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Hey Lanzer, this is my first time posting here!

I was wondering why the skull pajama pants were taken down and if you guys plan on putting them up again.

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Friendly Unicorn

Any chance we can get a tiny demon horn?

D: I wanna finish my cosplay!
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My first ATA
I was wondering
What exactly is your job at gaia?
and what does it entail doing?
I always see Lanzer in my head sitting on a thrown telling everyone what to do but not doing anything himself sweatdrop
Also any news on NPC redraws?

We'd love to have proper avatars and profiles for all the NPC's, though like many features that the engineering team would like to do, other projects kept popping up and we couldn't get around to it. They're being filled on a as needed basis, but yeah it'll be so great when all of them would be available. crying

G-Corp Labtech 307
G-Corp Labtech 307
Hey Lanzer, six questions for ye this time.

1) Why do so many of the NPCs, such as Ian, Ruby, and Agatha, not have proper avatars? I know that Ian once had his, why isn't it up as his?

2) Why do some of the NPCs, such as Russell, Jinx, and Cardbot, not have profiles at all?

3) Will there ever be an NPC Date?

4) When will G-Corp officially return? gonk

5) Do you watch The Simpsons?

6) Do you watch Monk?
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Invisible Lunatic


As evident below.. Fleep would hit a nun..What would you do for a Klondike bar?

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ArtfulDodger wants to know too.. though she's lolling over the question.. the comic is awesome no? :]
1 more question

If i came to gaia HQ and stole all your guy's shoes and demanded ....1miiilllliiion gold would guys give in for your shoes back?
Come on you can't go anyware with out shoes >=D muahahahaha

I also would like to point out that I would like to congratulate you lanzer when i joined gaia i never expected it to go very far but look at it now YOU HAVE MADE A WHOLE COUNTRY

gaia should be put on the global map 3nodding

CONGRADS mrgreen
User ImageSpeaking of NPCs, why is Rufus still running the Barton Boutique?
I miss Ian!

Also, are there any plans for new NPC store dialogue?
That's odd. To our test team we've been having no problems with Towns or other flash environments. Do other flash games work no problem? I can only suggest running another web browser with an updated version of Flash. A few months ago we did made the requirement for Flash 9.

Housing arranger need to be converted to Flash also. It running off shockwave had been a problem since the beginning.

While the new server is being tested, yes we are working on a better arranger with item equip ability. It'll make everyone's lives a lot easier. Stay tuned for more details.

Ah, lovely to catch you
I just want to express how much fun I've had being part of the GaiaOnline comminuty for the last four years ^^

Also I have some concerns though, mainly about the servers..
I've not been able to connect to towns/cinema/games servers since about November
Then last month the housing went down as well
I heard rumors about new servers for them as well as a new interface for inventory/housing arranger.
I was just wondering how that was coming along?
It's sad not being able to help Gaia keep sponsors interested with hits on the quests because of server failures
That's a great idea. The orphans are permanent so they're here to stay.

Battle's new name is kind of at a halt right now because of domain name issues. D: We might need a new name after all...

Cube B
O Hai.

Okay, first of all, Thank you for the Orphans! I was wondering if the Adoption Certificate would be a permanent item, since I thought it would be cool to be able to adopt special orphans around Holidays, like Alien, Zombie, Vampire, and Werewolf Orphans for Halloween, Elf orphans for Christmas, etc. Or perhaps costumes for orphans?

Oh, and hows the domain name thing coming along? It's been a while. sweatdrop

Oh, by the way, NPC Quest soon plz? biggrin I heard it shows up in a random shop.
I second this motion.(Mainly werewolf)
I believe Rina is 14, and she's very capable. biggrin

Hello Lanzer how are you?

I was wondering how old is Rina and does she run the shop herself?
Is there going to be a Quest for the movie: 'The Other Boylen Girl'?

Sorry nope, especially since the movie is already out. It looks like a beautiful movie.
The guild system and forum systems will be worked on before the Avatar system rewrite. The guild system will be worked on at around May or so, while there's no date for the avatar system yet.

We're working on a major component that will help link the flash spaces together. That might or might not have an effect on the world map, but we definitely wish to work on that in the future.

We're planning for more subforums, and even the possibility of integrating many guilds into the forum areas. Stay tuned!

Have a great week everyone!

`Salt Fairy
`Salt Fairy
`Salt Fairy
User ImageHey, Lanzer!

Just a couple quick questions:

When is the next major overhaul of the avatar system planned?

Additionally, are you guys planning to ever update the Guild Network?

I miss the days when Gaia was basically centered around the World Map. Any plans to make the world map more prominent in the future?

Lastly; The Avatar Talk subforum is completely overrun with "Tektek me!" threads...
Would there be any plans for a subforum in the subforum?

Thanks so much, Lanzer. You admin people work your tucchuses off and it shows. Thank you for all your hard work to make Gaia a better place!

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