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Hi Everyone. Sorry I'm late.

Hmm. Interesting problem.

I am going to get back to rally soon. I'll have to have a think about it and see what I can do.

How are all the towns games looking?

Can we chess yet? (I dont towns enough emo )

No chess yet, and not anytime too soon. The focus right now is on the houses. Don't worry. I'm a fan of chess, both the game and the musical, so I'm not going to forget about it.
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Hey I wanted to know are all gaia gold generators fake?

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Is it possible to eat the entire internet?
Also Have you seen my cat he's been gone for a while now and he still owe me $5 :u
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Finally I get to post something biggrin
(every time I go to ask its already done . ___ .)
Ok, so I know this question has nothing to do with the site in general, but here it is:

The RL shop Gaia use to have where you could buy actual clothes and stuff...what ever happened to that?

The company we had contracted to help us took our merchandise and ran off with it and owes us money, essentially. However, the Gaia artists have a Red Bubble shop you can check out.

Oh wow, that's messed up of them > . >
but where is this shop that I may gander at emotion_kirakira
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how much gold can you make in a day by playing zomg

50,000 gold is the limit :}

-Waves to the Admins, and everyone else here.-

Good day.
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Hi lanzer c:
Idk why my friend got hacked, but she tried to file a hacking and a ticket and we never got help or a response. Can you explain this because she had more than 1m worth of things in her account.

Have your friend PM me with the details of the case and I can help figure things out.

Okay. She isn't online at the moment but her account is Robotic buttlicker which is her mule she's using right now. And her old account was Melting Mochi.
i think instead, i'll watch the puppy bowl.

i'll pass on on super bowl since peyton manning isn't in it. talk2hand


I'm getting a puppy this Friday, so I'll probably have PuppyBowl on also. biggrin
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1. Game system giveaway?

2 Waffles "I am" pose item?

3 Black recolor of Juno's Lace?

4 More anime items in Meka Neko?
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The Enforcer666
Got a couple of questions.

This questions is directed at siskataya. When y'all dropped the notice about the new sponsors for the Gaia Cash, it was also said that there was going to be a contest. The deadline was MONTHS ago but no word yet on who won. Did the winners get notified on the sly? Cause there was no notice that the winners had been chose yet.

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry - I thought I had wrapped that all up! Thank you so, so much for bringing this to my attention. I'll make sure that gets resolved by tomorrow. My apologies for that - certainly I don't want to leave anyone in the lurch! biggrin


Since the deadline had come and gone and no news on the contest, I've been trying to get into ATA and bring this up. But I always seem to get the notice AFTER it's over. I wanted to send this to you personally, but I figured it would get swallowed up in the sea of users sending you messages.

in the lurch. haven't heard that in a minute lol
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I know I posted a few pages ago with a question, but I thought of something new ...

Will there EVER be a possibility of buying Gaia Cash Cards in other countries? I know Target Aus and Target USA are considered two different companies ((since I work for Target in Aus)), so would it be truly difficult to get cards sent here? Or even just to gaming stores like EB Games and such?

Hey hey! Not the Gaia-branded cards, but you should be able to get a few of the other cards like Ultimate Game card or Zeevex and use THAT to get your Gaia cash. If you want more details, send me a pm and I can find some stores for you.

P.S. - My personal trainer is off to Australia for 3 weeks. I'll miss the workouts, but I'm sure he'll have fun. I told him to bring me back a wombat or a platypus! XD
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Uncle Kenny
Chibi Halo
          So it's exactly three weeks until you guys celebrate birthday number ten for the site. Surely you guys must be getting excited around the office. Do you have any big to do planned for around the office on February eighteenth? Also, will the celebration on the site be a big blow out or a quiet affair like past years? It's not every day a site like this one survives for ten years.

We have a special day planned in-office for the Friday before because the 18th being President's Day is actually a day off for the office. That said, those of us on the Gaia Online side will most likely still be coming into the office to celebrate with all of you cause we're going big this year. cool

Speaking of going big, are there any ideas in place to get more users on the site (and keep them on)?
~King Awesome
Zero Omega

Does "donor status" (i.e., 160k nerf in zOMG! after a 250+ Gaia Cash purchase) last for 30 days after the time of purchase or until the end of the month? I've heard both.

Thanks for your time! I appreciate it, whether or not you answer my question! biggrin

invisifly heart

I believe it is the purchase date.

Thanks! biggrin
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Is it possible to eat the entire internet?

Probably not - too many kittens! Besides, would you really want to? Sounds creepy! By the way, your username sounds painful - OUCH! eek

I'm actually watching kittens right now. o.o;
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Hey I wanted to know are all gaia gold generators fake?


okay i was right....my bro...he got it bad....he lost 19 million is there anyway you can help me get his gold back?

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