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Hey guys, how many of you have watched the superbowl? Any favorite commercials? I spent the whole day cleaning up my house and missed the game! Oh well, at least my living room is once again neat and tidy... sweatdrop
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Hello Lanzer.

You always welcome us to these meetings, and thank us for coming.
I'd like to thank YOU for coming. You could surely be off doing better
things, but you take the time to talk to the users, and it is greatly appreciated.

1) Before the Marketplace changed over, we were able to search game items by number, such as 100 tickets, 50 Green Bass, and so on. Will this return some day?

2) The Official G Corp guild, created by Johnny K. Gambino and several LabTechs, has been lying unused since almost its creation. Do you think we will ever again see activity there?

3) Previously, when a group of users through the GCD had a "G Corp user event",
Fleep had made a thread to remind everyone they were only users, and so on. In that same thread, he mentioned that users in the future may gain control of individual NPCs for user run events. Is this something that could actually happen, or is it not practical?

4) Weapons shop. I think i've seen users foaming at the mouth waiting for this one. Any word?

5) If all the NPCs of G Corp were to, I dunno, go on permanent vacation, would it be possible for a user or group of users to OFFICIALLY take over the G Corp name? WANT

I'm not a big sports fan, but I do love the commercials.
This is my 2nd AtA, and First post nonetheless. ^_^
Thank you for your time, and I wish you a good week.

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Hey thar! <3

Will we ever get medical masks and/or more medical things? Us LabTechs are feeling
unsafe in the labs cause we keep catching things from breathing in dangerous
stuffs x_x;

And some people smell <_<


*Doesn't even know what the superbowl is*

Edit: Lmao! GCS pwned page one! XD

Hope we didn't scare you too much emo
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Why hello thar Lanzer!

Just a quick question that popped into my head (as they do):

Would you – if you haven’t already – ever consider making a mule account for yourself to browse the forums etc without people trying to say hello all the time?

And can I have your bra?

EDIT: Bahahaha, first three posts by GCS members. Pwnage XD
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I don't like football... >_>
My friends told me some commercials tho, I wish every commercial can be funny!

Hi Lanzer!

How was your day!?

1- When I was playing Word Bump, like at level 10-14 I kept clicking "Submit word" and ti didn't work, neither did Enter.. Can you guys fix this> sweatdrop

2- Do you have a Favorite pokemon? xD

3- Is timmy going to be involve in the Valentine's day event?

4- Any Updates with fishing? New Lakes, New items ect..?
你好 你好吗

Could you see that, and if so could you understand it? sweatdrop

You missed some good catches!
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Dear Lanzer
I heard you got the Rock band game for Gaia HQ just curious Do you play and if you do what is your band position.

Dev's Same question

thanks ahead of time
Wassup, Lanzer!?

Edit: FIRST PAGE!! whee
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Lanzer you didn't miss anything. The commercials this year phail'd. emo

So, um... Can it be question tyme nao plz?
1. Discovery Channel Sponsorship?
2. Super Hero/Villain outfits?
3. Thanks for the Square Enix Sponsor

Hello, Honored Queen Lanzer. My Clan hopes you are doing well.

For tonight, I would like to know: how often is Gaia's P.O.Box emptied and sent to, I presume, Gaia HQ, for sorting?
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The home of past Ask The Admin topics: Ask the Staff subforum

AskED the admin: Answer Compilation (built and maintained by yours truly)
Yes! I finally caught one!

~Have you guys seen Cloverfield? Wasn't it amazing~? xd
~When are we getting a salon update?! D:
~How many stages will Fausto's bottle have?
~Are we eeeeeever gonna get some real quests? Like, not sponsor quests?
~Ever consider putting Meredith in the story line? D: She has a lot of devoted fans~! We love her.
Lanzer, out of these five upcoming ideas to Gaia, which do you think we might see by this summer? surprised

1) Backwings Quest
2) G-Ranger outfits
3) Marriage system
4) Ian's return to his shop
5) Design an NPC contest
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Hi Lanzer!

Nope didn't watch the super bowl; I spent the whole day on homework and cleaning. Plus I don't really get football

First of all yay for word bump having gold enabled again.
Just a couple of quick questions; if that's okay ^_^
1. The trades are pretty slow right now; what with having to wait a few minutes for them to appear. Is this a permanent thing or is it just a problem/glitch that is being fixed soon?
2. Is there anything that can be done about users charging more for a store item than it's worth? Because it's really annoying and unfair to other Gaians when there are people trying to sell a 500 gold item for 2000 gold, and it happens a lot.
3. Last question (I promise). NPC panties. . .who came up with that idea?
My family had a huge rule about "No talking during the commercials". I was laughing when Patriot's lost because my family was yelling and stomping around.

Are you a Patriot or Giant fan?

Edit: Know anything about Tanabata? I know you've been to Japan so I thought I'd ask for my culture project.

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