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Hello everyone,

Hope you all liked the comeback of the St Patrick's day event as well as the new manga update. Also a big thank you for those who participated in the Japan earthquake relief fund raiser. The situation in Japan is still dire and I hope that everyone outside of Japan will help with the recovery of the disaster.

Let's get started with this week's ATA!
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Evening, Lanzer.

- Have you ever thought about hiring a time management consultant?
- When will Towns 2.0 be finished?
- Why do you continue to treat zOMG! like an unwanted stepchild?
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Hi Lanzer and Gaia staff. i hope ur having a nice Monday and had a great weekend.

1. Will a new REI and or EI bundle be released soon?
2. Any plans for an Easter event?
3. Have you picked of Pokemon Black and or White? if so how far are you? What started did u pick. and what do you think od the overall game?

ps love the St. patty's even, current CI items, the new trade window look, omgpop, and manga,
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Hi Lanzer! Happy Monday.

Where does updating the avatar system fall on the priority list? I would love to be able to define my own layering for items. In particular, most back wings layer behind long hair, even the little ones that are completely obscured by hair. If we could, I'd bump them up to the layer that most capes are on. 'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Also, thanks for all the anti-inflation measures recently.
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Hi Lanzer and Admit!

1.How's the funraising going for the situation in Japan? If anyone in the Gaia office happens to have family in the area pass on that I my family is praying for them
2. Is there any plans for more achevements to be created?
3.So, I've been having problems getting on to zomg for months. I have reported the problem several times (and it turns out that I am not the only one with the problem) and gave all the details required but the problem has not been resolved.
4. How was St. Patrick's day at the office.
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Hey, guys, just lurking, will be sniping the occasional question as time permits.
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Any news on the Cathulu and Zoey drops being fixed soon?
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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Any small event plan for april fools?
Will the zodiacal EI include the 13th sign?
Timmy is looking poor, need a full evolution.
Any new 749-999 EI in the work?
How the new art arena coming? Or is it out?
We seeing easter Bunny this year???
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Any chance of those character profiles coming out ever?
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I briefly considered asking this last week, but decided it was too early then for you to have a good answer.

Large-scale natural disasters are always horrific and of course we'd prefer they didn't happen at all...but adversity also brings out the best in some of us. Have you heard any great stories of people going miles above and beyond the call to help Japan and its citizens heal from the earthquakes? If you have, care to share any?
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Should be fixed for the Phin Phang reopen.

Kill Hybrid
Any news on the Cathulu and Zoey drops being fixed soon?
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Hello All

1.) Why is the animated item from the st.patty sad event not really animated?
2.) Any ideas for the left over Blessed Stellarite?
3.) Do you like Zombies? (I do)
Evening Admins! =D
I'm seeing that everyone and their moms is happy that all the money made from the items is going straight to Japan, as things seem to be getting worse by the day, but I wouldn't worry, as if anyone could pull through its them n.n

We have a lotta random anime and video game referencing/parodying items here, which one is your favorite?

I also noted we hadn't gotten the gold shop update yet for March, thats still coming right? D:

If you had any SDPlus doll in real life, who's would it be? :3
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Will we be having a gold shop update anytime this week or next week?

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