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Opera Phantomess
Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

I swear I did not notice the time! D:

My area is still digging out from Winter Storm Nemo; there are a lot of streets that are still not plowed and are just horrible to drive on. Our school district is closed again for tomorrow because of this, meaning I have to be in charge of watching my younger brother for another day (and I have needed to watch him so much during the week this school year to the point where I am very easily agitated). My sister's college is opening its campuses tomorrow despite many people still stuck in their homes. It is a real mess out here and we are supposed to receive a few more inches of snow Thursday night into Friday morning unless the next system changes its predicted course. >.<

1. Why is the Dappy Dandy background so far up in layering? It covers the confetti pose in Gaia Gaia Party Time!, which is on the next layer back. Would it be possible to look into switching the layers each pose is on? It really does not make sense for a background to be in front of a decorative pose.

2. There is an issue with Grape Stripe Jumbo Lollipop where one of the poses is of the Cherry. Check out the spoiler!
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Hide your face so the world will never find you.

Hi you! Sorry to hear you are stuck in the snow - good grief! I don't miss snow. Hope you are all safe and warm! *sends you cocoa* As for the layering issue, I can pass the idea along! biggrin

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

My family is not exactly stuck in the snow since we live in a private community so we have our own plowing/landscaping company, but a lot of the public streets are almost impossible to drive on. The cross street to our community has yet to see a plow and the snow has only been compressed by traffic attempting to get somewhere. There were several hundred stranded cars all over the place and they had to be fork lifted out of the places they were left; I am sure there are still some out there.

YAY E-COCOA! *e-drinks*

Thank you! I really wanted to use that pose with the background, but as you can see, despite me having that pose equipped, it is hidden and does not make me happy. emo

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
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Laird Edarricus L Cudries
What would you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning?

Throw him in the lock-up 'til he's sober!
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Laird Edarricus L Cudries
What would you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning?

Put him in a longboat till he's sober!!

Why not shave his belly with a rusty razor? (early in the morning)
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❤♡♥(ノ◕n◕)ノ*:♡・゚Im wondering why I still cant access my gaia home♥✧

I'm not sure, send me a pm in the morning.

The housing system that loads your house is being upgraded for faster loading, but we will see what we can do in the meantime.
somebody else probably ask this question many times.. is it possible for you guys to make a low quality version of mini angel wings/ mini nitemare wings? just for celebrating gaia?

thanks for your replies

There might not be exact cheap version of the same item, but there will be other wing related items out there. Keep your eyes peeled!
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Hi everyone! Lovely event, and happy 10 years!

This is something random I've been wondering for a while, and I'm not sure if it's been asked before...

If someone is officially an employee of GaiaOnline, does that person still have to hoard gold/cash for items that they want, or do they get whatever items they want for being awesome/working for you?

Thanks for taking the time to read/answer all these questions, have a wonderful Valentines Day!
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Wizard Random Sempai

Your avatar brings back fond memories of my time on 2003 when I joined Gaia.
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Hi Siskataya, how are you? I have a question? I live in Los Angeles, I have been having a difficult time finding where I can buy Gaia Cash Cards. The CVS in my neighbor stop selling them a few months ago. I have gone to several CVS, 7-11, and Game Stop shops, but no one seems to be selling Gaia Cash Cards. Do you know any other stores that might me selling them in the Los Angeles?
Thank You,
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Also, question >3>
How much do sponsors normally pay to have an item made for whatever we're advertising?
And if a user was so inclined, could they pay Gaia to make an item for site-wide release?

We can't disclose that information. A user no, If you are a registered business and wish to pay for an item as part of a promotion we might be able to accommodate you. As with sponsors and any other business, we reserve the right to accept or reject item proposals.
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King Awesomolocity

Fish that you've put in your aquarium can't be sold
Decorations that are currently being used can't be sold.

The only way to get rid of the fish is to let them die and sell the drops.
And you can get rid of the decorations by removing them. :3
~King Awesome

All there is in the aquarium is the clam thingie, I think it's called the overseer? Not sure. But certain things are greyed out in the aquarium inventory, and I can't place them and they show frozen in my inventory. As I said, I'm not sure if it's a bug or not.
Since i've noticed that some forums have moderators who are seldom online i like to know where can we find a full list of gaia employees and a full moderator list? It would be nice to be able to thank them individually.
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User Image

I just wanted to say awesome items for the event so far and I wanted to show off my Gaia inspired Avi! <3
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Been meaning to ask, who is the real life owner of Waffes the Cat?

And I hope we get a Strider item in the future ninja ninja
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Laird Edarricus L Cudries
Wizard Random Sempai
Laird Edarricus L Cudries
What would you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning?

Put him in a longboat till he's sober!!

Why not shave his belly with a rusty razor? (early in the morning)

Eh, that could get dangerous and have a good chance of tetanus.

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