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I'm not sure I fully understand the point in these ask the admin threads.
I keep reading them through, but I don't think I ever posted in one.

I must be missing the concept, either that or the admins are missing the concept....Not really sure considering I don't accurately know what these threads are for.

It's mainly for us to have an organised place to hang out with y'all and field questions. A lot of the questions involve things that half of us can't answer, usually because they're requests for new art and the art team controls that. 3nodding
Zero Omega
I have a friend who lost their account and was curious about something, so I thought I would ask about it here.
In hack reports, is it considered a hack if your so-called "friend" knows or figures out your password and uses it to get into your account and do something to get it banned when they're upset with you?

We define a hacking as the unauthorized use/access of any Gaia Online account. So, yes.

Oh okay. I was curious because my friend had their account taken by a "friend" and banned permanently because they did something with it and reported it when they were pissed at my friend over something silly and juvenile. They said they tried to file a report back when it happened explaining it and I don't remember what happened from there, but it never got resolved in their favor unfortunately sad It was years ago though so I dunno if anything could be done about it now. I just wanted to ask. Thank you very much!
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Darc Nightgale
Darc Nightgale
Hello!User Image

2. Still I would love to see more facial hair.


One day... maybe..in a couple years.

There I fixed that for you. gonk
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Nova The Dragonborn
Hey Sisky, I've been trying to ask this for a while but every time I try, ATA is already closed.
How come your avatar has gotten... darker, recently? I liked it more when you looked cute, it matches your personality. 3nodding

Haha! If only you truly knew my personality! MAHAHAHAHAHA... erm, I mean, oh noes!

Seriously though, I am just trying out new items and styles. Some super cute, some a bit darker. I like a lot of styles, so I am trying a bit of this and that biggrin
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Krissim Klaw
/waits silently for Mantis pet
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You should equip an orange skin dye until the nightmare fake tan is gone! XD Glad most of it is gone, though orange IS my favorite color haha! xd

Good idea, I so should do that too. I'll gladly give you my tanning cream so you can turn as orange as you like, since you like that color. rofl
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worlds suckiest vendor
worlds suckiest vendor
worlds suckiest vendor
Any news or whereabouts on alchemy or this new update everyone is talking about?
And i sent in a ticket and its been 3weeks would be great to get a response or here from someone!
Thanks! biggrin


I always get ignored. gonk

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Hi there, '04er here. I recently noticed when checking the Archive of my Gaia journal that it only goes back 999 journal entries… my oldest ones seem to be missing entirely. sad Are they really gone/inaccessible forever…? Does Gaia only allow for 999 journal entries per user? This seems like a grossly small number of entries for anyone who's been on the site as long as I have, as I like to use it frequently and enjoy looking back on old entries/memories. Any light on this would be very appreciated; thank you.

That's a strange one, will need to look into it and see if it's just missing links or did something else happened. I do see all your posts in the database so it shouldn't be too hard to fix.

Thank you very very much. I appreciate it. heart
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Hello admins of all ages!
-turned 24 yesterday- (how old is too old for Gaia?)

So I saw you are planning on combining the anniversary and valentines day event together!

Will it be work or will it make it easier combining the two? (Can't wait for it!!!!)

And last months collectables were adorable! Keep up the good work on those.

Any chance there will be a contest to choose between two like we did with Red riding vs Snow White back a few years ago? I think it would be fun. Or maybe host a contest to create a monthly collectable would be even more entertaining!

-lurks through the pages-

How old is too old for Gaia? 250, but only because if you're 250 years old and on Gaia, you were born in 1763... which would make you SORTA UNDEAD.

Or a vampire lol
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Is this ever stated anywhere? I think I ran into the limit because I didn't know I needed to be more selective - it would have helped me personally to know up front that there was a limit.

I don't know. We didn't know either. We had to look at the code to find out.

*nod* Makes sense!
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What would you, the Gaia team, do if a strong earthquake hit your region((where the GaiaHQ is)).

Probably shrug and go about our day. CA will occasionally get earthquakes, we know a big one is eventually coming.

Move to New Jersey, then. emotion_awesome
No major earthquakes... you just have to contend with the occasional hurricane. XD

That would also mean I can come over to the office and shower you guys with cupcakes, cookies and other yummy treats. biggrin

I prefer sky-shattering thunderstorms, myself. Even if they stick to the clouds and don't come down here. Though I think the biggest quake I've been a part of was around 5.6. Not half bad!

The biggest quake to hit my area, was the one that was in Virgina, some time in 2011. Many made fun of it. XD
I remember that earthquake, I felt it at my house in Ma. Strongest earthquake I've dealt with was a 7.9 in 2002 in Alaska.
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Ack! You caught me!

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Glass Carousel
Achievements: I have a thread with 500+ posts in it, but the 500+ posts achievement says it is still uncompleted?
I really don't want to have to do it again, so what's up here?

I had this problem the other day- Several achievements I had already gotten, but they had yet to unlock until waaaay later- I think you have to get another 500+ posts in another thread, unfair & lame but I also heard achievements Stack- so you can get extra points

Eugh, that sucks! But thank you.
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I almost forgot, I just wanted to say thanks again for getting this account back. you don't know how much it mean to me since I got tired of saying I had an 05 account. Now I can say I do have one.
Zero Omega

Go ahead and shoot me a PM about your idea and let's talk more about it.

Sent you the pm. i really appreciate you giving my idea a chance by looking it over emotion_bigheart
Also, I sent a Pm to you with my account ID.

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