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Oh! And I do have a question.

There is currently a glitch with larger inventories. Once you get past 1700 items or so, the Customize Me screen crashes. It's happening to me and numerous others with an item count close to 2k. Is anything being done to solve this? I would love to be able to change my avatar in a timely manner. Last time I changed it, it took almost 45 minutes.

Also, is there going to be an update to the Grombie skin with the new avatar system? Being able to use skin-overlaying items and eye-replacing items would be awesome.
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hi lanzer,
the event is pretty cool, i like the balloon heart

just a questions
is there any plans to release the gaia cash cards in Australia through one of department stores or through our post office?
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Dear Lanzer,
I am wondering about the Mp and shops not letting anyone buy or sell items?
Thanks for answering,
Nomana Daha
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I made it in time! Yes!
One quick question.
Is there any chance you guys are going to update the graphics on some of the older items?
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Awesome! I finally made it this time. xd

Just a simple question but does anyone at the Gaia offices do any photography?
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.:[I Came, I Polled, I Posted]:.

Valentines Event o8 > Valentines Event o7 Thats for sure. heart

Who came up with the Sayings when you kiss someone and what are your Favorites?
crazy spork i am
@Spork: Did you get your wisdom teeth out yet? gonk

no, they're still with me gonk

Ouch, I've heard those can be painful when they need to be removed crying I hope you can get them taken care of soon
Back then, all contests were hand coded by me every month and winners were also handled by hand... takes a lot of time, and now days I don't have the time to manage them, but the new Arena that will be released very soon (this month or the next) will have a contest system that will allow us to keep hosting contests.

Oh, a lot of us watched Rambo last week. biggrin

Oh yeah, no animal NPC yet, but just wait till battle system is released...

Yeah I've heard that DJ Helsing got called up. Will have more info soon!

All Evolving items are fully planned and drawn before they're released. Otherwise it'll be too scary. :O

Happy Valentines!


Hey Lanzer! First thank you so much for showing your support for Barton during the water wars. It was an honor to see you support the roots of Gaia.

The questions I have for you today are:

1. Back in 2003 there were contest held in the Art Arena and winners received medals: User Image User ImageUser Image. Wonderful art was produced during these contest. I was wondering why the contest stopped? Will the medals ever be obtainable again someday?

2. The movie 300 inspired some of the most amazing items I have seen on Gaia. Is there currently anything in entertainment that is catching your, or artist, attention?

3. Rufus is one of my favorite NPCS. I was wondering will we ever see more animal NPCs in the future? [How about a black pug!?]

4. Did any gaia groupies get called on stage of the Price is Right? Any idea when that episode will air?

5. Are evolution items thought out start to finish? Or are they something that is planned out as they go?

Thanks for your time Lanzer! Have a great day and happy Valentine's Day and Presidents Day Weekend.
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I managed to get both of my questions on the first page, but I still have a bad feeling I might have to punt later DX
Hey Lanzer and everyone else.
I have no questions, just wanted to say hello. :B
I actually made it here?
And I don't have much of a question. gonk

So yeah, hey guys.
Chaotix Bluix
Awesome! I finally made it this time. xd

Just a simple question but does anyone at the Gaia offices do any photography?

ya! :3
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crazy spork i am
@Spork: Did you get your wisdom teeth out yet? gonk

no, they're still with me gonk
gonk gonk gonk
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i was wondering how the gold granting for jigsaw worked. because i'll do a puzzle, having not done one for several days, and only get 200-300 gold for doing it on insane. it seems that the faster i get the puzzle done, the less gold i get. i find this sort of annoying, since it means the better i get at puzzles the less gold i get.
Lanzer or Spork I have a very serious question, is HQ safe from wolves and general foes of sheep?

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