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I'm pretty sure you guys can't answer tektek related questions since it's user made, but I will ask anyway, would there be anyway to make searching on there more efficient? I find that if I am looking for items a particular colour there becomes a really massive bunch of pages to go through. I'm not really sure what you could change but I'm sure it could be a better system than that. Sorry if this isn't really a question you guys can answer.

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and Keep up the good work w/ Gaia
HoC on the other hand needs MAJOR tune-up about lag, loading, updates that killed a lot of cards, and map glitches.

That is all.
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I'm getting a puppy this Friday, so I'll probably have PuppyBowl on also. biggrin

Did waffles give you permission?

Also what kind?

Dogz rulez catz droolz
Uncle Kenny

I have a question for you, if I may, or anyone that can assist with it for that matter. But I made an inquiry in a thread where issues on items, many months back. It was about the layering of the Kamila Blood Scarf and certain other items where the Scarf overlaps. For instance, if you have the Ancient Katana in hand it appears underneath the Kamilia Blood Scarf.

I can dig up the post(thread) if you like.
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I was wondering if there would be a year long EI like Zodiacal in the future?
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-Marketplace has an error in Opera. Price numbers block the "BUY NOW" button. I can't buy items over 1M.

-Something similar to VJ--will we have it?

-More colors for the Menu Color in Gaia Labs,or RGB bars,maybe?

-More sports related items,and maybe a sports RIG or EI?

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x Kairi Addiction x
Is it possible to eat the entire internet?
Also Have you seen my cat he's been gone for a while now and he still owe me $5 :u

Okay copycat I asked that same question! evil
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Ix Belleza xI
So, I have two suggestions...
1) Is there anyway we could add a magnet to the game, Booty Grab?


2) Is it possible that you create a button to add to all the other formatting buttons that lets you save formatting so it is easier to do - and you don't have to go through the annoying copy and paste method everytime.

Thank you!
If you download the tektek toolbar for firefox, you can do #2.

Even for posting in forums?
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Zero Omega
Zero Omega
Why is there no actual report feature on site?
That seems kind of silly. :/

Because we find e-mail more reliable for this type of thing.
Is there any specific format I should follow or just go with what I feel to be right?

Since it's email-ed I don't know if there is any specific way it should be done?

And just to make sure that I'm actually reporting what would be considered an abuse...
Is not thoroughly investigating a reporting considered a mod abuse?
(I'm not 100% sure.)

There's no real specific way it should be done, just send an e-mail with who you think is the abusive mod, why, and any evidence. Go with what you feel is right and we can help through there. Not thoroughly investigating a report isn't really considered abuse though, if you have a disagreement with how a mod handled a situation our first suggestion is to go back to that moderator and bring up why you have an issue with how it was handle.

If you still are not satisfied, you can try asking another moderator, and if you still don't agree with that person's judgement you can e-mail us for a further evaluation of the problem.
Thank you for your time and I will do as you suggested.

Not a problem, and feel free to poke me about any other questions you might have.
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I probably will watch. I was a big 49ers fan growing up especially when Steve Young was playing.

1) Can an instant message be implemented in HOC so it's more social?

2) Can aquariums have a default off switch with sound?

3) Any list of what glitches were fixed so far for zOMG?
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While I would love to meet Tim Rice, I don't think provoking a lawsuit would be the best way to go about it.

I very much agree with that, I am a massive fan of his work in "the lion king" which is still one of my fave movies of all time.

Even the 3d remake wasnt s bad as I was fearing.
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If someone hasn't said it already, make VH and Rally like it was before please? ;-; With making our own rooms... ><'

If many people have said it before, does that mean don't do it wink

I'll be making adjustments to those spaces soon after housing for towns 2 is done.

User Image

Hello! Regarding houses in towns 2, will it be possible to transfer our interior to the towns 2 houses when it is further developed?
Hey I wanted to know are all gaia gold generators fake?

Yes. All of them are fake, and 147% likely to result in you being hacked if you try to use them. I know that's more than 100%, but it is that far beyond guaranteed that you will be hacked if you try to use a gold generator.

So don't do it. 3nodding
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Keep up the great work as always biggrin
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yeah i want to no an i no many gaia's people want to no if you guys gonna change the rally so at least we can choose ware to go because i meet people their an talk an when i change my avi an try to go back its very hard ive been asking people if they like it all of them said na so i ask what u miss just how u can choose the rally so i was wondering if u can quote me an see if u admins can change it but keep all the new stuff we Gaia users just want to choose ware we go

sincerely PMR_420

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