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Squee Nii
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Do you think maybe I can get a reply before next monday? emotion_kirakira

Yes yes. ninja
-caresses- emotion_dowant
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Is there limit to how much gold you can have on gaia?
are you maxed out at some point....

There actually is a technical limit you can hit before your gold count rolls over, it's somewhere in the one billion range.
So if someone were to reach over 1 billion gold pure there gold would flip back to 0?
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can we get some recolors for the bakeneko sets and the monitor sets sometime? emotion_kirakira

like, blue, purple, pink
crazy colors?
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Will there ever be an increase in the byte size limit for signatures?
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♥ ♥

I've noticed there are still some wonky things going on in the
dressing room. Like when I put on some hats my avatar's head goes see through.
o__o and uh, when I put on Band of Bremen cream colored leg mods on
my legs disappeared. I haven't saved the avatars but it's weird. XD

I hope it isn't another glitch! There seems to have been a lot of those
for avatars recently. D:

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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So uh, when should we expect to see an update on that really really really really old inventory arranger thing? My messy ugly inventory sure could use it. dramallama
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You guys fixed up the ignore list from what i can see, but when will changes come to friends list?
I'd like to be able to sort my friends by date last logged in redface
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when will admins work about the tickets sad ive been waitin for 1 whole month about my account issue

We're working on tickets all the time. Could you send me a PM with your ticket ID? I'll take a look into it.

yes sir
Any chance of Gay Male based EI, with items just for the male population of Gaia? I'm talking manly men, too. Not horribly over powered, but sweet.. Not sweet as in preteen looking boys.
While the artists are more inclined to females, many feel there is a sexist act with the lack of good male items.

Maybe for the EI it can include more weapons, chest hair and facial hair, styles of buff skins, male based clothing and pants, boots, etc.
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Is there any chance of an Arena update soon?

Such as fixes allowing us to edit submission descriptions (I've been unable to for a while now), and problems with previews not working?

I'd also love to see the use of animated items allowed. (I had a few other suggestion HERE if you're interested in other ideas)
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*lurks* ninja
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I got nothin'...

So, Sisky, how you treating my ferret?
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i put on a hat... and i looked bald -.- (glitch .-.)
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Asking yet again...

Is there still a way to get Formula 1: Golden Magical Giftbox, other than from the Market Place?

If so, how?

If not, why?

I have all these Pink Giftboxes from my Grunny subs from BG rotting in my inventory. They are not worth selling on the MP (at less than 1000 g each) nor opening. I use to use them to make into Golden Giftboxes, then into Philosopher's Caches.

If it is no longer available to obtain (other than the MP), please say so.

I do not want to continue wasting my money or have my fiancee waste his money on Grunny Subs just to have our inventories full of practically useless Pink Giftboxes. It will also mean putting Alchemy on the extreme back burner as that was how we got majority of our caches.
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Can a admin please check my ticket it hasn't been resolved for weeks

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