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-lurks about-
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Hi there I just wanted to know when the bug concerning some of the leg equips for avatars will be fixed? X3 I should very much like to wear some pretty legs again.
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Witty Genius

Hello again heart ,

Hope you all are doing well. I have more things to ask and bring attention to:

(please note that I haven't been around on Gaia for the past few weeks. So, if any of these things have been addressed already, I'm sorry >__< [though, I wouldn't think so?])

1. Option to View Avatar to Scale in Dress Up

I was wondering if there could be an option to view your avatar to scale on the dress up page? I find that my avatars looks different from time to time after saving it, having me to change something about it. I now just save and view my avatar in a forum I've posted in to see if it looks alright >_<

Here's my thread on the matter, along with other suggestions.

2. Bowl and Mushroom Haircuts

Also, can you pass the idea to the artists about providing more bowl and mushroom haircuts? It would be fantastical!

3. Sponsorships

I also want to know what the possibilities are of having a Sanrio sponsorship? I had made a thread about it, and Siskataya said she'll pass on the idea to the team. Here's the thread.

Because this is generally a very girly suggestion, how about a manly sponsorship?

4. Character Counter

Do you think a character counter can be added to journals and signatures? I hate editing my signature to find out there's too many characters in it after submitting the changes. I don't post in journals often, but I did hate finding out there is a limit after submitting my gold shop wishlist in an entry and saw that a good chunk of it was missing.

5. Titles for Achievements

Can whatever words that are suitable to be used in either place be available in both drop-down lists, and whatever is not suitable be changed appropriately to be available in that drop-down list, if possible? For example, A word that is already suitable is "rainbow", and people can choose to have their title to say, "Sparkly Rainbow" (which is what I want mine to say!). An example of a word not already suitable for the other drop-down list but can be altered is "ladykiller". It can be changed to "ladykilling" specifically for the first drop-down list 3nodding I think you can get a lot more interesting titles that way if you do this!

6. <3 / </3 and Forum Quote Feature Idea

Any chance at giving us a chance to change our votes after we voted? Thread

The ideas in this thread might make for an interesting feature. Maybe it's something that can be looked into?

Thank you for your reply at the last AtA I attended!
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Give a Pig a Pancake
Would an item be taken away if one of the other items used to make the item was hacked/ botted and it wasn't you who hacked/ botted the item?
Example: Emeraldback Mask, if some of the boldurs you bought from someone were botted.

Most likely. The scenario would likely be, "You used 1000 boulders to make an Emeraldback Mask (numbers are inaccurate I'm sure, this is just an example though). 200 of the boulders you bought were hacked/glitched/exploited/what have you. We remove the Mask and grant back 800 boulders."
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Hello devs! Quick question from me.

I know that coding can be difficult and all and you never know when you'll have to pull a sheep out of the server, but what's the timeframe for getting everything from towns 1 onto towns 2? And after that, is it true that you'll be upgrading the inventory arranger?
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dear gaia...

i want some pancakes...
kthxbye whee
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Gaia's rules seem to be double standard. What I mean by this? Okay, I had a picture of myself in a batman shirt and hotpants and it was removed under the claim it was 'sexually explicit.' ... Now, look at my avi?

Almost nude and kinky pixels are okay, but batman shirt and hotpants aren't?

Explain plz
Batman is too sexy for this site
Obviously that can be the only reason
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Helloo ATA Team! I am very flustered confused When will Monster Galaxy be up and running again? I have played that game since the first day it came on here and now its not working? Can someone PLEASE tell me when this will be expected to be up and playable for Gaians? cry
Coma and Tail
Any chance of Gay Male based EI, with items just for the male population of Gaia? I'm talking manly men, too. Not horribly over powered, but sweet.. Not sweet as in preteen looking boys.
While the artists are more inclined to females, many feel there is a sexist act with the lack of good male items.

Maybe for the EI it can include more weapons, chest hair and facial hair, styles of buff skins, male based clothing and pants, boots, etc.
yea, weapons like....halberds... emotion_kirakira
And Lances and Shields.. And some awesome scythes emotion_drool
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Guys, as usual, I have just one question...

zOMG!, zOMG!, zOMG!, zOMG?
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Zero Omega
Is there limit to how much gold you can have on gaia?
are you maxed out at some point....

There actually is a technical limit you can hit before your gold count rolls over, it's somewhere in the one billion range.
So if someone were to reach over 1 billion gold pure there gold would flip back to 0?

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I have been thinking this for a while, it would be epic if you guys would make a surprise evolving item. like an item that has been out for a while, and it only has like one or two stances or something. then bam! surprise evolving item! that seems like it would be fun to me. just an idea.
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LabTech David
Any news on: Towns 2, gold payout upgrade on older games, and alchemy?

Towns 2: In Quality Assurance

Gold Payout Upgrade: Will update further once Towns 2 is out

Alchemy: Not yet
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How long do you think it'll be until you fix all the item glitches? Including with the SC AGAPE + various hair items and getting a bald head at the back thing
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A few suggestions :

what if we got new zomg rings? How? By combining old zomg rings . For example we always get repeat rings while we play, right? Lets put those to good use. We could take , 1 bump, 1 coy, 1 Fleet , combined them and we would get a new ring ! ( The new rings power would be "jump", or a "Super kick" ). And Gaia could use the Alchemy system to do this.

What do you think? yes,no? It would be cool, specially if they added a side scrolling aspect to zomg. Imagine doing " jump " a la SMB ? lol. Or a sonic slash or rapid kick like in SF?

Or how about we use Alchemy to create new zomg buddies?? Again we could use our extra zomg rings as ingridients or just use regular zomg loot.

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