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Yeah, let me qualify that with a "maybe." We need to get the licenses cleared, look at the scoping, so on and so forth -- but our best guess was that Summersprings has more overlap with Gaia than Soul Crash or other games.

Monster Galaxy on Gaia, though, we've been working on for a while.

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First, are you aware a game, such as an MMO, needs ADVERTISING to get more players? It needs money put into it first, before more people will come and play and give you revenue. Zomg had no such thing. We've been told that Zomg was pushed out too early, before bugs were fixed, and these same bugs still plague the game each day because of Gaia's constant NEW NEW NEW SCREW OLD STUFF! attitude. Bugs still plague the game three years afterward that have never been fixed, and are detrimental to the game experiance. That is why people left.

Second, about expansions--it doesn't matter what you guys think. You want an MMO to succeed? You need EXPANSIONS. Same as advertising. Money needs to go in before money will come out. Constantly HQ has shown they don't understand this.

We're angry because HQ doesn't seem to understand these fundamentals, and seems to want to push out more facebook games, when the majority of Gaians don't even play those games.

Focus on YOUR SITE instead of whoring yourself out to facebook, kthx.

When zOMG was launched there was a substantial marketing investment and we promoted it the best we could. Not sure where you got this idea that we didn't try to promote it. We also tried an expansion. Although I do agree that continued expansion and marketing would increase its popularity, that goes without saying. It's not a binary calculation though; the growth would need to proportional or better than our investment.
Summer Springs is coming to Gaia, too? Man oh man, I love you Pan!