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1) Since the train station in zOMG! is being unused, is it possible to link it to an area, like the old Video Lounge but displays ads, therefore creating some revenue for zOMG! ?

2) Is this a possiblity? Devs can resize their avatars using the admin panel, maybe allow users to, it could create more revenue.

3) Ever since DMS was released, the Alastor quest has been broken for everybody, (The quest after the 25 miniboss). No one is able to continue in the quest, so can it be fixed?

4) Also another glitch with DMS, sometimes the second tier of DMS (The Green Rooms) glitches and cause the whole instance to freeze, making the crew lose hours of progress.
This glitch happens when 1 person in the crew, who is in the 2nd tier, teleports to the null chamber while the other crew members are still in the 1st tier of DMS, this causes the whole instance to freeze. No one can move, and if one refreshes the browser, it gets worse, the get communications cut of with the whole crew (Not being able to talk at all) and stuck in the same spot, until the person completely resets the zOMG! browser, making them teleport out of DMS but lose the whole entire instance.

5) You should make BigLanky14 do more of these emotion_awesome

6) Love for zOMG! ? emotion_kirakira

1) Ads typically require a wide range of audience to work, for example, a million unique users would earn a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately zOMG isn't the type of game that has a wide audience base as opposed to small viral games or videos, etc.

2) Don't think we can compile avatars into items with our current system, but I love the idea.

3) I do want to do whatever we can to deal with the bugs you mentioned. I hope to bear good news when we obtain more resources.
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Narumi Misuhara

I doubt we'd ever release control of the world map mostly because one of the founders already drew the entire Gaia world, it's just not all on the world map yet. In addition the user contest still requires resources to set up, create and run. Granted it's less work but still work that needs to be scheduled out.

one of the founders already drew the entire Gaia world

Wait wait what? OH GOD I'M DYING OF CURIOUSITY NOW. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TELL ME THAT? gonk Want to see it. Sooooo bad.
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Dear lanzer, please answer any question you want:
1. Is there any plans of the servers being taken down for zOMG!
2. Is there any plan to transfer [ JK ] and swarf back to zOMG! ? If so when? (its ok for non-specific)
3. Why did you transfer the developers of zOMG! to something else?
4. Why are you making a new game? wasn't your previous games profitable?
5. How much money did zOMG! make recently? wasn't it enough to keep our developers.
6. Do you like to give the same answer to all the zOMG! users?
7. Could you tell the artists that are running alchemy to remove gnome figure recipe requirement?
8. Is there any plan to hire new developers for zOMG! ?
9. Will zOMG! ever have any developers other than what it has?
10. besides lack of resources and interest for zOMG! , was there any feeling of neglect towards it?
11. Are the developers controlling gaia or the managers? if either, why?
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If you guys aren't going to work on zOMG, the least you guys can do is give us a new Easter event for zOMG, not the recycled one a new one. The site based ones are simply just boring. Let us fight Easter bunny in zOMG. You have no idea how fun fighting Jack was.
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emo I miss slow-paced ATA. Too many outside communities moving in on GCD's turf.

No offence but ATA is open to EVERYONE on Gaia not just the GCD don't look down on it think of it as Gaia wide and active community
My only real annoyance is that people are quoting their own questions over and over again--and I realize this is only because they haven't been to an AtA before and don't realize that the questions are answered in order by Lanzer or another dev if it catches their eye--mildly frustrating. <3
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Uncle Kenny
Hey, I just wanted to thank you for finally clarifying on lastpass and other automated programs issues.

