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Silk Kanishk
Guys, as usual, I have just one question...

zOMG!, zOMG!, zOMG!, zOMG?
They're not doing anything
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Coffee Killer
So uh, when should we expect to see an update on that really really really really old inventory arranger thing? My messy ugly inventory sure could use it. dramallama

Soon smile
Gen and Evan
Coma and Tail
Coma and Tail
Any chance of Gay Male based EI, with items just for the male population of Gaia? I'm talking manly men, too. Not horribly over powered, but sweet.. Not sweet as in preteen looking boys.
While the artists are more inclined to females, many feel there is a sexist act with the lack of good male items.

Maybe for the EI it can include more weapons, chest hair and facial hair, styles of buff skins, male based clothing and pants, boots, etc.
yea, weapons like....halberds... emotion_kirakira
And Lances and Shields.. And some awesome scythes emotion_drool
Real boots and dirt smudges that look reasonale
Dirt and grime. Mmhmm
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Ok... WHAT is going on with the layering of items? My avi goes BALD when I go to add a hat to a wig now. There's a lot more glitches with items disappearing or taking off body parts, making people nekkid too! ; A ; I love my top hats... please... what is going on?!


User Image

We're aware of the issue and hopefully it will be resolved tomorrow.
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Hey admins! whee

First of all, Lanzer- here is a picture of you in 2007 with my water meat on your head Lanzer & Water Meat I found it a few weeks ago and got a kick out of it

Question - Do you guys have any kind of paid internship? I thought I saw a page for internships last year but now I can't seem to find it.

Thanks! heart
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Admiring Oblivion
Hello Admins.

Quick question, I saved my avatar today... after countless times deciding what to wear out of my mini inventory, and all of the sudden my avatar's face suddenly disappeared... Is there a problem suddenly going on?

Yes we're still experiencing avatar glitches but hopefully it will get resolved tomorrow.

Ah I see, I guess I can place alittle of my relieves at rest.
Thank you for responding by the way! n.n
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I was wondering if there was a way you could add some kind of competition of the best Dream Avatar like my friend is doing. You do a theme and then do a Dream Avatar off of it... I really liked it and I bet she'd like to see something she has done be recognized on gaiaonline. If you could arrange something with this idea I would be happy. Along with that her name is Kaia the Kitten! Have a good day..
~Kimbley XD X3
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Hey guys~

I was wondering if the "REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY OLD inventory arranger" would be updated somewhere in the near future?
.....you have four arms.... eek
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iKunisaki Yukito-kun
Hey Gaia.

I put in a ticket over a month ago in regards to a banned account of mine that I'm certain should not have been banned, and I have yet to receive an answer from anyone of any kind. I couldn't even get the email notification because at the time the email connected to it was disabled.

Well, I got the email account up and running again, but still nothing as to why or how I was banned.

I would very much like access to my old account back, or at least have the issue resolved.
What's going on with the support center lately?
Could someone please help me with regards to this?

Send me a PM with the ticket ID if you haven't already. I'll take a look into it. We've been pretty busy with our tickets lately but we're constantly working on things.
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Gen and Evan
here we are again
Back with you again

Asking my same question as a continuation of last week's question that got pushed aside

Why is it I can't choose to turn off the animation in the site header? The fact that whatever new RIG pet is spazzing out at me isn't going to make me more aware of the items I can spend my money on.
I know a lot of users actually don't like it at all but according to the answer last week, the sole purpose that I would not be given the option to turn off the animations are revert back to the old still pictures is because then I won't spend as much money. (I'm paraphrasing of course)

I do also love in the jobs portion for the company, we're all claimed as customers, not users. Oh company mentality, how I thought I could avoid you outside of my own work

I second this idea emotion_kirakira
Nice one, Gen Gen.
Why thank you darling dear
And congrats on getting into college! Will you be joining me at UIUC?
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Hello Gaia Administrators!

I want to play Rumble Kittens so badly...But I searched the App store, and I cannot find it..

What category would Rumble Kitten be in?
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I just wanted to thank the admins for letting every Gaian post at the ATAs. I am sorry that my petition thread caused such an uproar last week. It was meant to encourage Gaians since rumors were going around that zOMG! was dead and I was just trying to make some realistic suggestions for zOMG! even if only one has the slightest possibility of happening. Keep up the hard work and it’s amazing seeing all the changes happening on the site and how our ATA suggestions are at least considered.

1) Is there a communal litter box for all the cats at Gaia HQ?

2) Any news on the Buccaneer Boardwalk recipes for zOMG!?

3) Can we have a CrosStitch contest for new shoes?

There's actually no cats at Gaia HQ, I think the number of dogs would cause any cats to run for their lives biggrin

We're getting closer. Couldn't give a date yet but definitely close.

We probably won't limit it to shoes on the next contest, but I'm sure everyone could submit shoes too.

Thank you lanzer and was just curious where Waffles goes when he visits. That is interesting to know there are so many dogs now. Mavdoc mentioned when he left, there was a majority of cats. Maybe artists will make more dog items now. xd Thank you so much on responding to the zOMG! question too.
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do u like waffles?
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Hello Admins and mods and such, I would just like to point out that I would like to have more items that make female avis bigger instead of skinnier.

I think that gaia is telling girls that anorexia is a good thing by putting out corsets and body mods that make women stick thin. You never see items out that make girls more plumper. You know some girls arent stick thin right?

So I propose you just get it over with and unisex the fatty item already. Tons of women would like that item unisexed. Not only is it cute as hell on a female avi, but we could also use it for comedic purposes.

For example, I could pretend my avi just ate a giant watermellon, would be awesome.

Make Fatty Unisexed!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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First, thank you for the Waffles ears and Waffles companion that were released this month. God knows I was getting tired of begging for a Waffles companion every ATA.

Second, wtf did you have to make Waffles so rare for? ;-; You hate me, is that is?

My question/request: Will you please re-release the heck out of Waffles in upcoming RIGs? And raise the drop rate, perhaps? My reasoning is as follows: Waffles it the most requested pet ever. For many months, it wasn't just me that asked at ATAs for a waffles companion as his presence on Gaia grew (though I might have been the first). As Gaia's newest unofficial mascot, and a much loved kitty, I think he needs to be more accessible. 30 million is NOT accessible.

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