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Hello everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed last week's St Patrick's Day mini event and have gotten your pie on March 14. A big hand to Narumi, Ubermegatron and the art team for making these events possible.

This week is Gaia Madness here in Gaia, go check out the sub-forum under hot topics and check out the competitions! The Case of Pietro had finally evolved. Thank you for your patience on the wait.
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HEY ADMINS, DEVS AND MODS AT GAIA HQ. <3 No questions from me today, just dropping by to say hi, and to stalk the thread to read up on all the latest happenings ;D
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Evening, Lanzer and other staff members.

In the announcement about the lite fish, you clearly stated that the drops would contain mostly alchemy items. Then, at the last ATA, you turned around and said that the lite fish were meant for people who didn't want to spend gaia cash on aquarium fish and the alchemy components were added after people asked for them. Explain yourself.

Proof: User Image

Also, in the future, could you make dev notices alerting people when Deadman's Shadow is open to the public?
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1. Thank you for finally getting the Case of Pietro finished! I am very pleased with the finale. I'd like to repeat what I said last week, though, that we don't like secrets and hush-hush about hot topic things that need to be fixed. Troll-Lanky told me last week COP would be out "within a year" and we all know now that it came out four days later. I know Gaia likes surprises, but I don't think the userbase enjoys it as much as you think we do. You could have just answered me last week "extremely soon."

2. The lite fish aren't dying. I have a lot of really old fish. And you are pumping too many out in Dumpster Dive. We have more than we can put in our tanks (and even alt account tanks). They aren't dying fast enough, and the items in them aren't what is needed to progress alchemy, like you originally told us they are for. If you aren't doing if for alchemy, the drops are rather useless. Decorations or not, they need to be put to use to fix alchemy.

Lower the amount of lite fish released OR
Lower their life span (maybe two weeks?)
Take out the trash in their drops.
Put only alchemy ingredients and recipies (75% easy to get things and 20% harder, and 5% rare, perhaps?)
Profit (Make alchemy a little more do-able).

3. To Reapersun: Thank you for the finale of COP. It went beyond expectations. I only have two regrets. One, that there was no kiss between Detective and Rookie. And Two, that we have yet to learn what is in Pietro's case, that he now is in possession of. Will we be seeing a new ei/rei to go into that mystery, perhaps? Maybe when you aren't so over worked...
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1: When are we going to get plot continuation of the demi-god story arc, with Meili, Gino, Sen and Seer?

2: Why is Zhivago such a lapdog? Is he a masochist? Is that why he's always willing to be used by other people, like Vladmir Von Helson and Don Kuro?

3: Is NPC Odanodan friends with any other NPC, like how Jack Is friends with Santa? Who does he hang out with?

4: Do all the holiday NPC's (Jack, Santa, Cupid, Odanodan) have their own town or city; like Jack has Halloweentown? Is there a Cover City/ Cloverville/ St. Patrick's Town for Odanodan; a Hearttropolis. Vatican Valentine City for Cupid, or a Christmas Town for Santa? Where is Shitty Acres apartments located; for the Easter Bunny?
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Hi everyone at Gaia HQ! emotion_yatta

A few things today:

1. Thank you for making Bogie! I love him. heart He reminds me of our cat, Bunny, who passed away last summer. Big Bunny Bucket of Love was one of our favorite nicknames for her!

2. How much gold did Odanodan make in tips during the St. Patrick's Day event? rofl

3. zOMG Integrity Ring - I brought this up a couple of weeks ago, and BigLanky (I think it was) said you would consider making it available to all of the players. Has there been any discussion about this? What are the chances this can become a reality? The players who don't have it should be able to earn it somehow, seeing as how the majority of people who do have it, received it for not even playing. xp It's a useful ring! Please let everyone have a chance to get one. Instead of a refund for my Buccaneer Boardwalk ticket, how about a trade for the ring?
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Admin Archives subforum

AskED the Admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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I have a few questions, the first two regarding Alchemy:

1. Do you intend to make more ways to release components into the system? There are some items I really want but can’t make because some of the components have been released in such small quantities.
2. I know you guys are afraid of flooding the system with components, to avoid the situation with zOMG items where the stuff became worthless after a while. Have you thought of releasing new recipes on a regular basis to combat something like that? Having the Lite Fish drop nothing but Alchemy components wouldn't flood the system over time as long as new recipes were put out. And I would say that over-flooding the system wouldn't be as bad as the current situation where some stuff can't even be made. cat_emo Ah, Longer Langer, someday you'll be mine...
3. Are the imps or centaurs gonna come back? I really liked them.
4. Any word on whether we’ll get another regular EI any time soon? I really liked Prince of the Sea.
5. Finally… Any hints on what the next RIG/Chance Item is gonna be? ninja
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Will there ever be a forum or sub-forum for My little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Its gained a lot of popularity within the past year and I would love to see a forum deticated to it.
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Why can't you put all of the components and formulas in the Bifrost for a reasonable price? Having to get them out of alchemy RIGs is stupid. Either you go through the effort of crafting them and risk getting a worthless component, or you spend millions buying them from users gouging the prices in the marketplace. Just because you set the price of most components at 1,000 gold doesn't mean people are going to charge only that much. I'm not going to spend hours crafting Golden Magical Giftboxes just to get Jumbo Mouse Ears when I could just buy and sell items and make more money that way. Alchemy is so expensive that you have to have at least 100 million gold to get to level 10, and many more users would enjoy alchemy if everything was reasonably priced. It shouldn't cost 100m gold to get to level 10. Not even the trillionaires can finish their backwings quests because of the way alchemy is right now. Stop making little incremental changes and give us a big change. I don't know if you've noticed but most users are unhappy with alchemy right now.
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Yeah I think this is the first AtA I've actually been able to watch live~ /midnight in the UK. o/

Has Diedrich lost the chub he gained from the Pie nomming yet?
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When are you going to make a site-wide announcement concerning the status of zOMG development? It's not fair that a lot of users don't use the forums and so they are in the dark about it. It's been weeks now and you've yet to even release a dev alert about it.
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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

Good evening! I hope all is well over where you are and no earthquakes to speak of. wink Nothing too insane from me today, but do expect other users repeating what I am asking here.

1. Is there any way to implement what Panagrammic said about putting destroyed Cash Shop items via Alchemy into Dumpster Dive to keep the supply constant on site? It is getting to the point where certain items, even RIG items, are very hard to come by and are much more expensive on the Marketplace than what they were at before Alchemy.

2. Would it be possible to place Philosopher’s Caches and Alchemist’s Cases back into the Daily Chance since the alterations to their respective formulas is not helping the supply of many components any and only drove the prices for both back up, or even consider placing all or the certain components that are needed in vast quantities, like Sugar Crystals, Sea Water, and Smooth Wheststone, amongst others, into The Bifrost for amounts like 25k, 50k, or even more to aide in a continuous supply of those components while creating a mass gold sink? It is such a concern when the Quest formula chains (Demonic, Angelic, Risen, Fallen, Celestial) eats up hundreds of certain components and causes major frustration to even those who are considered part of the class Alchemy was targeting in the first place.

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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Just a quick question.

What is going on with Gaia and zOMG! I've read alot of things about it but not really sure whats true and whats not. It's rather confusing.
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Given how many times information in these threads proves to be either misinformed or outright lies (like the lite fish drops giving out "mostly Alchemy components" wink , is there any reason to actually believe anything said here?

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