That controversy had been plaguing vendors and causing arguments all the time. When someone asked about it in the Q&A subforum, the best we got were mixed answers from a mod who didn't seem to understand what the question was. xd

No problem, I'm glad it helped clear things up!
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Random question: Can we possibly get SDPlus dolls of the characters from SummerSprings? =w= On top of that, I'd really adore a Sherlock plushie. emotion_kirakira
Wyliiiie! Wylieewyliewyliewylie! XD

Yes yes yes! I'd love an Eldin plush, to be honest. >w> I've always loved the jerky types for some reason.
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Okay people! I know we all like ZOMG! But isn't it a little bit selfish to try and force Gaia to support a dying game that is costing them money just because we want them to?
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Random question: Can we possibly get SDPlus dolls of the characters from SummerSprings? =w= On top of that, I'd really adore a Sherlock plushie. emotion_kirakira
That's go great with my Sherlock hair! eek
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Yeata Zi
Yeata Zi
This mental image? Yeah... It made me a little sick to my stomach.

High five?
High five indeed, though if Diedrich was to detonate in such a manner he would likely split into so many pieces that we'd be doomed. Now lets sing the Doom soon! Doom doom doom dooooom!
That's my theory. He's going to explode (possibly with help from EB one can only hope.) and he will turn into so many mutant pukegrunnies that it will be a horrible apocalyptic easter/halloween for all of us.
Yeeeeeah... not the good kind of apocalyptic event. I'm secretly hoping to see the Alternate Gaia make it into an event so we can have a Prunny outbreak and "Prombie" skins to go along with 'em.

Oh and for those talking about SD+ Dolls:
I really want a Prunny and Grunny SD Doll.
Like the Kiki and friends one, or whatever.
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Zero Omega

hey zero. i made popcorn want some? biggrin

POPCORN! scream

*passes a bowl of popcorn*

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Sakura Parfait

Dark, one of the reasons why there are users leaving the game is because, from what I've heard, there are bugs and glitches in the game that have still not yet been fixed. Not to mention, the lack of new content to keep most users' interests.

Indeed! One of the options we're going to explore is to bring in someone who's familiar with the system on a contract basis. I'm not happy that it has bugs that interfere with the experience because that's one of our big initiatives right now.
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Oh, great idea! I also want one, now that you say that.

Random question: Can we possibly get SDPlus dolls of the characters from SummerSprings? =w= On top of that, I'd really adore a Sherlock plushie. emotion_kirakira

and more staff and zomg sdplus dolls? i mean, even if zomg is in maintenance, that doesn't stop me from wanting a mini marshall or purvis. whee

omg mini marshal, I can just see it...
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My recollection (may be incorrect, don't quote me) is that this is definitely on the list to look at. Believe that we're looking at rewriting it with HTML / JS so it works on a wider range of platforms.

So uh, not ZOMG related exactly....

But when are you people going to fix the inventory organizer? You know, the one that doesn't even work for some people anymore? The one that's labelled really really really really old?
You know right, the inventory arranger? The thing that should let us organize the things we get on site since EVERYTHING winds up in the inventory anyways? That thing.
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First, are you aware a game, such as an MMO, needs ADVERTISING to get more players? It needs money put into it first, before more people will come and play and give you revenue. Zomg had no such thing. We've been told that Zomg was pushed out too early, before bugs were fixed, and these same bugs still plague the game each day because of Gaia's constant NEW NEW NEW SCREW OLD STUFF! attitude. Bugs still plague the game three years afterward that have never been fixed, and are detrimental to the game experiance. That is why people left.

Second, about expansions--it doesn't matter what you guys think. You want an MMO to succeed? You need EXPANSIONS. Same as advertising. Money needs to go in before money will come out. Constantly HQ has shown they don't understand this.

We're angry because HQ doesn't seem to understand these fundamentals, and seems to want to push out more facebook games, when the majority of Gaians don't even play those games.

Focus on YOUR SITE instead of whoring yourself out to facebook, kthx.

When zOMG was launched there was a substantial marketing investment and we promoted it the best we could. Not sure where you got this idea that we didn't try to promote it. We also tried an expansion. Although I do agree that continued expansion and marketing would increase its popularity, that goes without saying. It's not a binary calculation though; the growth would need to proportional or better than our investment.
Summer Springs is coming to Gaia, too? Man oh man, I love you Pan!

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