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When will you fix the gold reward system for pinball?
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Achievements: I have a thread with 500+ posts in it, but the 500+ posts achievement says it is still uncompleted?
I really don't want to have to do it again, so what's up here?

I had this problem the other day- Several achievements I had already gotten, but they had yet to unlock until waaaay later- I think you have to get another 500+ posts in another thread, unfair & lame but I also heard achievements Stack- so you can get extra points
so i know you cam out with an app for the phone. can you next come out with a gaia app for the psvita?
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Yes, yes it is, but I cannot have a contest about its officialness or Sinsario will throw the Disgruntled Contest Ferret at me. Then I might cry cry

Disgruntled Contest Ferret? o_O
It should be nicknamed "Awesomolocity". ninja
~King Awesome
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CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT MALE AVATARS FOR A BIT? Honestly, we should. Many users on this site have expressed a desire for more equality in the type of items produced for our avatars. By and far, the most common type of clothing we have on this site are aimed towards females. They are skirts and dresses, bright and frilly and lacy and cute. But what about those of us who don't prefer frilly and lacy and cute? What about those of us who just want a pair of pants? Some jeans? What about those of us who don't want tiny foot mods and high heels and those of us who want boots?

At this point, it really feels that your artists are intentionally ignoring repeated requests for more male-oriented items. Here's a shortlist of several threads asking for more pants, more variety in style (not JUST cute and frilly), and more gender equality in items. Read them.

Where The Heck Are The Pants?

More girly items? Dont we have enough already?

More Mens/Masculine Clothing

Gaia, Why Do You Hate shoes?

Nice new recolor update. Glad most of the items are girly. (Sarcastic title)

Petiton for more equality in items(more male/unisex items)

Jesus Christ does Gaia release ANY new male items?

Lack of Male Items/Clothing

I Hate The Male Gaia Items So I Might As Well Cross-Dress.

Gaia You Should make Better Male Items

Gaia Needs More Male Items

Male Items On Gaia Or Lack Thereof

Proposal - Male Items, Particularly Hair

Where Are All The Good Male Items?

We Should Get A MALE-ORIENTED Military Evolving Item

Can Male Avis Have A Break For Future Items?

It's not to say I don't enjoy nearly all of the items the Artists put out, because I do. I just wish they didn't blatantly ignore a good portion of the demographic that doesn't prefer frilly/cute all the time. There's nothing wrong with variety. And with all of the frilly/cute/totes adorbs items we're getting lately, we're seriously lacking in variety. Many users that voiced their support also have female avatars, enjoy using dress and skirt items, but would still like some variety. Please, please, get your artists to address this issue. Thank you.
Its cute because it seems they blatantly ignored this post, i checked a few pages for a reply, btw I completely agree, gaia please this is pisses off so many people

An artist would have to answer this, don't know where they are.

Not to sound like a pest, but can we get some of the artists in here to answer the item questions occasionally? ^^;
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                                Kay, guess this is more of a curiosity question. But is there anyway to see past the previous 500 posts in your Post History? I've got some old roleplays I'd like to look at, mostly to grab profiles from, but they were much longer than 500 posts ago... >.<

                                Also, along with that, do really old threads just get deleted if they have been inactive for a certain amount of time?
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Looking for a madman with a box~ <3
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Happy Valentines! and Congrats on Ten Years of being Amazing, GaiaOnline!!! 4laugh

Thank you! Make sure to join us for the event and contests and fun! Wheee! biggrin
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emotion_kirakira Waaaah! SO ADORABLE! I want to cuddle him! Or her...is it a her or a him?
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Quick question!
So for Valentines day and the Saturday proceeding that I will be at a convention!
I was wondering if there will be any 1-day only items I would be missing out on?

...better you don't know...
;A; dies

You can't die! *revives* Besides, aren't you supposed to be visiting soon? Or am I confusing you with someone else?
That is me, but I forgot who I was PMing xD;; Was I PMing you? (my inbox often gets flooded with messages about my constantly selling things)
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What would you, the Gaia team, do if a strong earthquake hit your region((where the GaiaHQ is)).

Probably shrug and go about our day. CA will occasionally get earthquakes, we know a big one is eventually coming.

Move to New Jersey, then. emotion_awesome
No major earthquakes... you just have to contend with the occasional hurricane. XD

That would also mean I can come over to the office and shower you guys with cupcakes, cookies and other yummy treats. biggrin

I prefer sky-shattering thunderstorms, myself. Even if they stick to the clouds and don't come down here. Though I think the biggest quake I've been a part of was around 5.6. Not half bad!

The biggest quake to hit my area, was the one that was in Virgina, some time in 2011. Many made fun of it. XD
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Yes i did watch the Superbowl :c
I live in SF. LOL we're all so pissed gonk
But are you guys ever going to change rally/vh/towns2 back? We all liked it better before : (
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smile Oh...ok will am sorry to ask I just though it go with gaia oops am sorry about that will I hope you all take care..Oh by the way I wanted to say thank you though lol I guess tektek is not good anymore like it use to I guess smile will take care and I thank you so much madam.
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Too all staff/admins:

Thank you for answering my questions!

Have a good night and see you next week. (For ATA)

emotion_hug you all.
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Hey Sisky, I've been trying to ask this for a while but every time I try, ATA is already closed.
How come your avatar has gotten... darker, recently? I liked it more when you looked cute, it matches your personality. 3nodding
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Yes i did watch the Superbowl :c
I live in SF. LOL we're all so pissed gonk
But are you guys ever going to change rally/vh/towns2 back? We all liked it better before : (

they said they won’t change it back.

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