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If I forgot my password and my username, and I used an e-mail I no longer have access to for the account, is it possible to recover it or no? I do have a few guesses as to what the username may be,

Send a ticket to http://www.gaiaonline.com/help, our staff will be able to help you out.
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I remember when siskataya was a cber #whathappen?
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Zero Omega
Squee Nii
Zero Omega
What are the chances of anything ever happening on my case? . U .

The magic eight ball high chances are ahead.
I do hope so. It's been so long waiting. ; u;
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Evening Gaia staff.

I really only got one question, or perhaps two really.

Are we gonna see special Chinese new year items? And are we gonna see any special, and new, valentines day items?
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Is there any chance of a My Little Pony sponsorship?
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Hello good sir,

As an old regular who stopped coming on as much a couple years ago. I started logging in again recently and ended up buying a MC just for old times sake.

I noticed that doing so no longer removes ads from the site. sad

Ever consider bringing an option to have them removed again for people that buy so much in gaia cash?

I'm sure this will be answered multiple times but click the box that says disable ads.
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Update the guilds system pretty please, it could really use an easier way to search for posts and keep track of when someone has posted. I'm always forgetting to post and the guilds get so cold >.<

Updating Guilds is on our list of to-dos for this year so it'll happen eventually!
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My money's on the 49ers, figuratively speaking. ninja
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Changing my question ... surprise!

Q: How come we don't have options to make brown or gold body dye, when we have body dye options for the other ink colours?
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i contribute.....why do i have to see annoying ads on the log in screen?

I'd have to imagine because it's because... You're probably not logged in.
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Hello everyone!

It's Super Bowl Sunday this weekend. How many of you are planning on watching? I can't help but to notice all the excitement with all the 49'er fans around where I live. I just hope they have better commercials this year. xd
sorry i know i am not doing this right but i need help and i m new to Gaia i love it but i am getting no bugs in my town and i can't seem to find anyone to help me with this problem i do get everything else but not the bugs i am trying to learn this site please forgive me if i am doing this all wrong but i do enjoy towns when i can do both bugs and paper flowers but i am not getting bugs now for over a week or two and as to superbowl absolutely going to a party and i will be cheerleading for the 49er's for sure i am very excited thank you for your help
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Just whip out your d**k and

Does the Dracula wigs not work for the Team Edward Achievement anymore? I tried to get it on my mule the other day using the wig, and it didn't work. While on all of my other accounts, it had worked.

Piss on all of them!
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hi everyone. biggrin


LURKY! scream
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Uncle Kenny
i contribute.....why do i have to see annoying ads on the log in screen?

That'd be because when you're on the log in page, you aren't logged in so we don't know to turn ads off for your account yet. The ads are turned off once your account is logged in.

i don't like it. talk2hand boo to ads. xd
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is there any timeline on when guilds will get an update?

This year, specific time lines haven't been established yet.

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