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Asking yet again...

Is there still a way to get Formula 1: Golden Magical Giftbox, other than from the Market Place?

If so, how?

If not, why?

I have all these Pink Giftboxes from my Grunny subs from BG rotting in my inventory. They are not worth selling on the MP (at less than 1000 g each) nor opening. I use to use them to make into Golden Giftboxes, then into Philosopher's Caches.

If it is no longer available to obtain (other than the MP), please say so.

I do not want to continue wasting my money or have my fiancee waste his money on Grunny Subs just to have our inventories full of practically useless Pink Giftboxes. It will also mean putting Alchemy on the extreme back burner as that was how we got majority of our caches.

Whoa, there's a golden magical giftbox? emotion_kirakira

yup, came out around the time of Alchemy, I believe. 5 of them can used to make a Philosopher's cache (Alchemy)
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Um...I have a problem with activating some of my accounts on gaia. Some email providers like yahoo, doesn't seem to accept the acount activation letter rom site and when I tried to resend them they don't appear on inbox, spam, or even trash and drafts, etc. Is there something wrong with resending the account activation mail or is it just the email who's acting up?
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Would you guys be open to releasing some kind of item that replicates the glitches. As annoying as they were, they were still a lot of fun to play with.
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Zomg isnt even worth getting onto anymore.... I feel like they have seriously neglected their only true gaia MMO that they were so proud of back when it first came out.
zOMG is the only game where you can be inside the world of Gaia. I will always love zOMG.

zOMG! not worth going onto? Pish-Posh. yum_puddi
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Miss AlI Sunday
Hello everyone!

It's been a crazy week trying to fix the various bugs that came with the green goo glitch fix. One of the previous changes got erased in a recent bug fix and avatar parts are now missing! gonk The new fixes will be posted tomorrow. Sorry for the problems. Hopefully tomorrow's fix will be one of the last that's needed.

Welcome to ATA!
Lanzer, I have a question how is that you came up with a good community as Gaia?!

I didn't play as big a part as all the moderators and admin help organize the community. We just focus on bringing new things and fixing bugs. biggrin If you're asking about the idea itself, it really wasn't that hard as we were all MMORPG players who spend more time chatting than leveling up, and we just wanted to have an MMO environment that's more focused on chatting and making friends.
Lanzer you're one of my greatest heros. No lie. heart
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Ahh thank you^^ I missed that.
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really pointless. question always gets unanswered. thanks
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Silk Kanishk
Silk Kanishk
Silk Kanishk

Yes, I have and have applied as well. biggrin I don't think too highly of my chances though considering where I live. xp
I believe we'd have to commit to move out there.

If Gaia can't spare 5 minutes for zOMG! I doubt they'd take the trouble to move someone in from abroad. confused
YOu're confusing things.

you mean they care about people? eek
But of course. You're way too jaded.

They have to start caring about all their people then only then will I believe it.
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Is there any chance we can have a Masquerade sequel of some type? Or at least have another evolving item similar to it? It is honestly the most commonly used item in my inventory and is incredibly helpful.

I wouldn't mind paying 999GC for such an item.
Bangs, wigs, facial hair, noses, makeup, lips, and maybe even eyes.

Heck it would be amazing if it was a collaboration item with many of the artists.
Each coming in and adding there own touches to our faces. Sounds like a winner to me.
Heck heck heck, it could even be 1299GC - 1499GC if it gets enough poses to warrant the price tag.
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Metalio Schozer
Um...I have a problem with activating some of my accounts on gaia. Some email providers like yahoo, doesn't seem to accept the acount activation letter rom site and when I tried to resend them they don't appear on inbox, spam, or even trash and drafts, etc. Is there something wrong with resending the account activation mail or is it just the email who's acting up?

Have you made sure to check your spam/trash folder? Sometimes our e-mails get filtered into those folders. Additionally, please the e-mail address, webadmin@mailer.gaiaonline.com, to your safe list/address book and try again.
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This is a suggestion...
Maybe on ATA there should be a FAQ on the first page so the same questions don't get asked over and over.

For example I've seen questions about the inventory arranger almost 10 times.

zOMG questions... missing limb glitch.

Of course people don't read the first page sometimes too because Lanzer did answer that limb glitch on the first page, but I think it would help get everyone's questions answered.
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really pointless. question always gets unanswered. thanks
I liked your question D;
I want those old achievements
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Sleeping Warrior
really pointless. question always gets unanswered. thanks

/I saw your question like 5 times xD
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Mayakashi Minshuu
Gen and Evan
Mayakashi Minshuu
Gen and Evan
Topic point from last week's discussion on where capital earned from projects go

Many users are not aware that the money they pump into games like zOMG actually gets pooled into a common fund used to support other projects. Users think they are working to help save a part of the site that has been cast aside or a part of the site they really enjoy but instead, the money is moved to projects old and new.
When talked about last week, devs and admins made it sound like users should already know this info and while many staff members do not know where all of the money goes (as apparently there are secret projects and each staff member gets a Nerf gun bought for them) it would not be unreasonable to have a generalized summary of where funds are being allotted.

Users should know what their money goes to. They need to know that it's not going directly to the programs and site features they might think.

Also another big issue that never seems to get let go of - why still charge GC for zOMG boosts when zOMG isn't really supported by this pool of resources as work on the game has been halted

Did this post get a reply?

I really want to know about the bold part.
Nope, they avoided it all last week as well

Well seeing as it wasn't answered Im going to repost it.
Id like to know about the bold part as well, its a great question.
Hello admins smile This question has been itching the back of my soul for a while now, but here it goes. About for years ago, i made a gaiaonline account, with one of my friend's e-mail address. I decidd to search it up and i found it finally, but i forgot the password and i lost contact with my friend. Is there any way I can get my old account back, like maybe if you ask some questions about my old account? smile

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