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Couple ideas I have brewing around:

1. Separate Gaia Exchange forums. I've noticed an air of "if you aren't selling cheap to resellers, you don't belong here. Go to the Marketplace" around the Gaia Exchange. It would be nice if there was a "Sell fast and cheap" forum and a "sell without tax for decent prices" forum, separate from each other.

2. What do you think of having a soul bound gold shop, where you can buy expensive rare things for quite a bit of gold, still, but they cannot be traded to other accounts, ever? Things that are so rare you can never hope to get them would be attainable through this, and it would be a gold sink because the items are not tradable.

Not a football fan.

Waffles Companion!
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We can look into another forum area, or perhaps there can be different topic categories too, we'll see what makes the most sense

Typically soul bound is made for specific function or status related reasons. Such as an item showing your progress or time put into a game. Soul binding based on price will be tricky as the measurement of "expensive" changes over time, and means differently to different Gaians. We might have other types of soul bound implementations in the future.
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User Image

For years the "Scar of the Coward" User Image item has created dispute in the Gaia Community.
The Gaia Staff has explained what the real meaning of the concept "Scar of Coward" is ,
it comes from a Japanese Anime Concept User Image.
There are quite a few people who watch anime and are familiar with all those concepts but for some the concept is unknown.

There have been quite a few threads addressing this item and interpreting it to be a insult to those that have a history of past suicide attempts and or cutting, a simple fix to this would prevent any future forums on this subject.
This minor change will only take a couple minutes of your time.
can you clarify in the description that this item is anime related?

Suggestion for a New Item Description:

"Cowards run away to fight another day. This doesn't mean they won't stand up for what's right, they'll just do it with trembling knees." User Image

Suggestions for the Name Change:

A) Scars of Life

B) Battle Scars User Image

C) Scars of Bravery User Image

D) Survivor's Scars

E) Fake Scar

F) Scar of a Liar

G) Scar of Remembrance

H) Tattoo Scarring (Forearm)

I) Scarface

J) Scar of shame

K) Scar of war

L) Scar of the weakling
no offence bro but people who cut themselves are cowards. -Swag
Hello good sir,

As an old regular who stopped coming on as much a couple years ago. I started logging in again recently and ended up buying a MC just for old times sake.

I noticed that doing so no longer removes ads from the site. sad

Ever consider bringing an option to have them removed again for people that buy so much in gaia cash?
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Hello everyone!

It's Super Bowl Sunday this weekend. How many of you are planning on watching? I can't help but to notice all the excitement with all the 49'er fans around where I live. I just hope they have better commercials this year. xd

Hi Lanzer~ Will Go-Gaia ever release color custom features? For items per say.. o 3o
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How do you report mod abuse?
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Just whip out your d**k and

Haven't been to an AtA for a while.

Piss on all of them!
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When will the valentines event start?

Next month
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I don't own a TV. No football for me. emotion_facepalm
And I completely forgot my question. classified_fu
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Hello Guys, Just wanted to say thank you for the recent Gold Shop Update(Love the Nomad and jacobi wear!! whee )
And Rave Bundle, The neon colors and stylish wares really awesome Astra background too. Very impressive stuff guys!Thank you Gaia Staff! 4laugh
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I forgot my question after i got here crying
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Uncle Kenny
I plan on watching the super bowl and drinking beer.

My question is, will the zurg ever come back? It's my question every ATA and nobody bothers answering me.

In terms of story, the Zurg won't be coming back, no.
Thank you.

Even though the answer makes me pretty sad.
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Stupid Reasons
Why does npc flynn get to generate items and sell them?
and why do half the people that bid on them dont exist?

Im a vender and it just bothers me a little

Flynn generates items off of unused / banned accounts to try to regulate prices. Personally I don't care, unless they start releasing Angelic Halos or some other s**t, because any person who deals with the economy on Gaia will NOT be happy.

And I'm fairly certain that the people who bid on them DO exist. If the account is a dummy, it's probably a mule that they use for fear of getting hacked or something.
~King Awesome
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I hear it true towns 1 will be gone, I am feel sorry it be remove any hints or planing you like to share with town 2 idea,

also will we be able to keep our homes?... Let say I work hard makeing as it it with Halloween 2k12 cash items crying
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From Somewhere, A Transmission...

Is there an official announcement, or could you quote me the info on both the nerf and gold limits, for both donors and non-donors in zOMG!

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i was stalking lanzers post at 11pm my time, then i looked at an old ATA and saw it starts at 12 because of daylight savings. rofl

i have received 2 big donations from the same person at different times. one being 1m+ in gold & an item worth 2m.
im kind of scared this gold is not legit.
can someone help me find out about this? gonk
i dont want to be banned!

If the gold ends up being illegitimate, and you aren't connected to the way it was obtained or to the person who sent it, then the very worst that will happen is that you'll have your trades temporarily disabled until we can remove it. If you don't trust the source of the donation, send it back, otherwise, just feel free to use it.

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