empty white space at the side, would there be an option in the future to expand the reply screen to cover this (much like how to can expand the area for typing in)?

Can we get a landshark I am pose?
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(I actually thought of a question this time!)

With Juno's leaving, is there a specific artist who was promoted to her position? That is, in charge of gold shop item releases and/or the freelance artists.

And wanted to congratulate you guys again on the absolutely amazing Elf gold shop item release... love them, those sort of items are spectacular, and I hope we get more in the future. heart

Also, I very much enjoyed the AF event. The journals / artist "firings" were a great touch. And the cat emoticons were adorable, I hope those can show up somewhere in the future.

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