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Ok, so I'm not entirely finished. cat_xp

3. Could we, perhaps, have the option to select what does and/or doesn't get "blocked" whenever we're put on "Ignore" and/or whenever we ignore others? The "topics blocked" message does get rather annoying, especially when many of us would like to see the reason(s) as to why certain topics have been blocked. cat_stare
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Zero Omega
Hello ATA, I was recently banned for something that was most certainly a complete mix up and that I was NOT a part of. The message I recieved in my email (for the account Kuyashii) said "Exchange of Gaia Gold/Items for real life currency", I have never exchanged gold for real life currency. I was fully aware of this rule and I have always chose to purchase Gaia Cash. I have never used any outside source to gain items or gold, nor have I sold someone gold for real life currency. All of my gold has been earned by selling items that I got by using Gaia Cash or Gaia Gold. My ban is unjustified and I'd like to know about any information that can further justify your reasoning on my ban. I am a very responcible Gaian, I have never cheated or hacked in anyway, I have always enforced the rules. I think using an outside source to gain gold is unreasonable and wrong, and making money off of Gaia Gold is just as wrong because the gold belongs to Gaia.

Also, rally still has major issues that need to fixed and some of us don't want to wait till summer, many of my friends have quit because of this, but rally is constantly kicking people and freezing, it lags horribly, and there is no way to get in touch with your friends other than with a really badly implemented transport system that only works seldomly. Please get Codemonkey to work on this, I think it's pretty important seeing as how 10+ friends of mine have quit Gaia over this and I'm sure many others.

Re: Your ban. Have you tried filing a ban appeal at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help?

Yes, would you like my ticket number?

Send me a PM with it.
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ALright so LAnzer.. I would like to know why i do not get the free cash videos... i live in trinidad and tobago... I find it very unfair to international players of this online game... that some of us are unable to access and profit from this feature on the game... we too should be allowed to get free gaia cash.. from the videos...
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Is the Gaia staff aware of the 'zOMG petition' which many zOMGer's (including myself) have signed? I think the staff should give zOMG a chance.

Here's the petition

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Any news on: Towns 2, gold payout upgrade on older games, and alchemy?
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Would an item be taken away if one of the other items used to make the item was hacked/ botted and it wasn't you who hacked/ botted the item?
Example: Emeraldback Mask, if some of the boldurs you bought from someone were botted.
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So is skynet invading the site? These glitches are everywhere, maybe the green goo was her lover and since you guys killed him...she's a revenge seeker?
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Will you be changing the ignore system again?

I like the way it is now, there's really no merit to the complaints people have of it.
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Hello Admins.

Quick question, I saved my avatar today... after countless times deciding what to wear out of my mini inventory, and all of the sudden my avatar's face suddenly disappeared... Is there a problem suddenly going on?
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I got a question. This one's for Lanzer, really.

What is the future of Gaia online? It's 2013 now and I feel like there's some outdated things as well as some other stuff that could be implemented to bring Gaia forward into the future. The organization and breakdown of all the forums is one thing that needs to be simplified, and there's some aesthetic changes that can be made, too.
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donate to me plz
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I'm going to go to sakura con and stalk all of you emotion_dowant
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                          Is there any possibility of having items layer on an avatar like it does on tektek? User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Any chance I'll be able to wear a hat on my avatar soon without losing his hair? 8L

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Are there any internship possibilities at the Gaia headquarters, say, during the summer?

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