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        Hi, um... out of curiosity, I wanted to know what sort of coding program Gaia uses.
        For like, the RPers who have the really fancy coded layouts?
        Just curious about that program...
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arigato Zero
/goes to collect data <3

i think it's strange that you think i’m funny 'cause he never did

Zero Omega
Shoot me a PM with the ticket IDs and I'll help you out.
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i'm new here so i do not know whats going on but thanks for the notice smile redface sweatdrop heart

You're welcome! This is our Ask the Admin session where users can come and ask the Gaia staff a variety of questions ranging from needing help with something, asking about upcoming events, or just asking casual questions like our favorite food. It's held every Monday from 5pm PST - 6pm PST
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J 4 C K
King Awesomolocity
J 4 C K
Corinth Maxwell
While we're on the subject of "achievements"......I'm hearing talk of a so-called "365 consecutive days" log-in achievement, which is supposed to come directly after the already exceedingly-difficult "Perfect Attendance" achievement. If this is true, then the question I have is this.....Why, exactly, would you create such a ludicrously impossible-to-get achievement, knowing that:

    a.) you have zero guarantees that this site will actually be around long enough for everyone who hasn't yet even dedicated themselves to the "Loiterer" achievement to begin such an arduous task, and
    b.) you know that not everyone on Gaia will even be capable OF logging in every single day for a full year?
It's called an achievement because you're supposed to work for it...

Oh god, I'm so sorry. I always tip posts that I agree with, and I didn't pay attention to who you were until right after I clicked tip. :c
~King Awesome
No worries. That's the only tip I've gotten from you so far.

I'm at 80% now. surprised
~King Awesome
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i think instead, i'll watch the puppy bowl.

i'll pass on on super bowl since peyton manning isn't in it. talk2hand


I'm getting a puppy this Friday, so I'll probably have PuppyBowl on also. biggrin
So how long until the puppy shows up on Gaia too? lol
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Lord Arrion
-Waves to the Admins, and everyone else here.-

Good day.

*waves back* Good day to you too!
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hello! just wondering what day the valentines event will start (its ok if there isnt a set date yet, just approx is fine)
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So, as people get achievements, their list of what they currently have gets longer. At some point it would be so long, they wouldn't be able to drag the icons towards the bottom of the page to the trio list under their avatar, due to the list no long being in sight. Do you think you guys could make it so at a certain point the list of obtained achievements gets a scroll bar?
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Do you think it would be possible for the cars we have bought to be not soulbound so we can atleast sale them back to the store?
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If someone hasn't said it already, make VH and Rally like it was before please? ;-; With making our own rooms... ><'
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Zero Omega
Hello everyone!

It's Super Bowl Sunday this weekend. How many of you are planning on watching? I can't help but to notice all the excitement with all the 49'er fans around where I live. I just hope they have better commercials this year. xd
sorry i know i am not doing this right but i need help and i m new to Gaia i love it but i am getting no bugs in my town and i can't seem to find anyone to help me with this problem i do get everything else but not the bugs i am trying to learn this site please forgive me if i am doing this all wrong but i do enjoy towns when i can do both bugs and paper flowers but i am not getting bugs now for over a week or two and as to superbowl absolutely going to a party and i will be cheerleading for the 49er's for sure i am very excited thank you for your help

There are fewer and fewer bugs that show up in Towns 1 the more you collect them. To reset the bug count, just simply wait a few hours and they should show up again.
i have tried that and still nothing i am not on Gaia all night and when i come back on in the morning i go to towns and still no bugs and its been a few weeks like two i am guessing my rl sister gets them but i don't and i have seen avi's in my towns with me and they can see bugs i only see them in the bubble when the avi's catch them i don't see them at all and yet they are there other avi's are seeing and netting them lafn so it has to be something else i hope you can check it and see what i mean
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Lord Arrion
-Waves to the Admins, and everyone else here.-

Good day.

Nice hat you've got there. ninja Sold mine recently.
~King Awesome
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Proletariat Porno

I have two questions.
Bloodlust within the zOMG instance has a glitch popularly called the "g glitch" because she follows right on top of anyone who has her aggro, such as someone continually pressing the g-key in game. Is this in the plans to be fixed? As well as the fact that none of her bats show up in som instances?

Next. I there any plans to release a 10 dollar EI soon?

^ this times a gazillion. *pushes tip button hard*
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AS Roma
-Will we get soccer jerseys of club teams,like you did in WC 2010?

-Is there a possibility of getting something like VJ?

-I live in Turkey and i rarely see gcash videos. Solution,maybe?

Re-post since I got skipped in 14th
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My question finally came to me! emotion_kirakira
Do you guys generally update the gaia story-line comic only during events?
I feel silly for asking this, but the most recent comic update was my first comic update since I started logging in again. Anyway, thanks for your time guys! wink

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