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I know I posted a few pages ago with a question, but I thought of something new ...

Will there EVER be a possibility of buying Gaia Cash Cards in other countries? I know Target Aus and Target USA are considered two different companies ((since I work for Target in Aus)), so would it be truly difficult to get cards sent here? Or even just to gaming stores like EB Games and such?
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Is it possible to eat the entire internet?

Probably not - too many kittens! Besides, would you really want to? Sounds creepy! By the way, your username sounds painful - OUCH! eek
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          So it's exactly three weeks until you guys celebrate birthday number ten for the site. Surely you guys must be getting excited around the office. Do you have any big to do planned for around the office on February eighteenth? Also, will the celebration on the site be a big blow out or a quiet affair like past years? It's not every day a site like this one survives for ten years.

We have a special day planned in-office for the Friday before because the 18th being President's Day is actually a day off for the office. That said, those of us on the Gaia Online side will most likely still be coming into the office to celebrate with all of you cause we're going big this year. cool
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Hi lanzer c:
Idk why my friend got hacked, but she tried to file a hacking and a ticket and we never got help or a response. Can you explain this because she had more than 1m worth of things in her account.

Have your friend PM me with the details of the case and I can help figure things out.
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i'm new here so i do not know whats going on but thanks for the notice smile redface sweatdrop heart
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The Enforcer666
This is also pertaining to the Ignore update. So now we can't see people that have us on ignore. I know for a pretty good fact that the people I inform their threads are breaking some rule probably have me on ignore. All this does is open a whole new can of worms. Because I can't see them, I can't report their threads for breaking some rule or another. Will we now have more moderating in the forums? Just cause I can't see their threads, doesn't mean they aren't doing things breaking the rules.

The new ignore list needs fixes.
I think I should be able to see people who ignore me. They just can't see me.
~King Awesome
Is it possible to get some Tobuscus related items on Gaia?
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How do you report mod abuse?

You can send an e-mail to usertalk@gaiaonline.com
To inquire about how to report or to actually do the report itself?

To actually report it.
Why is there no actual report feature on site?
That seems kind of silly. :/

Because we find e-mail more reliable for this type of thing.
Is there any specific format I should follow or just go with what I feel to be right?

Since it's email-ed I don't know if there is any specific way it should be done?

And just to make sure that I'm actually reporting what would be considered an abuse...
Is not thoroughly investigating a reporting considered a mod abuse?
(I'm not 100% sure.)
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Zero Omega




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I see you

You see nothing~

I see something
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Zero Omega
Will people not from the USA ever be able to get the conventioneer achievement without actually having to travel to the USA?
Not that i don't want to visit your country >.>

You could see if your friend who goes to a convention on the convention tour can get an extra gold card for you.

That sounds good.
Thanks cat_whee
Luna Rousse
Well admins, here we are once again. Another monday=another question.
RANDOM: If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be and why?
I should have probably reserved this for a site question, but I can't think of any right now.


Always wanted a pet pig and call him bacon
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Just out of my own curiosity...think we'll ever get a cool bounty hunter type spaceship for a backdrop? Would look really cool with yer avi and such. XD
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Uncle Kenny

We have.

Awesome!! biggrin
What's the date??
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Would it be possible to fix the little problem when wearing a hat with a big hairstyle to look like this User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
instead of like THIS

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