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Hi to all admins and staff. heart
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I have a question. I have an old account but it was hacked by some one else, never got it back but is there any way you could delete the old one since I have this one.

Also if some one was banned permanently but they still had items could you guys just unequip there items and dump them into the dumpster dive for others or would that be considered hacked items?
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any chance of the inventory going back the way it was?

because when you click on items with multiple poses
the box doesn't close when you click on the item again
but it actually opens another, so you'll have to click the TINY "x" twice. :c

also the marketplace when clicking unequip all
instead of the usual preview with the item already clicked
it ends up being a broken link/image?
until you click the item again.
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Hello, admins. I've got a question, on behalf of myself and many other users:

Why is the Gaia Online App not available on the Android Market? You've made Monster Galaxy available to us, after all.

How likely is it that the app will be released to other markets, rather than just iTunes?

I've recently started a petition asking for it's release, because a search of threads hinted that the admins had no intention of releasing it to the Android Market without explicit interest. Is this true?
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Hello everyone!

As fans of Adventure Time we had a blast with the Adventure Time event and it was great being able to chat with Pendleton Ward. Hope many of you enjoys the show and the event.

Welcome to this week's ATA!

Question about adventure time: Can you put like the episodes of adventure time in like a theature for a limited time of some type for some people who have never watched it (or just don't have that type of cable) To see it?.
@lanzer, a dev, or anyone who talks nerd:
We have a whole bunch of people posting links to china wholesale sites and referral advert sites overnight when very few mods are on. I know the redirect.php page has a filter list that is used to filter out fake login pages that are found.

I was wondering if there would be a way to wildcard-blacklist sites such as wazzub, linkbux, and other spamvertisment sites? Playing janitor and cleaning up dosn't help people learn the rules until the damage is done.
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I was wondering if i COULD be a tech man. Like I help users who need help with gaia. I KNOW ALOT about gaia! (and computers!)
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Hey guys.

1. Y U NO HAVE EIs?!

2. White Dander Recolor, can we make this happen?

3. Could we do another "win a halo" contest so some of use have a snowball's chance in hades of getting one?

4. Alchemy updates, if you please?

captcha? FACE THE MUSIC.
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Are you guys ever gonna fix Booty Grab?!
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1.) Would you ever hire someone out of state?

2.) Would you ever take on anyone under the age of 18? What about someone who was willing to work for free? (As a developer)

3.) Would you guys ever write a book of Gaia's history? Either published or just available in e-book form, would or could this ever happen? A complete book - not just the manga. Maybe add a little lore, too? Like how, say, there used to be lots of talking cats and now Rufus is the last of his kind?


-GBI Agent I
Zero Omega
Lanzer! Did you see hunger games!?

I totally did! Loved it.
You are now my favorite admin!

I'mg lad somebody liked it. Everybody in the Hunger Games forum is complaining about horrible it was!
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I was wondering if you guys plan on making a music rig any time soon if so would you be considering making A Bigbang or Shinee item?
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why do chance items give items worth less than the chance item?
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Any word on an update for the Inventory Item Arranger?
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Okay I've never done anything like this before but I have a question. I put in a ticket about two months ago and it still says it's a work in progress but there's been no movement in it for about a month and I'd really like to know what's going on with this.

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