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CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT MALE AVATARS FOR A BIT? Honestly, we should. Many users on this site have expressed a desire for more equality in the type of items produced for our avatars. By and far, the most common type of clothing we have on this site are aimed towards females. They are skirts and dresses, bright and frilly and lacy and cute. But what about those of us who don't prefer frilly and lacy and cute? What about those of us who just want a pair of pants? Some jeans? What about those of us who don't want tiny foot mods and high heels and those of us who want boots?

At this point, it really feels that your artists are intentionally ignoring repeated requests for more male-oriented items. Here's a shortlist of several threads asking for more pants, more variety in style (not JUST cute and frilly), and more gender equality in items. Read them.

Where The Heck Are The Pants?

More girly items? Dont we have enough already?

More Mens/Masculine Clothing

Gaia, Why Do You Hate shoes?

Nice new recolor update. Glad most of the items are girly. (Sarcastic title)

Petiton for more equality in items(more male/unisex items)

Jesus Christ does Gaia release ANY new male items?

Lack of Male Items/Clothing

I Hate The Male Gaia Items So I Might As Well Cross-Dress.

Gaia You Should make Better Male Items

Gaia Needs More Male Items

Male Items On Gaia Or Lack Thereof

Proposal - Male Items, Particularly Hair

Where Are All The Good Male Items?

We Should Get A MALE-ORIENTED Military Evolving Item

Can Male Avis Have A Break For Future Items?

It's not to say I don't enjoy nearly all of the items the Artists put out, because I do. I just wish they didn't blatantly ignore a good portion of the demographic that doesn't prefer frilly/cute all the time. There's nothing wrong with variety. And with all of the frilly/cute/totes adorbs items we're getting lately, we're seriously lacking in variety. Many users that voiced their support also have female avatars, enjoy using dress and skirt items, but would still like some variety. Please, please, get your artists to address this issue. Thank you.
Hello admins
I filed a ticket regarding my lost account a month ago and my ticket is still
open. Can someone help me and give me information on when my ticket will be
looked at?

Also, why did you get rid of gifting items directly from cash shop? I now have
to buy the item then go to my inventory to gift it.

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Didn't bother watching the game this year. No packers =[

Anyways, my question; Will the engraving feature ever come back? So that we can make personalized gifts with the rings, and necklaces? I miss that.
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Can we hope for any new achievements soon?

And...The usual quest.

Any new animated items on the way? <3
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I'm very excited for the upcoming event! biggrin
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Good evening! How is staff and everyone doin tonight? :3
Posting for no reason. Just hoping the new RIG will be good.
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YAY! its that time again 4laugh

are we going to have cash shop updates for valentines day, gaia's 10th birthday, AND chinese new year? :3
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Not a superbowl fan xP
Hockey for me and that's on tonight!
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Still waiting on my 50 Wins Achievement...any updates?!
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Zero Omega

How can we continue this love affair when you never reply to my pms?! gonk crying

Lol, I'm just checking in on the status of my NEW ticket.

(since I have replied BACK to it and haven't herd anything since)

Are you guys super busy?

Huhwhaaaaaaa~? Oh yeah, I owe people PMs from last week, got super swamped with work. Plan to address things this week. Sorry 'bout that!
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Looking forward to the 10 year anniversary.

No questions on my end, but thanks again for another ATA. C:

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Will you guys be making more MALE friendly items?
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Hi there, '04er here. I recently noticed when checking the Archive of my Gaia journal that it only goes back 999 journal entries… my oldest ones seem to be missing entirely. sad Are they really gone/inaccessible forever…? Does Gaia only allow for 999 journal entries per user? This seems like a grossly small number of entries for anyone who's been on the site as long as I have, as I like to use it frequently and enjoy looking back on old entries/memories. Any light on this would be very appreciated; thank you.
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Zero Omega

You never got to my PM. xd

It's cool though. I can wait. ninja

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