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Uncle Kenny
Looking at the amount of Greetings Kenny has...................... gonk

He beat my record twice and a bit over... sweatdrop

My inbox will never be the same...

How long do you think it'll take to rid of all those PMs? D: /not jealous
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Narumi Misuhara
I've noticed that whenever I go to use the cat emoticon for shock (cat_eek), it replaces it with the cat emoticon for surprised (cat_aie)
I was wondering if that was a problem only I'm having, or if it's actually a problem with the emotes themselves and if they could get fixed if it's not my computer?

Sounds like a big with the emoticon.

Does that mean it is something that is likely to be fixed in the future? Or is it more of a grin and bear it type thing?
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What's the weirdest Valentine any of you have gotten (so far) rofl
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I canĀ“t acces to go-gaia in any of my browsers sad !!
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Ma Ajmala
Ma Ajmala
Just wanted to say

Hi guys cool cool

Hi! How are you? biggrin
Good, I think I need to take a bath soon. I'm feeling kinda itchy now that you mention gonk Thanks for asking xd

What about you?

Would you like to donate to Le sheep OuO emotion_kirakira
I didn't know sheep talk

bah bah black sheep have you any wool? yes sir yes sir 3 bags full
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emotion_bigvein Hey! HEY! HEYYY!!! When will the Under Construction signs be removed from Towns 2?
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After sending 90+ valentines, I've noticed that it starts to lag more...and sometimes says 'can't send, reload'...but my question is.. After getting all the main prizes for paying 'for the love of gaia' are the valentines you receive after that just add up to gold when you 'redeem hearts'? ...like if I have 10 hearts it = 10 gold, and like 34 hearts = 34 gold, will is still do that if I keep on getting more hearts???

oh and...
...just wanted to mention how I LOVE the 'delete all' button in the inbox... THANKS YOU GUYS! emotion_kirakira
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Uncle Kenny
Looking at the amount of Greetings Kenny has...................... gonk

He beat my record twice and a bit over... sweatdrop

My inbox will never be the same...

You could like do a contest asking people to guess the amount you have? rofl

Do you like, read em all? gonk
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Anxious Cat

Shadey Kitty
Is there gonna be a zOMG Event? whee

In game? Probably not, but I am having a community contest soon for some pretty nifty prizes!
It's so very sad that zomg is gathering dust. I'm sorry - I mean no offense but forum contests where only a handful of artfully talented people can win just isn't the same. crying

Actually, a lot of my contests don't have anything to do with art. My current contests are post and hang out contests. And I am giving away an 03' letter! eek
As I said previously, I mean no offense. I think that it's super nice of you to put in the time that you do for your contests and I'm sure many people enjoy them! 3nodding
And congrats in advance to the one person who wins the '03 letter!
However, all of that can't compare with in-game play / events. (IMHO - not that it means anything.)
Uncle Kenny
Looking at the amount of Greetings Kenny has...................... gonk

He beat my record twice and a bit over... sweatdrop

My inbox will never be the same...
ain't you glad they just implemented the inbox purge?
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Andromeda Phoenix
Evening everyone! Is there any way to upgrade the rooms for the older games (like Gaia Fishing for example) to hold 10 people like the newer games do? Are there any plans in the future to do this? It'd be cool if there was, and I could worry less about users who just enter a game room just to fall inactive.

We are going to overhaul some games later in the year. It's possible.
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Musical r3b3l
My question is: my friends account got banned, she made a new one and wants to get her items off the old one. She can send trades but they remain inactive. She wanted to know why the username changed to banned and lose all their items. She says it confuses her.

We don't typically change the usernames of accounts after they have been banned or remove the items, she should try appealing the ban at http://www.gaiaonline.com/help
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Zero Omega
Something Royal
So yea, Thanks a bunch for the ticket help, and trust me it's one big step closer. I want to know how long does it take to get a reply... I just dont want to end up waiting half of a year again sweatdrop

Depends on what the ticket was for, different ticketing issues could have response times.

emotion_0A0 O...ok, Ill try to be a bit more patient I guess
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Happy anniversary, Lanzer!

What can we expect to see from the next 10 years of Gaia Online?

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Camo Ninja
I was just wondering what the disadvantages of using lite fish were.
There are two: When Lite Fish die, they drop a Lite drop instead of the drop typical for non-Lite versions of the species (you might or might not consider that a disadvantage), and they never activate in Booty Grab games.

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