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Hello everyone! Sorry for being late. How do you like the Valentine event? Have a special someone to celebrate Valentine's with?
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I just have a couple questions.

1: I asked before the christmas event if there would be new servers for Gaia, I was told that the new ones would hold up to 110k members online at a time. But we are getting 120k members at times, causing

a huge lag. Sometimes not even at event times. Will there be new servers to hold that many, or what?

2: Also, kudos to whomever worked on the event. n.n

3: I believe that I saw something about the Gaia staff trying to find a way for people under 18 to become moderators. Excuse me if this has been answered before, but it that still a possibility, or do I have

to wait 2 years to apply?

4: I was also wondering what programs the artists use to make the items here on Gaia. If anyone would like to share. D:

5: And I said before that I was working on arts for some of the staff. And I am, I just got busy. xD; o.x I will post them in an ask the admin when I finish them, if that's ok.

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Hey Lanzer! First thank you so much for showing your support for Barton during the water wars. It was an honor to see you support the roots of Gaia.

The questions I have for you today are:

1. Back in 2003 there were contest held in the Art Arena and winners received medals: User Image User ImageUser Image. Wonderful art was produced during these contest. I was wondering why the contest stopped? Will the medals ever be obtainable again someday?

2. The movie 300 inspired some of the most amazing items I have seen on Gaia. Is there currently anything in entertainment that is catching your, or artist, attention?

3. Rufus is one of my favorite NPCS. I was wondering will we ever see more animal NPCs in the future? [How about a black pug!?]

4. Did any gaia groupies get called on stage of the Price is Right? Any idea when that episode will air?

5. Are evolution items thought out start to finish? Or are they something that is planned out as they go?

Thanks for your time Lanzer! Have a great day and happy Valentine's Day and Presidents Day Weekend.
Some possibly touchy questions for you.

1: I discovered talking to an OmniMod that anybody who used the method of reporting that they were hacked of going to contact us, located on every page of the forum, then selecting 'report a hacking' rather than reporting by going to the forum index, scrolling to the bottom and selecting 'report a hacking' dispite filling out all the forms, did not have their reports filed due to an error. This was discovered about a month ago according to the mod. Why was there no announcement on the gaia website about this?

2: What can be expected to be done regarding users who have waited nearly a year only to discover that their reports were never filed due to an error on the site?
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Staff subforum

AskED the admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
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Hello Lanzer, and welcome to my third AtA question sheet. ^_^

Happy Valentine's, to you and everyone else at Gaia HQ.

1) The Valentine's event doesnt seem to have mention of an end date and time...?

2) Not too long ago, the Elven ears came back out in multiple colors, however, some skin types (i.e. Grombie) do not have a pair to match. Will a wider variety ever be provided?

3) In the last AtA, you said that things like new fish in the Fishing game were on hold until other games made their debut. Can you give us a little hint on what some of these upcoming games may be?

4) The forums have been updated numerous times since the beginning, but Guilds and their forums have been lacking in the same department. I have heard that Guilds will be getting these long awaited updates some time in the near future. Is there a timeframe as to this happening, and any new management features to look forward to?

5) Is there a calander somewhere that tells when the AtA meetings will be?

Many thanks, and have a good week. mrgreen

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crazy spork i am
'lo theres

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I have a few questions I'd like to ask tonight.

1) With last year's Summer/Halloween plot, we got to take a look at the pasts of some of our most popular NPCs. Ian, Gino, Gambino, Edmund and the Von Helson sisters. We were even introduced to some new NPCs, Rosalie (Gino, Ian and Louie's mother), Vladimir Von Helson, Louie Von Helson and Zhivago.

We were even treated to plot which revealed about the pasts of those new NPCs.

This year, will we see any more plot about the pasts of our NPCs? For instance, more about the pasts of Edmund and Agatha? I sense they had a past relationship. Some even speculate that the Gothic Lolita NPC in the Profiles is their love child.

User Image + User Image = User Image ?

2) In a previous Ask the Admin thread, you stated that being the Sig. Lab Guy was Xiao-Fahn's "day-job". If this is assumed to be true, what will Xiao-Fahn's other job be? Since Xiao-Fahn has become a part-time scientist, and the popular yet-tobe-released NPC fans have nicknamed "Kim" wears a labcoat, users believe these two NPCs might be part of a G-Corp revivial-soon to come.

Are these speculations grounded at all, or are Xiao-Fahn and Kim just going to be shop/battle NPCs?

User ImageUser Image

3) Over the past two years on Halloween, [NPC] Sasha has said this at Halloween:
User Image
My question is, who is "Tina"? Since the name is in the phrase twice, I'm assuming it's not a typo for "Rina".

Is Gaia getting a new shopkeeper named Tina soon?

4) At a convention in 2005, users were shown this picture as a preview of something upcoming on the site:
User Image

Just so we can clear this up, was that picture previewing a Blue Chyaku Norisu scarf, or an upcoming NPC? Users are torn between the two ideas and are unsure what this picture was previewing.

5) FINAL QUESTION! (Then I'll stop hogging up all the post space mrgreen )

Will we find out who Peyo's father is soon?? For a while there, users speculated his father was Ian.

User Image User Image
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o:> I caught it in time! Hey, might it be possible to have a sticky in the event forum where we can kiss all the NPCs?
HiYa Lanzer!

Did you get to go to the Gaian Invasion of "The Price is Right"?
If so how was it???
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4: I was also wondering what programs the artists use to make the items here on Gaia. If anyone would like to share. D:


whenever i make items (which is on a rare occasion) i normally just use photoshop :3
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; D!

Lanzer HI! how was your weekend?
Lets get down to buisness!

umm umm umm!

1. Mirror Code thingy EVERYONE IS spreding that code, its quite annoying people going omg D:! MY AVI D:!!!!!!

2. Timmy in the v-day plot maybe?

3. BATTLE SYSTEM NAME D: <! nao! please : D?!
umm so yea.. when will that be released : D?

The event is cool. I have to wait till Friday to see my amazing GF.
I have a few questions.
Is there going to be another chance for users who are over 18 to Beta test the Gaia MMO?
Are there any plans to add more tiles to the world map, with like more fishing lakes or more towns?
Are there any plans to add more [NPC]'s or a plot update?
Are there going to be any more Tsubasa quests?
The new video game quests are cool, are there going to be more?
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*punts from last week's thread* XD
Anyway, I was wondering who does the writing here at Gaia. Announcements, item descriptions, plot, NPCs, the works! I know there's probably a bunch of people who contribute, but I just want to know the basic way it's done. It's astonishing how much innuendo you guys work into the item descriptions along with the other jokes, and some of the evolving item reports are rather....interesting. I thought I would like Dr. Singh, but noooooo, she had to go and do that to Timmy D:< *cough* The plots are pretty good though, besides the current starvation ;~; Well, who ever does the writing, good luck and keep up the good work!

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