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OMG YES I Am Finally ONLINE again when this is happening. x3

How are all you lovely Admins? ^.^
Every time this comes up I forget what I want to ask.
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Please, please, look over them zOMG servers in the future. They are broken and sad. We shouldn't force to cheat to beat the game! cry
Just curious---how will Lanzer celebrate Chinese New Year? How did you guys commemorated Challenger?
I thought Panagrammic had fixed that so they automatically re-cycle.

There is the Kam G glitch. You essentially have to glitch her to get rid of the glitch, which is a violation of ToS.
Ummm ok, but I don't understand how that has to do w/the servers(?) I never have problem or lag with servers anymore, for months now, since he fixed it.

When it start out, it was server specific. Now it practically spread to every single server.
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I sent in a ticket regarding my now-deceased sister's accounts on the 22nd last month, and it has not yet been addressed. Can someone please help me with this?

I do not normally press my ticket matters, but this is important to me. I do not want her accounts just sitting around. It seems like a waste.
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Hello admins of all ages!
-turned 24 yesterday- (how old is too old for Gaia?)

So I saw you are planning on combining the anniversary and valentines day event together!

Will it be work or will it make it easier combining the two? (Can't wait for it!!!!)

And last months collectables were adorable! Keep up the good work on those.

Any chance there will be a contest to choose between two like we did with Red riding vs Snow White back a few years ago? I think it would be fun. Or maybe host a contest to create a monthly collectable would be even more entertaining!

-lurks through the pages-
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with there be any more snail related items or any chance for a contest to make our own evolving item?
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Izzie R
Since a lot of this site runs on Java, did the big Java Security Breach honestly scare any of the staff? If so, to what extent?
ninja cat_ninja yum_bacon
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Meebo for mobile users? zOMG/other games for mobile users?
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Hi's admin, I was wondering if their would be a point somewhere down the line where Achievement points would mean something? Like turning them in for a prize or something? Just wondering.
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I'm very sad about the niners.

1) More male items please?
2) Can Marshall zOMG! NPC be in an event?
3) How is towns 2 coming along?

1. Not my dept. X.X
2. ....not anytime soon
3. Good, should be in QA today or tomorrow
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Stray Cougar
What would you, the Gaia team, do if a strong earthquake hit your region((where the GaiaHQ is)).

Probably shrug and go about our day. CA will occasionally get earthquakes, we know a big one is eventually coming.
But I'm asking what would you all do in the event that a big one hit? Like, structural damagingly big.

Geebus, this is morbid! But we'd try to live through it and avoid getting smashed by falling structures raining concrete, fire, and all sorts of deathly hell down on us!
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emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart Thanks for being the backbone for gaia all these years emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
Really Excited for the event coming up!!
Pandy Quin
Pandy Quin
Hello admins
I filed a ticket regarding my lost account a month ago and my ticket is still
open. Can someone help me and give me information on when my ticket will be
looked at?

Also, why did you get rid of gifting items directly from cash shop? I now have
to buy the item then go to my inventory to gift it.


Thanks for the questions! I can look into your ticket issue if you want to shoot me a pm! As for removing directly gifting from the cash shop, that was actually an accident - d'oh! We didn't mean to leave that feature out and annoy anyone. We've got it on our "to-do" list to put back at some point biggrin

do you have a lighter PM load than omega?xD

Nope XD

this is related to my account issue
do you guys have sign in logs that contain ip addresses for each account?
Okay i have a srs question.
Can you guys make it so belts layer over dresses? srsly.
I want to add a belt to my dresses so often but they are hidden under the dress.
It's crazy </3
sweet lord, yessss!
dear admids im wondering if u will add more firefighter items like a firetruck or something and maybe more anime items like soul eater or gumdam or maybe items based on borderlands

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