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Hello Admins.

Quick question, I saved my avatar today... after countless times deciding what to wear out of my mini inventory, and all of the sudden my avatar's face suddenly disappeared... Is there a problem suddenly going on?

Yes we're still experiencing avatar glitches but hopefully it will get resolved tomorrow.
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Coma and Tail
Coma and Tail
Any chance of Gay Male based EI, with items just for the male population of Gaia? I'm talking manly men, too. Not horribly over powered, but sweet.. Not sweet as in preteen looking boys.
While the artists are more inclined to females, many feel there is a sexist act with the lack of good male items.

Maybe for the EI it can include more weapons, chest hair and facial hair, styles of buff skins, male based clothing and pants, boots, etc.
yea, weapons like....halberds... emotion_kirakira
And Lances and Shields.. And some awesome scythes emotion_drool
Real boots and dirt smudges that look reasonale
will the very very very very old gaia inventory organizer ever get updated? haha blaugh emotion_kirakira
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Any chance the Gaia staff will make an appearance at Youmacon ever? It's in Michigan.
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Uncle Kenny
I heard there will be some zOMG achievements! Just want to say how happy I was to hear that! It means Gaia still cares about zOMG.

Yep, hoping to get them out sooner than later but not ETA just yet.

so... my marshall-field dreams will come true. emotion_kirakira

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Can a admin please check my ticket it hasn't been resolved for weeks

Have you sent me a PM about this? If not, then send me one with the ticket ID.
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" Hey admins! Um theres recently been ALOT of glitches in saving your avatar, the missing body parts glitch is back :c


Im not the only one who's had alot of glitches today, my item has already been reported c: Think you guys do your magic and fix this messy glitch? c: thanks <3

~ ♥
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LabTech David
Any news on: Towns 2, gold payout upgrade on older games, and alchemy?

Towns 2: In Quality Assurance

Gold Payout Upgrade: Will update further once Towns 2 is out

Alchemy: Not yet

Thanks! emotion_kirakira
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Gen and Evan
here we are again
Back with you again

Asking my same question as a continuation of last week's question that got pushed aside

Why is it I can't choose to turn off the animation in the site header? The fact that whatever new RIG pet is spazzing out at me isn't going to make me more aware of the items I can spend my money on.
I know a lot of users actually don't like it at all but according to the answer last week, the sole purpose that I would not be given the option to turn off the animations are revert back to the old still pictures is because then I won't spend as much money. (I'm paraphrasing of course)

I do also love in the jobs portion for the company, we're all claimed as customers, not users. Oh company mentality, how I thought I could avoid you outside of my own work

I second this idea emotion_kirakira
Nice one, Gen Gen.
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Hey everyone! I have a couple of questions about Gaia Guilds!

A) I have seen rumors abounding that the new interest page you were getting feedback on would replace our guild system. Are any of the rumors spliced with truth? (Gawd I hope not, where will I RP? xd )

B) I know you have mentioned before about possibly giving them a makeover. Any news on that as of now?( Man I would so like to get rid of some of our subforums on the [AG]!)

I do hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday!

Thank you in advance for any helpful information!
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Sorry for running you guys off last time.
Hey admins, Gaia-fisher here! So I had a random thought I just wanted to put forward for funsies. It's totally kick-a** how you catch enough fish to earn an Angelic Rod (I have an Angelic Rod myself, working towards Plus whee ), but I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool if there was an option to 'claim' either an Angelic Rod or a Nitemare Rod? Of course it would function just the same in-game, but it'd be a cool option for those who like to proudly represent the 'nitemare' side of Gaia. When Logan sends you the congratulatory PM, he could put an envelope in your inventory for you to pick which one you got, just like the classic MCs. 3nodding

It's true that the original angelic rod never got to really be granted the way we want it to. It's something we can look into. It actually shouldn't be too hard. We are refreshing other games for the moment, hopefully updating fishing shouldn't be too far away
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Zero Omega
when will admins work about the tickets sad ive been waitin for 1 whole month about my account issue

We're working on tickets all the time. Could you send me a PM with your ticket ID? I'll take a look into it.

id just sent the ticket sir
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When will zOMG be done? Is it still adding new things, or is it officially done?
EDIT: Also the Gravedigger hat makes you bald ._."

zOMG is only maintenance mode currently so new content won't be created for it.
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chikyugaino mule
will the very very very very old gaia inventory organizer ever get updated? haha blaugh emotion_kirakira

Uncle Kenny
Is there going to be a new inventory arranger soon?

It's on our to-do list for later this year. 3nodding

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