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LET'S TALK ABOUT PANTS, PLEASE. Honestly, we should. Many users on this site have expressed a desire for more equality in the type of items produced for our avatars. By and far, the most common type of clothing we have on this site are aimed towards females. They are skirts and dresses, bright and frilly and lacy and cute. But what about those of us who don't prefer frilly and lacy and cute? What about those of us who just want a pair of pants? Some jeans? What about those of us who don't want tiny foot mods and high heels and those of us who want boots?

Please, DO NOT forget a good portion of your userbase. Here's a shortlist of several threads asking for more pants, more variety in style (not JUST cute and frilly), and more gender equality in items. Read them.

Where The Heck Are The Pants?

More girly items? Don't we have enough already?

More Men's/Masculine Clothing

Gaia, Why Do You Hate shoes?

Nice new recolor update. Glad most of the items are girly. (Sarcastic title)

Petiton for more equality in items(more male/unisex items)

Jesus Christ does Gaia release ANY new male items?

Lack of Male Items/Clothing

I Hate The Male Gaia Items So I Might As Well Cross-Dress.

Gaia You Should make Better Male Items

Gaia Needs More Male Items

Male Items On Gaia Or Lack Thereof

Proposal - Male Items, Particularly Hair

Where Are All The Good Male Items?

We Should Get A MALE-ORIENTED Military Evolving Item

Can Male Avis Have A Break For Future Items?

Thanks for your time.
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Finally I get to post something biggrin
(every time I go to ask its already done . ___ .)
Ok, so I know this question has nothing to do with the site in general, but here it is:

The RL shop Gaia use to have where you could buy actual clothes and stuff...what ever happened to that?
Havent really got many questions this week besides

How is sickness central?

And have certain over working sick persons been made to get the rest they need, but don’t seem willing to take?

We've been taking good care of ourselves and taking the necessary time to recover, so we don't really spread the cold to each other, but you never know where the cold will come knocking next. Narumi just caught a cold today and took some time off to rest. sad
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Hoshina Utau120



300k? Earthys are better....no elitism ^_^
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Hello everyone!

I'll be rooting for the 49'rs this weekend. SO EXCITED!

So here's my question:

How far out has the Gaia storyline been written, and when can we expect some conflict resolution? I've been on the site since 2003, and I feel like we used to have storylines that actually got resolved, this current one seems to have dragged on for years.
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Can we have a look over on zOMG servers? All of them have game breaking glitches for ppl that have made that far.
And how far does the log in achievement go for? Is there a log in for 365 days achievement?
In case you didn't know, Iran sent a monkey to space today. whee
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i contribute.....why do i have to see annoying ads on the log in screen?

That'd be because when you're on the log in page, you aren't logged in so we don't know to turn ads off for your account yet. The ads are turned off once your account is logged in.
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I was wondering....
Is there a limit to how many items you can have on a wishlist?
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There was something I meant to ask a last week, but I forget what it is this week. If I remember I'll edit this post. gonk
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Uncle Kenny
Rave Panties
When will the valentines event start?

Next month

~King Awesome
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Admins, I've come to point out a serious offense. None of the robots on the site have SD Plus dolls. Cardbot, Bludeau, Bildeau, and Ribateau deserve them. When all the other NPCs have two or three different dolls, they have none. Robots are people too! Please tell me you have some plans to correct this injustice!

User Image
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User Image

For years the "Scar of the Coward" User Image item has created dispute in the Gaia Community.
The Gaia Staff has explained what the real meaning of the concept "Scar of Coward" is ,
it comes from a Japanese Anime Concept User Image.
There are quite a few people who watch anime and are familiar with all those concepts but for some the concept is unknown.

There have been quite a few threads addressing this item and interpreting it to be a insult to those that have a history of past suicide attempts and or cutting, a simple fix to this would prevent any future forums on this subject.
This minor change will only take a couple minutes of your time.
can you clarify in the description that this item is anime related?

Thanks for the post and the suggestion! While I haven't seen a lot of threads on this issue, I have seen one recently, and as I posted in that thread, the item has nothing to do with self-harm or mocking those that do engage in self-harm. Clearly, self-harming behavior is hurtful, and we wish anyone dealing with this issue to get professional help to stop the hurt.

As for changing the item's name, it is not going to happen because it is one of several similarly named items, and goes with that set. Also, the description of the item doesn't seem to us to in any way be mocking members of Gaia that engage in self-harming behavior.

At any rate, I will pass along your suggestion, and get feedback from other in-office staff to hear their opinion on the issue, but no guarantees that the description will be changed.

Take care!

Suggestion for a New Item Description:

"Cowards run away to fight another day. This doesn't mean they won't stand up for what's right, they'll just do it with trembling knees." User Image

Suggestions for the Name Change:

A) Scars of Life

B) Battle Scars User Image

C) Scars of Bravery User Image

D) Survivor's Scars

E) Fake Scar

F) Scar of a Liar

G) Scar of Remembrance

H) Tattoo Scarring (Forearm)

I) Scarface

J) Scar of shame

K) Scar of war

L) Scar of the weakling
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Does anyone know elsword? Maybe we could start a cosplay of that? That wouldbe interesting. Whee

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