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Zero Omega
Last week I asked if I could get an ad for my book, 7th Moon, on this site, I was told to send an e-mail, I did, but still no response. So what's the next step?

I'll poke about for the e-mail, no worries.

Sooo...any progress on my situation?

Haven't looked for the e-mail yet, will do so later in the week.
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Narumi Misuhara
Chaos Tsukiji
Hi gaia staff,

Question is it possible for a massive group petition about not updating the old towns and connect it together with raly and mtvhills and bring back the server rooms?

Also a personnel question how do you guys feel about The Barton Town Police Department here on gaia?

Sure... you can petition... but ...we're not bringing back the old version. We'll consider changes to the new version though.

I have no opinion of the Barton Town Police Department at this time.
could you guys bring back the server rooms please? Bothers me how everytime i refresh the flashroom and i get changed into a diffirent server
Hey-o, admin friends. I was wondering about some things lately and, though I'm a little unsure, maybe you can help me out with some answers to some questions I have. I'm unfamiliar with AtA so brief me in if anything's wrong. I'll try to make these short and sweet.

To start, I made this account when I was underraged, but now I'm not. Does a ban still apply? If so, then can I still have my username on a new account? If not, is there any way to reset my birthday so that it's not a head-on display of lies?

Next, I would really, REALLY love to work for Gaiaonline one day, but my heart is dedicated to sound design, sound engineering, and all that fun stuff. Do you maybe think you guys would be looking for someone in that sound field in a couple of years? And hell, if not, then what are you guys constantly looking for in terms of work? Some volunteering options would be cool, too.

Thanks in advance, xoxo - qJ
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Another question again! Well, a suggestion.

Are there any plans to add new, more desireable items to the games? (Zomg, jigsaw, HoC, etc)
Because your games are great but, no offense, they dont get too much action? I feel most of the prizes they offer are inferior, unwanted items so there is no real drive to play them?
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Narumi Misuhara
Quick question!
So for Valentines day and the Saturday proceeding that I will be at a convention!
I was wondering if there will be any 1-day only items I would be missing out on?

...better you don't know...
;A; dies
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Because it just couldn't win Sinsario! I like contests too much, and so do lots of people. They like winning free stuff. I'm so sorry about the Disgruntled Contest Ferret - I'll make sure he/she/it gets some precious, precious space in an upcoming Going Postal!

Maybe we should have a contest to name the ferret! *ponders this*..

Disgruntled Contest Ferret will be back, Sisky.

Count on it.

I just remembered what going postal was
Okay I have a Question...

Is there any chance at all..that you guys will re-cycle the OLD Monthly items? to re-release them?

Such as Angelic Halo, Mini Angel Wings, Mini Nitemare wings...and so on?

Or is it a dream that will never happen? xD
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Harbinger of Pandamonium

I have no idea who to quote about this ; but this is my fifth ATA and my question has never been answered. It's a super simple on too ; is there a Gaia wishlist item limit?

Yes, it is around 800 items, so be realistic in your wishes.

Is this ever stated anywhere? I think I ran into the limit because I didn't know I needed to be more selective - it would have helped me personally to know up front that there was a limit.

I don't know. We didn't know either. We had to look at the code to find out.
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Narumi Misuhara
Hello admins of all ages!
-turned 24 yesterday- (how old is too old for Gaia?)

So I saw you are planning on combining the anniversary and valentines day event together!

Will it be work or will it make it easier combining the two? (Can't wait for it!!!!)

And last months collectables were adorable! Keep up the good work on those.

Any chance there will be a contest to choose between two like we did with Red riding vs Snow White back a few years ago? I think it would be fun. Or maybe host a contest to create a monthly collectable would be even more entertaining!

-lurks through the pages-

Happy belated birthday!!
Yes they will be combined, Can't say the work has been easier, it was actually an interesting challenge to try to integrate the two.

Who brilliant idea was this, or has it been talked amongst you and all the staff for a while?!
Either way I am most certain it will be fun and entertaining.

How many months in advance do you have stuff planned? -just curious-
(Being curious might kill but always wanted to know)

Random question: when do you think the next big Evolving Item (example: Zodiacal, was a great success) will be coming out? -or is just all of a sudden bought out and not planned at all?

(Song of Amour should come with wings, who designed it and by any chance do the artist's themselves come up with ideas or do they get them from us other Gaians?)
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Is there gonna be any new hangouts like the rally or the towns anytime soon?
Zero Omega
I'm not sure I fully understand the point in these ask the admin threads.
I keep reading them through, but I don't think I ever posted in one.

I must be missing the concept, either that or the admins are missing the concept....Not really sure considering I don't accurately know what these threads are for.


People ask questions.

We answer.
Seems like you both are getting the hang of it. She asked a question, you answered it. It's like magic...
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Another question again! Well, a suggestion.

Are there any plans to add new, more desireable items to the games? (Zomg, jigsaw, HoC, etc)
Because your games are great but, no offense, they dont get too much action? I feel most of the prizes they offer are inferior, unwanted items so there is no real drive to play them?

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Heil Ausy
Heil Ausy
Didn't bother watching the game this year. No packers =[

Anyways, my question; Will the engraving feature ever come back? So that we can make personalized gifts with the rings, and necklaces? I miss that.

I miss that too! I hope some day it can come back - I'll pass the suggestion along again. biggrin
Much appreciated <33
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Stray Cougar
What would you, the Gaia team, do if a strong earthquake hit your region((where the GaiaHQ is)).

Probably shrug and go about our day. CA will occasionally get earthquakes, we know a big one is eventually coming.

Move to New Jersey, then. emotion_awesome
No major earthquakes... you just have to contend with the occasional hurricane. XD

That would also mean I can come over to the office and shower you guys with cupcakes, cookies and other yummy treats. biggrin

Hurricanes, snow, and torrential down pour every year. I'll stick with my earth shake every 15 years or so and nothing else. ;P
That honestly depends where you go. Mercer County isn't all that bad. Stay away from Trenton and you'll be fine.

New Jersey isn't all that bad! It's becoming business friendly, thanks to Gov. Christie. XD

I rest my case.

Lawls! XD
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Hi peoplez of Gaia!

I have one short question. What did zOMG! actually fail to accomplish? Was it simply a matter of not generating enough revenue, or gaining new players? I just want to understand this in as simple and brief a way as possible.

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