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Since a lot of this site runs on Java, did the big Java Security Breach honestly scare any of the staff? If so, to what extent?
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wow its been so long can't believe Ask the admins still around... hey so i noticed the G shops no longer here and my old favorite Durem team shirt has ripped any way i can get a new one?
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Zero Omega
Last week I asked if I could get an ad for my book, 7th Moon, on this site, I was told to send an e-mail, I did, but still no response. So what's the next step?

I'll poke about for the e-mail, no worries.

Thanks, I'll just be waiting here. It's titled "advertising for 7th Moon".
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I was wondering if there was any work making more masculine items? It seems like much of what is made currently caters to the feminine look. I'm not questioning whether or not this is intentional or it just happens to be the style of the artists, but it would really be nice to see some more items that are clearly masculine.

It currently ends in male avatars like mine that are filled with feminine looking things. Shoes in particular are a problem I encounter.
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YAY! its that time again 4laugh

are we going to have cash shop updates for valentines day, gaia's 10th birthday, AND chinese new year? :3
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hey can we have a mute all button for aquarium tanks because its really annoying to have to turn the booty grab sounds off when youre trying listening to music at the same time thank

edit- also, hiii

We can look into that, see if it's easy to remember your settings.

that would be awesome, thank you lanzer smile
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Good evening! How is staff and everyone doin tonight? :3

I'm doing OK - a bit tired, but ok! It's super busy right now around these parts. Lots of stuff to get in place before the big event biggrin How are you?
Aww, you should get some rest soon~ I'm so excited for the upcoming events! I'm doing pretty good, thanks!
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Jay Dupe

Hello Admins, would you ever implement a way paying a fine and buying back permanently banned accounts back?

Nope. If you were permanently banned then it was for a good reason and we wouldn't be overturning it unless we had good reason to.
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I can't wait for the Valentine's Day event! What is it going to be like?
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Hey Admins! biggrin
Just wondering, a few of the items I got from aquarium drops have blue sparkles by them.
Does this mean they are Evolving Items? Or does that just applies to something else completely?

(And because I have to, hurray Ravens! > v < wink
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Hello admins ! biggrin

Any chance we will see some NEW Jigsaw puzzles in the future? Not that I hate the old ones. It just seems like we have had the same old ones for a long time now...

After housing is done in towns 2, I am going to spend some time fixing up the games. Jigsaw will get some much needed care.
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Hello admins ! biggrin

Any chance we will see some NEW Jigsaw puzzles in the future? Not that I hate the old ones. It just seems like we have had the same old ones for a long time now...

Yes, it's planned in the games updates. Expect this not long after the new towns 2 housing goes out.
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Is there a way to get a birthday on an account that was banned for being underaged? I’m well over the age of 13 (I was over the age if 13 in 2003 as well if we want to get technical) but one of my old roleplaying accounts was banned for being underaged. I am okay with that an all, because I know Gaia has to be safe and take precautions. I actually forgot it was banned until I went to log into it a few months ago, and was told I had to wait until I was 13; however, I’m not sure when I’ll apparently turn “13” on that account, haha. I’ve been meaning to ask for several weeks now, but I would always forget what I was planning on asking.

Is there any way I can prove my age? I can scan my drivers’ license (as long as I can black out things like my address) or random things, like my Discover bill (obviously no credit card numbers or anything). Anything I can do to prove that I’m actually turning 25 in a couple weeks? sweatdrop It’s not a huge deal at all, I was just interested in reading all the old PMs and starting my old roleplay up again. xD. Thanks.
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Okay i have a srs question.
Can you guys make it so belts layer over dresses? srsly.
I want to add a belt to my dresses so often but they are hidden under the dress.
It's crazy </3

bumps this up
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My question...
Is there a wishlist item limit?

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