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I had a good Easter. We had a few people over, and I made all sorts of food.

Anyways last week I asked when I try to equip wristbands it unequips the Noel's Gift (5 golden ring). Is it possible that we could get a fix for it. Your response was, I'll help look at the wristbands and the rings, potentially they could be on different layers but given that nothing else get broken along the way. Just wanted to know if you got a chance to look at it. Thanks!

As for April Fools we filled my friends car with tons of peeps. It was very funny. xd

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I'm sorry but Noel's rings are considered as bracelet and is the same layer as other bracelets, so I can't change it without potentially breaking other items.
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purrfectly yours
every week i ask and im bypassed.
Is it possible to come up with some sort of solution for fish that are in barrett tank to be DELETED at the push of a button, rather than to have us live out its miserable life in the tank we dont want to junk up with these less quality fish? I know alot of us have to put these barrett fish in to RID them out of barrett, but a delete option WOULD be a great idea.

I certainly hope u will answer this request! I have fish there from 4 years ago.....
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Ooh. Oh. I know.

Where's the April fools gag? D:
It's on the Easter event page.
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Hello. Happy easter and april fools day everyone! ♡

I remember something about the possibility of having an event calendar being mentioned once. If I remember correct, it was going to done? I would like to know if there really is going to be an event calendar in the future, as that would be helpful. Thank you
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Just wanted to say thank you for the response about the Golden Giftbox Formula last week. biggrin

Hope you had a Happy Easter weekend and got to see lots of great April Fools pranks around the office today! xd
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I SEE YOU! eek
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I put some "non-house" (example: 2k6 Christmas Gift Box, 2k6 Easter Basket) items inside my house a few years ago and after clearing my house, changing the shape, and relocating my property in towns, these items are still showing up as locked in my arranger. There's no way for me to move them back to my normal inventory. It keeps alerting me that "Items placed in your house cannot be moved."

Any suggestions? because this is becoming frustrating.

Send in a ticket to http://www.gaiaonline.com/help, our staff there will help you out with it.
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Verbal abuse and harassment seems to becoming a big problem.

Is there any plan of extending/adding on to the "punishments" for harassment/abuse?

Did you ever think Gaia would become a place where a big percent of people abuse others?
Yes thank you! Alot of good Gaians put a lot of money in this site. But tend to have a pleasant time ruind by vulgar people who make free accounts just to torture with unpleasantries!
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Thanks for letting me know about this! I've fixed the issue now, so you should have everything you should for winning. Congrats again! 3nodding

Anytime, thanks for the prompt response. ^^
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This probably gets asked all the time, but it's my first time actually making it to one of these in time, so I'll ask anyway.

Do you guys still pay attention to petitions in the site feedback? Is site feedback important?

Dumb questions I know, it's just something I've been curious about even though I'm more or less a lurker these days. Thank you for your time!

I'm curious about this too.. Would you let me know if you get a reply, in case I miss it? Please? <3

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I got a convention prize redeeming code from Sakura Con, but it doesn't work! sad
I was sad that you guys didn't go but, happy for the newborn.
I am just curious why it doesn't work.

Shoot me a PM with the convention code that you tried.

Its probably because its a 2012 one, I already used one last year, I thought its for 2013 convention. D:

Thank you though. :<
And please Cheaper alchemly...
Or using zomg for special alchemly attached.
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Do the admins ever just play on gaia or is it all work?
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Hello, I hope everyone is enjoying their April Fool's day. 3nodding

Anyways, I would like to ask if you would possibly consider making a turtle IAM for Gaia? I just recently lost one of my baby turtles, Seth, he was my light and my joy, and he had the cutest little crooked tail, he died saving one of his siblings from being eaten by one of my older turtles. Thank you for reading, I hope to hear back from someone. emotion_kirakira Have a goodnight!
heart I second this heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
A Random Act of Terror
what EB sprite? o3o
dis and dat
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Happy Monday and April Fools Gaia!!

I made you a special youtube video on youtube. Check it out!


ugh....! emotion_0A0
You got me !!

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