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Idea #1 I call this item Divine Regality, it's basically a recolor of Dark Omen except it's white with gold trim and the hair is white with gold highlights, down, long and flowing.

Idea #2 A Venetian Carnival themed RIG for Halloween maybe? If you look it up on any search engine and go to the images, you will see many gorgeous masks and costumes.

Idea #3 A multi-bundle possibly, several bundles kinda like the EI Bundles 1-6 you know? Except these bundles honor those actors and actresses of the glamour days of Hollywood. I have a whole list of ones I think are very suited for this.

Idea #4 An item that allows you to curl or straighten Wigs/Hair from the RIGS.
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How do you guys feel about Gaia reaching ten years? Did you ever expect it would take off like it had? Been here since August 2003 myself and still love it so! heart

I've been here since late 04- I also still enjoy little things on gaia
Pandy Quin
Hello admins
I filed a ticket regarding my lost account a month ago and my ticket is still
open. Can someone help me and give me information on when my ticket will be
looked at?

Also, why did you get rid of gifting items directly from cash shop? I now have
to buy the item then go to my inventory to gift it.


Thanks for the questions! I can look into your ticket issue if you want to shoot me a pm! As for removing directly gifting from the cash shop, that was actually an accident - d'oh! We didn't mean to leave that feature out and annoy anyone. We've got it on our "to-do" list to put back at some point biggrin

do you have a lighter PM load than omega?xD
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Last week I asked if I could get an ad for my book, 7th Moon, on this site, I was told to send an e-mail, I did, but still no response. So what's the next step?

I'll poke about for the e-mail, no worries.
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Hey admins, hope you had a great Superbowl sunday and got to enjoy the game. (or did something else fun if you didn’t watch)

I wanted to know if you would ever clarify the rules in the in the news forum. It might help users better understand what goes in there besides just saying all things related in the news.

What do you think needs to clarified?

Well if celebrity news can go there or not, or if they should be in the celebrity sub-forum for one. From time to time we get that in the forum . It’d be nice to know

Sure, we can look into clarifying that a bit more. FYI, the Celebrity forum should be more for actual discussion about celebs instead of just random news posts.

Zero you rock.
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And while I'm at it, white dander ears, facial hair, and a praying mantis companion.
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Okay i have a srs question.
Can you guys make it so belts layer over dresses? srsly.
I want to add a belt to my dresses so often but they are hidden under the dress.
It's crazy </3
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hey can we have a mute all button for aquarium tanks because its really annoying to have to turn the booty grab sounds off when youre trying listening to music at the same time thank

edit- also, hiii

I have to agree with you on this one. The quality and tank size settings seems to be kept, but not the music setting.... It would be PERFECT if we could just have the mute option saved. Like you, I kinda find it annoying to always be quick to press on the mute button when I booty grab since I listen to music at the same time gonk
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Any word on rotating fish back into Phin Phang again?
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Zero Omega
Zero is very far behind with his pm's he still hasn't replied to mine, which was sent in November last year. rofl

You're probably going to need to send that again because I don't have PMs from that long ago. ninja

Yup, I can do that. But it's a Christmas question. So sending it now won't work. Lets wait until November this year again, ok? biggrin

Sure. xd
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Zero Omega
Stray Cougar
What would you, the Gaia team, do if a strong earthquake hit your region((where the GaiaHQ is)).

Probably shrug and go about our day. CA will occasionally get earthquakes, we know a big one is eventually coming.
But I'm asking what would you all do in the event that a big one hit? Like, structural damagingly big.
what iteams would make my avi the cutest?? im new
When will the app he updated?
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Thanks for the achievement suggestions! It's surprising that we don't have the seniority achievement yet.

Darc Nightgale
Hello!User Image

I like to say that I really like the caches from alchemy. Not what's inside, but the actual cashes itself. I think that you guys should make it so that our avatars can hold the caches. It would be so cute. emotion_kirakira

Ideas for achievements.
1. Spendin' a certain amount of Gaia Cash on Gaia. Anybody that either buys gc or does the offers will be able to get it.

2. We can have a facial hair achievement by wearin' a beard or mustache. (Still I would love to see more facial hair. xd )

3. How about one for havin' a tattoo on.

4. One for craftin' the black edwardian trousers. One of the words could be hoarder, since you need a ton of pants. (Over 500) I doubt I'll ever see this achievement. emo

5. We can have achievements for bein' on Gaia for so many years. Maybe one for 1 year, then 5, and so on. The image could be a star, and then the number in the middle for the year.

Also I really want to thank all of you for the time, and work that you have put into Gaia. Hugs for everyone. heart

No problem.
-Laughs- I could proably come up with a lot more achievement ideas. User Image
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Another Monday, another question

To any of the Admins:
If you could be a character from any movie, anime, book, manga, game, etc., who would it be and why?

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