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lets hope there are better commercial and a nail biting game
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I plan on watching the super bowl and drinking beer.

My question is, will the zurg ever come back? It's my question every ATA and nobody bothers answering me.

In terms of story, the Zurg won't be coming back, no.
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Are there any plans to make the way we accept or decline requests on the My Gaia page less irritating? It's a big hassle that you have to click through two screens now instead of just the one click and your done.
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Just stopping by~ c:
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Hello all,

I just have a few questions/points and ideas to bring up.

1. Inventory Arranger

So, I read in some AtA that you were going to work on the inventory arranger soon. Don't know if you have seen these threads, but I'm going to post the links here in hopes you can implement some of these ideas, since I think they're good ones 3nodding

Thread #1
Thread #2

2. Update to Friend's List

Will there be an update to the friend's list any time soon? If so, I'd like you to take a look at the thread linked here for some ideas. Maybe some of these features can be used for the ignore list as well?

Organizing Friends List

3. Update to Wishlist

Is there going to be an update to the wishlist? It's quite annoying to organize it the way it is now, especially if you have a huge list (like me!). There have been threads that brought up the idea of detecting if you bought an item from your list, to then have it ask you if you want to delete it from your wishlist or not. Do you think that's possible? I would think it might be tricky because people might not buy the same generation of the item that is on their wishlist.

4. An Idea: Artist Panel

So, Fire 0ak brought up the idea of having an artist panel, specifically in this post, and I was wondering if there could be something like that? It can be held once a month or once every two months. This could give a better understanding to the artists about which ideas people would like to have come to fruition on Gaia, allowing the artists to create more item hits than misses that way.

Which leads me to this next point:

5. Male Items and More Pants

Reposting my post from the last AtA I attended:
I have a request: I read either last week or the week before that the suggestion for more masculine avatar items will be passed on the to the artists team. That's great to read. I'm asking that this becomes more of a standard now instead of just releasing these items as a response to the uprising in SF, as I have heard that mainly the time decent masculine items get released. I think all aspects of avatar dressing should be considered all the time, since not everyone (including female users) are a fan of frills and super girly cute things.

I also want to stress the importance of adding pants (and not leggings. pants) to releases. There is a severe lack of them (and I think I can say this goes for both sexes, but mainly males), and I think it would be nice to provide more options for the users of Gaia to dress their avatar.

6. Item Request: Bare Hands and Feet

Can we have bare hands and feet?
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any news on if earlier shop hairs might approved to be fixed to be worn on both genders any time soon?
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*bringing some food for Waffles*

Hi Lanzer and the Devs..I have this idea for Wack a Mole type of game that involves Diedrich and everyone thinks it's wrong to wack him..

IS it Okay to give this Grunny good Wack or Two?
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Any progress on fixing the Timid achievement glitch detailed here?
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Pandy Quin
hello staff
it has been 3 weeks since I filed a ticket regarding my account that was taken from me permanently due to the misunderstanding in the ip linking system. please tell me if theres a chance it will be looked at? do i need to file another?

thanks =]

Send me a PM with the ticket ID and I can see where your ticket is.
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Will there a fix on the Avatar Arena Edit (specifically: Oops !!! We cannot process your request right now. Please try again later. (Arena__circuitmodel does not exist" )?

O.G. Gaian

is there any timeline on when guilds will get an update?
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Luna Rousse
Well admins, here we are once again. Another monday=another question.
RANDOM: If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be and why?
I should have probably reserved this for a site question, but I can't think of any right now.



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Also recolor for Succubi's modesty pretty please?? Blue or purple??
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega

How far in the PM queue am I? xd

Its not super important but I would like to know if I'm doing it right. o.o b

If you just sent it today, probably a day or two, if not a bit longer. xd

Not bad then. lol

6 minutes before midnight cool

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Will the silent Leon or Elizabeth glitch in zOMG ever be fixed? It's really difficult to find a crew for the General's Quarters and it's frustrating I can't just do it by myself.

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