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Blessed Gaian

The FMI sticky says that won’t happen
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                                Oh well.
                                You have a lovely avatar, by the way. > w <
Zero Omega
Ren Orenji Doragon

Also: have some zOMG! / Gaia fan art that I finished yesterday. c:

Just thought I would share. .w.;;

Nice work!
Haha, thanks, Zero!

Honestly wasn't expecting anyone to pick up on that. ninja
Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Something Royal
This is outrageous... this ticket thing man, I just want my account back emotion_donotwant

Shoot me a PM with your ticket ID, I'll take a look into it.

I sent you a Pm. Please, Can you check them whether there's a problem?

Will do later this week!
Thank you, sir.
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Hello admins of all ages!
-turned 24 yesterday- (how old is too old for Gaia?)

So I saw you are planning on combining the anniversary and valentines day event together!

Will it be work or will it make it easier combining the two? (Can't wait for it!!!!)

And last months collectables were adorable! Keep up the good work on those.

Any chance there will be a contest to choose between two like we did with Red riding vs Snow White back a few years ago? I think it would be fun. Or maybe host a contest to create a monthly collectable would be even more entertaining!

-lurks through the pages-

How old is too old for Gaia? 250, but only because if you're 250 years old and on Gaia, you were born in 1763... which would make you SORTA UNDEAD.

Or a vampire lol

Or, for that matter, an Immortal like in Highlander.

OMG! Yes, that tv serie was so nice~ At least in my memories it is rofl
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I have been in a 5.0 earthquake xD i was so prepared that it almost felt normal xD
Except for all of the stuff wobbling around :c it was kinda scary.
Then i was in a 3.0 earthquake when i was in the Opera house, rehearsing, and it felt like there was someone pushing something around the floor on rollers. In downtown there's so many earthquakes that when there's an earthquake, the desks in the schools all shift around the floor xd i dont live down there, thankfully.

I live in SF so we're the major earthquake-ville. Really, San Jose is special (well, sf bay area).
It's not worth being moved out of because of earthquakes since we're all prepared from it, from 1980 and 1906. We are on the San Andreas fault line though really, living in CA is like a dream. I love it here.


Move to New Jersey, then. emotion_awesome
No major earthquakes... you just have to contend with the occasional hurricane. XD

That would also mean I can come over to the office and shower you guys with cupcakes, cookies and other yummy treats. biggrin

I prefer sky-shattering thunderstorms, myself. Even if they stick to the clouds and don't come down here. Though I think the biggest quake I've been a part of was around 5.6. Not half bad!

The biggest quake to hit my area, was the one that was in Virgina, some time in 2011. Many made fun of it. XD

There is such as think as being silly, like my post. XD
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Will Gaia towns ever be IPad accessible?
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You guys should do this twice a week.. 3nodding
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                                I was wondering if we would ever be able to trade Gaia Cash with other users. > w <;;
most likely not seeing as gaia cash is really money more or less.
Zero Omega
Javier Cross
So when do new hair ribbon items come in, Zero Omega?

Zero Omega

Dunno! Depends on when the artists make them.

More Pink Hair Ribbon items would be nice, its not too much to admit as much, is it? sweatdrop
So gaia admins work at a companny office or at home or both , i always wanted to know

@Zero I sent you Some more Information , I hope you find the time to read it . (I'll keep you posted )
Will be there be any major expansion in zOMG anytime soon? smile
Please, Developers answer this question. heart
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Blessed Gaian

Contest and Guild
most likely not seeing as gaia cash is really money more or less.
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                                I guess so.
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Archlord Ayperos
Will Gaia towns ever be IPad accessible?

Maybe if Apple allows Flash on the iPad!
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I have a question will the ring sweetheart ever be resold in cash shop?
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                                I was wondering if we would ever be able to trade Gaia Cash with other users. > w <;;

Oh gosh.
Because that would be bad if you ever got hacked, then they'll take your money too.
I would rather unable to get to it than someone else have it.

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